A5 Brochure V3 Low Res


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A5 Brochure V3 Low Res

  1. 1. Pr oj ec t Ce nt ra l pr ovides people s k ill ed in th e deli very of a full suit e of proj ect servi ces. .. ser vic es d esi gned to u npa ck bu sin ess valu e at the low est cos t. Pr oj ec t Ce nt ra l is un ique in th at we h ave deve lop ed a new comme rcial mode l suite d to the time s we live in. Our Clie nts pay nomi nal fees when com pare d wit h trad iti onal busi ness cons ult anci es for serv ices tha t have been rate d int erna tio nall y as ‘exc ept iona l’. project central Proj ect Cen tra l ut ili ses a ‘u ser p ays ’ memb ers hip 1 syst em in whi ch memb ers cont rib ute most of the ope rat ing cos ts of the comp any ... enab lin g Proj ect Cent ral to dram atic all y red uce f ees 2 to Cli ent s. 1 applications for membership are subject to a suitability and verification selection process utilising criteria developed by Platinum People Solutions. 2client fees are based upon a fixed monthly retainer derived from the number of Project Central members contracted. Should a contractor negotiate to become a permanent employee, a standard 19% placement fee applies. in project resourcing Member Relations Administration 1 300 731 919 30 Collins Street, 566 St.Kilda Road, MELBOURNE MELBOURNE info / sales / leadership @projectcentralresources.com.au www.projectcentralresources.com.au Copyright 2009 - Project Central
  2. 2. 1 2 Project S t ra t e gy A n al y s is Others Central H ighly Q ua lif ie d Pe ople People who can Experts in Ex t e nde d Suppor t s N e t w or k s create and deploy pre-project O pe n K now le dge winning Business analysis: r Tr a ns f e r and IT strategies. Ÿ business cases H our ly opt ion r P r oje cts Transforming Ÿ requirements G o Pe r ma ne nt opt ion r & P e ople Business and IT Ÿ process & strategies into r A t C os t pr ic ing workflow impacts actionable, Start s operational plans. Role Based Coaching Ÿ associated documentation. to Finish An a ly s ts 4 5 3 P e r fo r m a n ce Ben ef it s P r oj e c ts Man ag eme nt Opt im is at ion Consultants People who can Professionals who equipped with the identify manage, control right tools, systems improvement paths and lead all aspects and performance and institutionalise of projects, indicators to IP assets. programs & PMOs. P r oje ct Te a ms illuminate project status. Inspiring confidence, Bringing the assisting change maturity (EQ) & Leveraging Business and embedding experience to Intelligence & best practice. engage well with Reporting Skills. Stakeholders. Str a te gis ts