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With this powerful handbook to transform what you do, how you do it and with whom, you'll learn how to use your online presence as a 21st century life & work skill to connect with relevant people, information you need and enriching opportunities — in less time, with minimal effort, often for free.

This repeatable, dynamic six-step method will help you become your own North Star on the Internet. You'll emerge with a vision that lights you up and goals you can measure; a do-able plan and digital skills you need; and a practice and peer group you can rely on to keep going.

With this foundational method you'll:
-- uncover the real value you've already created: by taking inventory of what you've been doing, detecting the patterns in your activities, gaining insight into what you're drawn to
-- put your mountain of natural resources to work for you: by acknowledging all that you’ve created and use it to gain insight into who you are and who you want to be
-- show the world how you make sense: by linking what you've done in the past & are doing today with your wider goals
-- recognize that you need to become visible to meet people you want to collaborate with, work for, hire
-- combine who you are and where you want to go with the tools available to express yourself
-- make empowered, focused decisions about how to operate online
-- go beyond managing your reputation online to using social media to represent your best self
-- meet and enter conversations with your peers, mentors and customers on the web
-- get recognized by authorities & peers in your field, recruiters, the media
-- identify how to use existing materials as building blocks for future projects
-- identify new ways to use social media, which platforms work for you (and which do not), and how to use those platforms to your advantage
-- express yourself with the best social web tools available, including how to use Google+, Quora, ScoopIt and Storify to your benefit
-- gain a new understanding of the best social media and content management and strategy tools, formats, methods to try
-- establish an interactive calling card at a site like
-- learn best practices for blogging frameworks like WordPress and Thesis, blogging services like Twitter and Tumblr, social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram
-- learn best uses of video and slideshow sites like Animoto, YouTube, Vimeo, Slideshare, email service providers
-- grasp a new perspective on yourself as a content creator, realize the energy you generate around your interests IS content
-- publish, record, remix, repackage, reformat your content
-- design and implement a do-able plan with small steps to get your creations into global circulation in alignment with your larger goals

"Skip the struggle," say authors Anastasia Ashman and Tara Agacayak, who have 25 years of experience . "Go straight to the rewards of online community."

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Achieve Your Potential Online With The GlobalNiche Method

