D_Venezia CIT 335 Final Project - Reddit


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D_Venezia CIT 335 Final Project - Reddit

  1. 1. Reddit: The Front Page of the Internet Derek Venezia CIT 335 Final Project Presentation: Option III
  2. 2. What Is Reddit? Web Address: www.reddit.com Founded in 2005 Social news and entertainment website Collection of entries from registered users in the form of text, pictures or links to other webpages. Users vote individual submissions “up” or “down.” The number of up or down votes a post accumulates is used to determine its rank and position within Reddit’s webpages. Content submissions are categorized based on their subject matter and organized into subreddits.
  3. 3. Screen shot of Reddit’s Front Page (12.15.12 @ 2:15pm)
  4. 4. Cost of Use Reddit is a “freemium” service. Service is provided for free, advanced features available for a fee:  Reddit Gold - $3.99/month, $29.99/year Users are not required to register an account in order to view posts. Registration is necessary in order to participate in the community. Registering requires a valid email address, the username and password you intend to use on the site.
  5. 5. Why Use Reddit? Primarily used as a source of information and entertainment Effective way to discover information on virtually any subject and engage in discussions with other users. Renowned for its open format and diverse community of users Wide variety of user contributed content Creates awareness and fosters publicity for a variety of causes among the internet community. Large community facilitates collaboration Highly ranked posts have a tendency to go viral
  6. 6. Using Reddit Registering an account is required to participate in the community. Participation is encouraged through the sharing of content and the voting of posts up or down. The position/rank of content on Reddit is constantly changing based on the number of “up” or “down” votes a submission receives Posts are organized based on their content into subreddits, containing all the posts for a single area of interest. The front page displays the highest rated posts of all the subreddits a registered user subscribes to.
  7. 7. What’s On Reddit?Popular reddit categories include: Pictures  Music Funny  Movies Politics  Videos Gaming  Animals World News  Ask Reddit Today I learned  NFL WTF  NBA Technology  Food Science  Cats Controversial  Life tips
  8. 8. Business Aspect Businesses can use Reddit for brand promotion and advertising. To attract meaningful promotion, business must publish content that compels users to “Up” vote their posts. The more up votes a post receives, the higher it will be ranked, and the greater value it holds in terms of promotion. Advertisement services offer the use of text, image or video in ads targeted towards users based on the interests they explore on the site.