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Pr public relation

  1. 1. TECHNOLOGIES OF MANAGEMENT Management by Objectives Management by Objectives & Results Program Evaluation & Research Technique
  2. 2. MBO & PR PROGRAM Specify Specify Encourage Encourageorganizational goalsorganizational goals conferences between conferences between and measure the and measure the superiors and superiors and organizational organizational subordinates subordinates performance performanceStrive for agreementStrive for agreement Conduct periodic Conduct periodicbetween supervisorsbetween supervisors reviews by superiors reviews by superiorsand subordinates onand subordinates on and subordinates and subordinates objectives objectives
  3. 3. Evaluation Action ProgrammingDefine the problem or opportunity
  4. 4. Environment Business objectives Public relations objectives/strategies Public relations programs
  5. 5. I. Environment – to increase salesII. Business objectives – to increase market shareIII. Public relations objectives • Solid commitment to customer • Competition to market leaders
  6. 6. IV. Public relations strategiesV. Public relations tactics • Media coverage • Press action with executives • Conduct surveys of local companies • Sponsor seminars • Have company specialists address groups
  7. 7. stand up to the following questions:Do objectives clearly describe the expected endresult?Are goals understandable to everyone in theorganization?Do plans issue a firm completion date?Are goals realistic, attainable, and measurable?Are objectives consistent with management’sobjectives?
  8. 8. Estimate the resources needed toaccomplish each activityEstimate costs and availability ofresources
  9. 9. 1 Backgrounding the problem2 Preparing a proposal3 Activating the plan4 Evaluating the campaign Pre- and post-testing essential All elements should be written out Results analyzed
  10. 10. Public issues Public issues Advice Advice research and research and analysis analysisCommunicationsCommunications Public relations Public relations service service action programs action programs
  11. 11. 1. Communication, 7. Marketing & finance persuasion concepts, 8. Public relations history & strategies 9. Using research &2. Communication & forecasting public relations theory 10. Multicultural & global3. Relationship building issues4. Social trends 11. Organizational change5. Ethical issues & development6. Legal requirements & 12. Management concepts issues & theories
  12. 12. Knowledge Knowledge Communications Communications of the Field of the Field Knowledge Knowledge Technical Technical Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge of Current Knowledge of Current Events & Societal Events & Societal Business Business Influences Influences Knowledge KnowledgeKnowledge ofKnowledge of Management ManagementBureaucracy Bureaucracy Knowledge Knowledge
  13. 13. Name 4 Attitudes and Characteristics of Effective Public Relations Managers: Communications Communications Advocacy Advocacy Orientation Orientation Standing up for what Standing up for what Believing that the public Believing that the public employers represent employers represent has the right to know has the right to know Counseling Personal Confidence Personal Confidence Counseling Strong ethics, honesty; Strong ethics, honesty; Orientation Orientation ability to take risks; ability to take risks;Advising senior managers;Advising senior managers; courage of convictions; courage of convictions;understanding intangibles understanding intangibles sense of humor sense of humor