27th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B


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the upload didn't work quite properly but this works fine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1oG4O5xQGc

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27th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B

  1. 1. A Reading from the Book of Genesis
  2. 2. Yahweh God said:It is not good forman to be alone. I will make for him a suitable helper.
  3. 3. Then Yahweh God formedfrom the earth all the beasts of the field and all the birds of
  4. 4. and He broughtthem to Man to seewhat he would callthem and whatever Man called every living creature, that was its name.
  5. 5. So Man gave names to all the cattle, the birds ofthe air and to every beast of the field but there was not a helper suitable for Man and like him among them.
  6. 6. Then Yahweh God caused a deep sleep to come over Man and And whilehe fell asleep. he slept, God took one of his ribsand filled its place with flesh.
  7. 7. And Yahweh God formed from the rib which He hadtaken from Man, a woman and Hebrought her to the man.
  8. 8. Then Man said: “Now,this is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh. She shall be called woman for she was taken out of man.”
  9. 9. That is why man leaves his father and motherand is attachedto his wife and they become one body.
  10. 10. The Word of God!Thanks be to God!
  12. 12. Blessed is each one who fears the Lordand walks in His ways!
  13. 13. From the labour of your hands you shall eat,blessed and favoured are
  15. 15. Your wifeshall be as a fruitful vine, bearing fruit withinthe corners of your
  16. 16. your children as olive shoots around your
  18. 18. Behold, such are theblessings bestowed onthe man who fears the
  19. 19. The Lord bless you from Zion!
  21. 21. May you see theprosperity of Jerusalemall the days of your life!
  22. 22. May you see your childrens’ children!Peace be unto Israel!
  24. 24. A Reading from theLetter to the Jews.
  25. 25. Brothers and sisters,He who for a little whilewas placed lower than the angels,
  26. 26. Jesus,Who wenow seecrownedin Glory and Honour,
  27. 27. because of the death He suffered,
  28. 28. experienced death on behalf ofeveryone, for the good of all and this through theGrace of God.
  29. 29. For it was fitting that He, from Whom all things come andthrough Whom all things exist,
  30. 30. desired that in bringingmany children to glory,
  31. 31. should make the Author oftheir Salvation perfect through suffering.
  32. 32. For the One Who Sanctifies and thesanctified all have the same One Origin.
  33. 33. This is why He is not ashamed tocall them His brothers and sisters.
  34. 34. The Word of God!Thanks be to God!
  35. 35. No one has seenGod but if we loveone another God shall livein us and His loveshall find Its fullexpression in us! 1 John 4:12
  36. 36. A Reading from the Gospel of St.Mark
  37. 37. Then some Pharaseesapproached Jesus and to test Him they asked: “Is it lawfulfor a husband to divorce his wife?”
  38. 38. Jesus answered them saying:“What command did Moses give you?” They replied: “Moses allowed a husband to write a bill of divorce and dismiss his wife. ”
  39. 39. Then Jesus answered:“It was because of your hardness of heart and stubbornness that Moses wrote you this
  40. 40. But “from the beginning of creation God madethem male and female.
  41. 41. And it is forthis reasonthat a man leaves his father andmother and is joined to his wife
  42. 42. and the twobecome one body.”
  43. 43. So they are nolonger two but one
  44. 44. Therefore, what Godhas put together, letno man bring apart.”
  45. 45. When theywere indoors,the disciples again questionedJesus about this and Jesus said:
  46. 46. “Whoever leaves his wife and marries another is guilty ofadultery against his wife
  47. 47. and if a womanleaves her husband and marries another, she too is guilty of adultery.”
  48. 48. Then the people brought to Him children that He may touch and bless them, but the disciples rebuked them and sent them away.
  49. 49. Jesus, upon seeing this,became very angry and said:“Let the little children come to Me and do not stop them
  50. 50. for the kingdom of God belongsto such as these!
  51. 51. Truly I tell you, whoever does notreceive theKingdomof God likea child shallnot enter it!”
  52. 52. Then he took the children in His arms, embracedlaying and them HisHands on them He blessed them.
  53. 53. The Word of God! Praised Be
  54. 54. Jesus said: “Let the little children cometo Me and do not stop them for the Kingdom of God belongs to them!”