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Feast of the Holy Trinity


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This is a translation of the ppt prepared to accompany the Readings during this Sunday's Mass at my parish. All pictures remain the property of their rightful owners.

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Feast of the Holy Trinity

  1. 1. Feast of the Holy Trinity
  2. 2. First Reading From The Book of Exodus
  3. 3. In those days, Moses rose up early and went up Mount Sinai as Yahweh had commanded,
  4. 4. taking into his hands the two slabs of stone.
  5. 5. Then the Lord came down in a cloud and stood there with him
  6. 6. And Moses called on the Name of the Lord.
  7. 7.   Yahweh passed in front of him and cried out: “ Yahweh, Yahweh is a God full of pity and mercy
  8. 8. slow to anger and abounding in Truth and Loving Kindness."
  9. 9. Moses then hastened to bow down to the ground and worshipped.
  10. 10. He then said: “If I have truly found mercy, My Lord, Please come and walk in our midst even though we are
  11. 11. a stubborn people. Pardon our wickedness and our sins and make us Your own!”
  12. 12. The Word of the Lord Thanks be to God!
  13. 13. Responsorial Psalm
  14. 14.                                       To You oh God, Praise and Glory forevermore!
  15. 15.   Blessed are you, Lord God of our fathers!
  16. 16.                                       To You oh God, Praise and Glory forevermore!
  17. 17. Blessed is Your Most Holy Name!
  18. 18.                                       To You oh God, Praise and Glory forevermore!
  19. 19. Blessed are You in the Temple of your Sacred Glory.
  20. 20.                                       To You oh God, Praise and Glory forevermore!
  21. 21. Blessed are You enthroned on the cherubin, You who gaze into the depths.
  22. 22.                                       To You oh God, Praise and Glory forevermore!
  23. 23. Blessed are You on the Throne of Your Kingdom
  24. 24.                                       To You oh God, Praise and Glory forevermore!
  25. 25. Blessed are you in the firmament of heaven!
  26. 26.                                       To Your oh God, Praise and Glory forevermore!
  27. 27. 2 nd Reading is taken from The Second letter of St.Paul to the Corinthians.
  28. 28. Brothers and sisters, rejoice!
  29. 29. Strive to attain perfection!
  30. 30. Help one another.
  31. 31. Be of one mind, live in peace and the God of Love and Peace will be with you.
  32. 32. Greet one another with a Holy Kiss
  33. 33. All the saints greet you!
  34. 34. The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ,
  35. 35. The Love of God,
  36. 36. And the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all!
  37. 37. The Word of the Lord Thanks be to God!
  38. 38. Hallelujah!!
  39. 39. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit,
  40. 40. God Who Was, Who Is and Who will come again.
  41. 41. Hallelujah!!
  42. 42. The Gospel : From the Good News according to St.John.
  43. 43. Then Jesus said to Nicodemus:
  44. 44. “ God so loved the world that He gave His Only Son,
  45. 45. so that whoever believes in Him may not be lost but may have eternal life.
  46. 46. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world,
  47. 47. but to save it through Him!
  48. 48. He who believes in Him shall not be condemned But he who does not believe is already condemned,
  49. 49. Because he has not believed in the Name of the Only Son of God.”
  50. 50. The Word of God. Praise be to God!