What is a fraction?


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What is a fraction?

  1. 1. An Introductory Math LessonBy That Math Lady
  2. 2.  A fraction is a part of a whole. Sometimes we use other words when we talk about fractions: part section piece portion slice division
  3. 3.  Have you ever taken one slice of pizza from entire pizza? Sure you have! Did you know that when you remove that one slice, you are taking one slice, or a fraction, of the whole pizza?!
  4. 4.  Have you ever eaten just a few pieces of candy out of a bag? When you pour those candies into your hand, you are eating a portion, or a fraction of the whole bag of candy!
  5. 5.  Have you ever participated in a team? Did you know that you’re one member of that whole team..a part of that whole team…a fraction of that whole team?!
  6. 6. Knowing the parts of a fraction are important!There are two digits to consider when writing fractions: numerator The numerator shows how many pieces are taken.There is a top digit,which is called the numerator... The denominator shows how many equal pieces are …and a bottom denominator available to be taken.digit, which is called the denominator.
  7. 7.  Always look at the big picture first…the whole. How many pieces is the whole divided into? • This pie is divided into 2 pieces. • Therefore, my denominator would be 2. 2
  8. 8.  What is the denominator of the ballet students in this whole class? What is the denominator of the cookies on this entire baking sheet?
  9. 9.  The correct denominator to represent all the girls in the ballet class is5 5 The correct denominator to represent all the cookies on the baking sheet is 9 9
  10. 10.  Now that you know how to find the denominator, let’s learn about the numerator! Let’s look at that ballet class again…
  11. 11.  Let’s answer the question: What fraction of the class are wearing purple shirts? First, let’s see how many ballet students are wearing purple shirts:
  12. 12.  Two students are wearing purple shirts. That is going to be our numerator. Do you remember the denominator from the previous slides? If so, write it down beneath the numerator and the fraction bar to find your answer!
  13. 13.  Question: What fraction of the class are wearing purple shirts? Answer: 2 5
  14. 14. In other words, two out of five ballet students in the wholeclass are wearing purple shirts! That is a fraction of the class! What other fractions can you find in this picture?