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  1. 1. Colonization Project<br />The Springers and the Boi<br />Maria Mirabal, ThanhPhang, <br />Ariel Gardner, Allie McKee <br />And<br />Alex Skarbek<br />
  2. 2. New England Colonies<br /><ul><li>Massachusetts
  3. 3. Connecticut
  4. 4. Rhode Island
  5. 5. New Hampshire</li></li></ul><li>Massachusetts<br />Date of Founding-1620<br />Reason for Founding-<br /> -Pilgrims: Separate from Church of England<br /> -Puritans: Reform the Church of England and do away with traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.<br />Economy-Ship Building, Fur trading, Whaling and Fishing.<br />Geography-Rocky soil; Fertile Forests<br />Government-General Court<br />Important Residents- William Bradford; John Winthrop<br />Religion-Religious Freedom<br />Residency Requirements-Puritans/Pilgrims<br />Target Residents-Pilgrims or Puritans<br />Founding Documents-Mayflower Compact<br />
  6. 6. Connecticut<br />Date of Founding-1636<br />Reason for Founding- Hooker was unhappy in Massachusetts because the Governor had to much power.<br />Economy-Ship Building, Fur trading, Whaling and Fishing.<br />Geography-Rocky soil; Fertile Forests<br />Government-All male property owners could vote, limited governor’s power.<br />Important Residents-Thomas Hooker<br />Religion-Puritan<br />Residency Requirements-Puritans<br />Target Residents-Puritans<br />Founding Documents- Fundamental Orders of Connecticut<br />
  7. 7. Rhode Island<br />Date of Founding-1636<br />Reason for Founding- Puritan’s Church had to much power.<br /> -Roger Williams was unhappy with the Puritan’s Church. <br />Economy-Ship Building, Fur trading, Whaling and Fishing.<br />Geography-Rocky soil; Fertile Forests<br />Government-Separation of church and state. All white men have the right to vote.<br />Important Residents-Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson<br />Religion- Religious tolerance, no state church.<br />Residency Requirements-Welcomed Protestants, Jews, and Catholics.<br />Target Residents-Protestants, Jews, Catholics<br />Founding Documents-”the Incorporation of Providence Plantations in the Narragansett Bay in New England”<br />
  8. 8. New Hampshire<br />Date of Founding-1623<br />Reason for Founding- To create a fishing colony.<br />Economy-Ship Building, Fur trading, Whaling and Fishing.<br />Geography-Fertile Forest<br />Government-Royal Colony<br />Important Residents-John Mason<br />Religion-Congregationalist<br />Residency Requirements-English<br />Target Residents-As nearly like English as could be<br />Founding Documents-English Land Grant<br />
  9. 9. Middle Colonies<br />New Jersey<br />New York<br />Pennsylvania<br />Delaware<br />
  10. 10. New Jersey<br />Date of Founding-1664<br />Reason for Founding-New York is to big so Duke gave land to some friends.<br />Economy-Farming Cash Crops; Breadbasket Colonies<br />Geography- Fertile Farmland, Natural Harbors<br />Government-Royal<br />Important Residents-Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret<br />Religion-Lutheran, Dutch reformed and Quaker<br />Residency Requirements-Farmers and Christians<br />Target Residents-Lutheran, Dutch, Quaker, Swedish People, Farmers<br />Founding Documents-The Fundamental Constitutions for the Province of East New Jersey<br />
  11. 11. New York<br />Date of Founding-1664<br />Reason for Founding- Religious Freedom<br />Economy-Manufacturing; Ship Building and Iron works.<br />Geography-Fertile Forests, Natural Harbors<br />Government-Townships<br />Important Residents-Peter Stuyvesant and Duke of York<br />Religion- Religious Freedom<br />Residency Requirements-Dutch and English<br />Target Residents-Manufacturing workers<br />Founding Documents-<br />
  12. 12. Pennsylvania<br />Date of Founding-1682<br />Reason for Founding- Religious Freedom<br />Economy-Farming Cash Crops; Breadbasket Colonies.<br />Geography-Fertile Soil<br />Government-Royal Colony<br />Important Residents-William Penn<br />Religion-German Protestants, Catholics and Jews<br />Residency Requirements-Farmers<br />Target Residents-Quakers and Dutch, Farmers<br />Founding Documents-Penn’s Charter of Liberty<br />
  13. 13. Delaware<br />Date of Founding-1638<br />Reason for Founding-Promote Christianity and enrich themselves with new land.<br />Economy-Farming Cash Crops; Breadbasket Colonies.<br />Geography-Fertile Forests<br />Government-Levy Court<br />Important Residents-Peter Minuit<br />Religion-Lutheran, Dutch Reform and Anglican<br />Residency Requirements-Farmers<br />Target Residents-Swedish People and Farmers<br />Founding Documents-English Bill of Rights<br />
  14. 14. Southern Colonies<br />Georgia<br />Maryland<br />North Carolina<br />South Carolina<br />Virginia<br />
  15. 15. Georgia<br />Date of Founding-1732<br />Reason for Founding- Debtors could have a fresh start and serve as a barrier against Spanish expansion from Florida.<br />Economy- Farming<br />Geography-Rich Soil<br />Government-Representative<br />Important Residents- James Oglethorpe<br />Religion-Anglican<br />Residency Requirements-Debtors/Anyone<br />Target Residents-Debtors<br />Founding Documents-The Charter of Georgia<br />
  16. 16. Maryland<br />Date of Founding-1634<br />Reason for Founding- Colony where Catholics could practice their religion freely.<br />Economy-Farming<br />Geography-Rich soil<br />Government-Catholics Governed<br />Important Residents-Sir George Calvert/Lord Baltimore<br />Religion-Catholics; Welcomed Protestants<br />Residency Requirements-Catholics<br />Target Residents-Catholics<br />Founding Documents-Maryland Acts of Toleration<br />
  17. 17. North Carolina<br />Date of Founding-1653<br />Reason for Founding-Eight nobles wanted to settle in an area south of Virginia.<br />Economy-Plantation Slavery, Rice and Indigo<br />Geography-Rich Soil<br />Government-Royal Hands<br />Important Residents-Eight Nobles/Virginians<br />Religion-Anglican<br />Residency Requirements-Virginians<br />Target Residents-Manufacturing Workers<br />Founding Documents-Charter of Carolina<br />
  18. 18. South Carolina<br />Date of Founding-1663<br />Reason for Founding-Eight nobles wanted to settle in an area south of Virginia.<br />Economy-Plantation, Slavery, Rice, Indigo<br />Geography-Rich Soil<br />Government-Royal Hands<br />Important Residents-Eight Nobles from a royal charter from Charles the II<br />Religion-Anglican<br />Residency Requirements-<br />Target Residents-Farmers<br />Founding Documents-Charter for Carolina<br />
  19. 19. Virginia<br />Date of Founding-1607<br />Reason for Founding-A desire to gain wealth. Make Native Americans Christian.<br />Economy-Farming; Tobacco industry<br />Geography-Rich Soil<br />Government-Royal colony; House of Burgesses<br />Important Residents-Nathaniel Bacon<br />Religion-Christian<br />Residency Requirements-Farming<br />Target Residents-English<br />Founding Documents-Bacon’s Rebellion<br />