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Assignment2 ted talk_slideshow_baptiste_travis_1952694

  1. 1. DAPHNE BAVELIER-Daphne Bavelier is Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. She researches how humans learnand how the brain adapts to changes in experience, either by nature for example, deafness or by training for example, playing video games.
  2. 2. BRIEFLY ABOUT HER SPEECH -In her presentation titled “Your brain onVideo games” She brought attention to the affect video games have on people. Shealso shed light on the audience that video games draw in. -She brought to the audiences attention that video games does not desensitize but it improves your senses. As well as how the majority of video game players are not children but adults, over 30.
  3. 3. -Although her topic, “Your brain on video games”, was an attention grabber in itself, she made her topic personal to her audience.-She did this by informing her audienceabout the relevance video games havein their life such as its positive effect onvision, attention and focus.
  4. 4. -By introducing audienceinteraction through a fewexercises that were relevant toher topic as well as making herscience understandable to theaudience without teaching theactual science, she was able tomaintain the engagement ofthe audience.
  5. 5. DYNAMISM RATING: 3/5 -There are a few things I felt were missing with Daphne’s speech. She seems to lack passion about what she speaks about. Rather than help her audience to feel moved about her topic, she seems more focused on conveying theories and studies to them. She does however, manage to thoroughlyexplain her talk. In one word, she can be described as an informant.
  6. 6. Resonate Pace Passion - Bavelier’s presentation was clear and focused.resence Although she lacked the passion, she managed to convey a lot of information to her audience while staying focused on her topic. Her images helped with her delivery and kept the audience entertained. Therefore she managed to follow a few of the slideshow guidelines of Garr Reynolds and Nancy Duarte. Proximity Craft a visual story that takes the audience on a journey from WHAT to WHY to HOW. Play
  7. 7. FROM WATCHING BAVELIER’S SPEECH -I learned the importance of clarity in speaking and execution of ideas as wellas calmness in doing so. As I watched her speak I noticed that shemaintained constant focuson her goal thus, she spoke fluently and was able to efficiently relay her information to her audience.
  8. 8. IN COMPARISON: -Both Ken Robinson and Daphne Bavelier are clear speakers. They are very well informed about what they speak about. Also they are comfortable with the information they are relaying to their audience. These are evident in their talks.
  9. 9. DIFFERENCES- Between bothspeakers, one obviousdifference is thatRobinson is verypassionate about whathe speaks about. Healso manages to makehis audience feel asense of urgency andthe need forawareness about histopics.
  10. 10. DIFFERENCES(con) - In her talk, Bavelier’s passion for her topic is not appearent. Her approach towards the audience is so direct that it seems that she is merely trying to educate them rather than make them feel the need to be aware of her topic. Although she may lack humor, she is focused on her topic, never straying away from her thesis.
  11. 11. FINAL THOUGHTS - This assignment made many things clear. For one, clarity and information in a speech is important however, passion for what is being conveyed, is a big plus in helping your audience to be moved by yourspeech. Having these elements, as well as a nice pace, is necessary for a great speech.
  12. 12. SOURCES OF INFORMATION:-Link to Daphne Bavelier’s talk “Your brain onvideo games.”: to Daphne Bavelier’s bio: