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[AIESEC IZMIR] Reception Booklet


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[AIESEC IZMIR] Reception Booklet

  1. 1. LC VP ICX Non-CO e-LC VP ICX Non-CO Furkan SARIKAŞ Alper Ş
  2. 2. About TURKEY Bridging the East and the West, Turkey is the crossroads where.Asia meets Europe. The country is surrounded by the Black Sea to the north, the Aegean to the west and the Mediterranean to the south. Two straits (the Bosphorusand the Dardanelle) form gates to the inner Marmara Sea, dividing Thrace -the European part of the country and Anatolia - the Asian part of thecountry.Turkey, lead by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, became a republic in 1923.Today the Turkish State is a parliamentary democratic country employing aself-governing system. The capital is Ankara, in the heart of the country. Thepopulation is 99% Moslem. Mustfa Kemal, who is known as Ataturk also, wasan army general and hero of the world war 1. Ataturk is revered as one ofthe greatest statesman of the world in Turkey .He is founder of the Republicof Turkey as well as its first President.The population of the Turkey that has been estimated is 74,816,000 in 2009.Istanbul is the largest city of the country and one of the fascinating cities ofthe country also . Every year so many tourists from different countries visitthis exciting city. There are another touristic cities in Turkey. Such as Izmir,Antalya, Ankara, Bursa, Nevsehir,Edirne, Konya, Manisa, Mardin. SoTurkey is the best place to visit.Turkey is also cradle of the ancientcultures, including the Hittites,Phrygians, Urartians, Lycians,Lydians, Ionians, Persians,Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines,Seljuks and Ottomans. There aremany historical places like mosques,churches, palaces, castles and towersaround the Turkey.
  3. 3. Passport and VISA Information For all internships, you have to get “ AIESEC Internship Visa”. Please apply for visa wtih the invitation letter which we will send you. You can find more information about visa to come Turkey by countries, from the link below.**All the interns has to get residence permit too . You will get thiswhen you arrived Turkey. Your buddy will help you to get this done.For this permit you need to pay 172 TL + ( between 5-40 US Dollars) Itwould be totaly between 100-140 US Dollars. HEALTH and MEDICAL SERVICEYou will have a buddy who is responsible of your problem in our LC soif you need a doctor, just call yourBuddy or an AIESEC IZMIR member.If you need to get to a hospital in ahurry and there is non from the LC,then you are advised to make yourown way there. Medicines can bepurchased at Eczane Pharmacy; it isopen during shopping hours, but someof them even at night and on Sundays.
  4. 4. ACCOMMODATION For corporate internships, we’re arranging a place for you. You should pay for it. It takes max. 170 US Dollars. For development traineeships, we’ve a system for them named "Host Family”. You’ll stay with a family which isvolunteered to host you. They’ll provide your accommodation.For all interns, we’ll try to arrange a place for you which are close toyour work. WEATHER in IZMIRIzmir has a typical MediterraneanClimate.Summers are hot and wintersare warm and rainy.Its so rare to herethat snowing(once in 7 years).Otherthan lowest degrees are in winter 7-10and hottest in summer can be up to 35-37.So there is not much thing to worryabout weather condition.It is prettycool you can enjoy all kinds of weatherconditions here, Winter - min 5 max 15 Spring - min 10 max 22 Summer - min 23 max 36-38 Autumn - min 12 max 27 ( Values are in °C )
  5. 5. COST of LIVING in IZMIRCost of Living in TL € IzmirA bottle of water ( 0.5 lt) 0,5TL 0,24€A demijone of water (20 lt) 3TL 1,4€A liter of juice 1,2TL 0,57€A liter of milk 1,5TL 0,7€A liter of olive oil 7TL 3,32€Beer (1 can-0.5 lt) 2,25TL 1,07€Coke (Coca Cola) (2.5 lt) 2TL 0,95€Different kinds of cheese (1 kg) 4-18TL 1,9-8,55€A package of pasta 0,9TL 0,43€A package of flavor (1 kg) 1,25TL 0,6€Bread 0,6TL 0,29€Red meat (1 kg) 12TL 5,6€Chicken meat (1 kg) 4TL 1,9€Vagetables and fruits (1 kg) 2TL 0,95€(average)Shampoo (1 lt) 6TL 2,8€Detergent (for dishes) (1 lt) 3TL 1,4€Detergent (for clothes) (1 kg) 2TL 0,95
  6. 6. Money Type Equal = Turkish Liras 1 (EUR) Euro 2,3611 1 (USD) US Dollar 1,8427 1 (CAD) Canadian Dollar 1,8112 1 (AUD) Austrialian Dollar 1,9043 1 (DKK) Danimarka Kronu 0,3174 1 (SEK) İsveç Kronu 0,2643 1 (NOK) Norveç Kronu 0,306 100 (JPY) Japon Yeni 2,3978 1 (CHF) İsviçre Frangı 1,9477 1 (SAR) S. Arabistan Riyali 0,4928 1 (GBP) İngiliz Sterlini 2,8276 1 (KWD) Kuveyt Dinarı 6,5456 TOURISMIzmir, whose historical name is Smyrna, is Turkeysthird most populous city and second largest port ofthe country after Istanbul. It is located along theoutlying waters of the Gulf of Izmir, by theAegean Sea. It’s also one of the touristic cities of the country, it has too many historical places to visit such as following examples:
  7. 7. KORDON ; It is the best place to watch sunrise with your beers. You can sit there all day long. Just sit, relax and watch the fascinating view.. KUSADASI ;Kusadası is a resort town onTurkeys Aegeancoast[1] and the center of theseaside district having same namein Aydın Province. Kusadası liesat a distance of 95 km (59 mi) tothe south from the regions largest metropolitan’s center,and 71 km (44 mi) from the provincial seat of Aydınsituatedinland. Its primary source of income is tourism. Herneighbours areGermencik which is a district from northeast, Söke fromsoutheast,Aegean Sea from west and Selçuk district from north. Also there are places of worship like Church of Virgin Maryand St. John building which are important places to visit..
  8. 8. ŞİRİNCE WINE VILLAGE;It is an ancient village whichis popular with its grapes and wines. Also there arelittle houses for tastingdifferent wines. You can tastewines of Şirince ALAÇATI ; It is famous with its ancient, authentic houses. Every year wind surfing competitions are held that’swhy too many tourists gatherthere. Also it is popular with itsnight life.There are elite clubs and bars.You could be one of these peoplewho can see these awesome places.
  9. 9. EPHESUS: Ephesus which was established as a port, was used to be the most important commercial centre. It played a great role in the ancient times with its strategic location. Ephesus is located on a very fertile valley. Ephesus, once, thetrade centre of the ancient world, has been a religiouscentre of the early Christianity and today, Ephesus is animportant tourism centre in Turkey. INSURANCEYou will surely need to have insurance before coming toTurkiye. No matter how muchit costs in your country, youmust have your insurance.You have to send (fax,mailetc.) a copy of your formalinsurance form before youcome.
  10. 10. BASICS of TURKISH LANGUAGE ENGLISH TURKISHYes EvetNo HayırHello MerhabaThanks Teşekkürler, SağolPlease LütfenGood morning GünaydınGoodnight İyi gecelerHow are you? Nasılsın?What’s your name? Adın ne?My name is ________ Adım _______Take care Kendine iyi bakBye GörüşürüzHow much Ne kadarHow many Ne kadarExpensive PahalıCheap UcuzTight UygunLarge GenişCredit card Kredi kartıBeer BiraLove you Seni seviyorumHandsome YakışıklıBeatiful Güzel
  11. 11. NUMBERS1 Bir2 İki3 Üç4 Dört5 Beş6 Altı7 Yedi8 Sekiz9 Dokuz10 On20 Yirmi30 Otuz40 Kırk50 Elli60 Altmış70 Yetmiş80 Seksen90 Doksan100 Yüz
  12. 12. TURKISH CUISINEHave you ever heard of Shish Kebab ?Pieces of lamb grilled overcharcoal...A delicious Turkish dish,well known by people who havevisited Istanbul...What about Döner Kebab ? A roll oflamb on a vertical skewer turningparallel to a hot grill...A typical Turkish dish..Turkish Yoghurt...Other specialties ;Pilav and Dolma (thename given to grape leaves,or green peppers stuffed withrice and spices) might not be familiar to you... But Turkish sweets; Lokum (Turkish Delight) and Baklava...Worldwide famous... If you are interested in ethnic food, come and try the Turkish Cuisine..
  13. 13. BEFORE ARRIVALBefore one week ago you come to here, please let us knowyour arrival time and flight details. So, one of AIESECmember will pick you up from airport.If you bring us traditional things for presentations of yourcountry (such as beverage,traditional clothes,flag, food orsome alcohol,etc.) we will be grateful to you.You will prepare a country presentation for all of us, so wecan learn more about your culture and country. Please fillthe Traniee Expectation Form/ Reception Survey before youcome.Bring your mobile phone receipt, and you’ll register yourphone at airport with your receipt. Otherwise ,you won’t beable to use your mobile phone inside Turkey borders.Please try to come Izmir by plane from (directly yourcountry or with plane having connection from Istanbul), it’llbe much easier for you and for us.