  1. 1. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online2 ACHIEVE YOUR POTENTIAL Online! with the GlobalNiche Method ! Improve your personal & professional results with community on the social web Get CONNECTED & EFFECTIVE ! ! ! ! ! ANASTASIA ASHMAN & TARA AGACAYAK
 @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  2. 2. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online3 ! Things have changed. You can be part of it in a way that works for you. ! ! ! This is a powerful handbook to transform what you do, how you do it and with whom. ! ! You'll learn how to! ! USE YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE (a 21st century life & work skill!) to ! CONNECT WITH • relevant people • information you need • enriching opportunities ! ! — in less time, with minimal effort, often for free.! ! This repeatable, dynamic six-step method will help you become your own North Star on the Internet. ! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  3. 3. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online4 Soon you’ll have new purpose online. ! You’re also going to connect better to the people and interests you want to be closer to.! ! You'll emerge with a vision that lights you up and goals you can measure; a do-able plan and digital skills you need; and a practice and peer group you can rely on to keep going. ! ! With this foundational method you'll: ! • uncover the real value you've already created: by taking inventory of what you've been doing, detecting the patterns in your activities, gaining insight into what you're drawn to ! • put your mountain of natural resources to work for you: by acknowledging all that you’ve created and use it to gain insight into who you are and who you want to be ! • show the world how you make sense: by linking what you've done in the past & are doing today with your wider goals ! • recognize that you need to become visible to meet people you want to collaborate with, work for, hire ! • combine who you are and where you want to go with the tools available to express yourself ! • make empowered, focused decisions about how to operate online ! • go beyond managing your reputation online to using social media to represent your best self ! "Skip the struggle," we say. "Go straight to the rewards of online community." ! Our 25 years of expatriate life and work challenges forced us to tap our backgrounds in culture, info tech, media & @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  4. 4. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online5 psychology to create this network-activating system using the social web. ! We’ve used this method to survive. You can use it to thrive.! Thank you for choosing the GlobalNiche method (earlier we called it SUM-it UP, so you’ll see that name sometimes) to get connected and effective. ! ! ! ! ! ! ~ Anastasia Ashman & Tara Agacayak, GlobalNiche CURRICULUM DESIGNERS ! ! COME FIND US ON TWITTER! @anastasiaashman! @taraagacayak! @globalniche! ! ! ! THANKS to global leadership consultant TANYA MONSEF BUNGER for her role in the development of the GlobalNiche curriculum.
 @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  5. 5. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online6 ! YOU’RE SITTING ON A MOUNTAIN OF YOUR OWN POTENTIAL 7......... HOW TO USE THIS WORKBOOK 9...................................................................... CHECK-IN BADGES 11............................................................................................. STEP 1 - YOUR VISION & GOALS 12..................................................................... WALKING THROUGH YOUR VISION & GOALS 14............................. VISION STATEMENTS 15................................................................. EXPAND & CONVEY YOUR VISION 16.............................................. STEP 2 - YOUR PLATFORM 18................................................................................ LIST OF PLATFORM PIECES 20........................................................ CAPTURE PLATFORM ELEMENTS 22............................................... RECOGNITION = EXPERTISE + COMMUNICATION 24....................... STEP 3 - YOUR CONTENT 26................................................................................. TYPES OF CONTENT 27................................................................... WAYS TO SEE YOUR CONTENT 28................................................... MAKE CONTENT DIGITAL 30........................................................... STEP 4 - INTEGRATION 32...................................................................................... WHERE CAN YOU SHARE WHAT YOU HAVE? 34.............................. DIFFERENT FORMATS SHOW NEW SIDES OF YOUR CONTENT 36.. SPIN A WEB WITH YOUR CONTENT 38............................................ MINE YOURSELF FOR PROFIT 40.................................................... SHARING YOUR PATH 42................................................................. STEP 5 - ACTION PLAN 44...................................................................................... SHORT AND MEDIUM ACTION PLANS FROM YOUR PEERS 45......... LONG, DETAILED PLAN FROM YOUR PEER 47................................. HOW TO FIND WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW 51................................. FRAME HOW YOU’LL BE KNOWN 53............................................... OUTLINE YOUR PLAN 55................................................................. STEP 6 - IMPLEMENTATION 56.............................................................................. TAKE ONE STEP 58......................................................................... CONCLUSION & WHAT’S NEXT 59..................................................................... @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  6. 6. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online7 YOU’RE SITTING ON A MOUNTAIN OF YOUR OWN POTENTIAL What’s inside that mountain? Let’s dig in.! It’s the personal and professional stuff you’ve created. Your relationships. Who you are in the world. What you care about and what you’ve done to pursue your interests.! If you haven’t noticed, we’re in a golden age for content creators with the rise of the social web, the personal brand and the entrepreneurial movement. ! Now is a perfect time to do something with all this gold you’ve created.! You can publish it.You can reformat it.You can remix it.You can let it loose on the world in a multitude of ways. And you can get it working for you like never before.! The GlobalNiche method will show you how to:! • formulate a vision for how you want your life to be and devise goals to help you realize it! • acknowledge and gain insight into your cumulative output! • create a structure to store, access & analyze your material meaningfully! • envision what new content you’ll want to create and how to repurpose older content and understand their value! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  7. 7. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online8 • design and implement a do-able plan to get your creations into global circulation in the service of your goals and your vision! The online platform of global reach you’re going to build can shift and move with you as you refine your direction, grow into your new visibility, take advantage of fresh opportunities. ! The global niche you’ll build will fit you like a second skin because it will be a natural expression of you.! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  8. 8. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online9 HOW TO USE THIS WORKBOOK! Work at your own pace. ! We designed this workbook to fit your situation. Spend at least 1-2 hours per step.Work in 5 minute spurts if that’s all you can manage. ! You will get there.! DO THE STEPS MULTIPLE TIMES -- Going through the sequence once will get you started.You’ll be laying a foundation for your global niche online that you can continue to build on. Don't feel like everything has to be completed or perfect to move on. It doesn’t! In fact, your insights along the way are going to help you make breakthroughs and progress when you run through the sequence again. ! This is an iterative process.! BRIEF LESSONS -- We’re going to give a short assignment and send you off to do it. It’s better to spend your time *doing* the tasks, not tied up reading the instructions, right?! ! TIPS AND EXAMPLES -- To help you in your self study environment, we’re sharing tips, examples and inspirations from Anastasia,Tara, and other people just like you who have used the GlobalNiche method.! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  9. 9. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online10 CHECK-INS -- This is an interactive way to let us know how you’re doing at the end of every step. Complete each check-in, which will take you out onto the web, and you’ll be sharing your progress with the wider GlobalNiche community.! ! NOTE WHAT COMES UP -- Observe your ideas, challenges and questions at each step.This is deep work. ! It can be transformative to see yourself and your own potential in a new light, not to mention the path unfurling as you start to take steps forward. ! It can bring up lots of emotion; pay attention to your reactions.This is part of the insightful process of looking back and looking ahead.! ! YOUR IMPERFECTIONS ARE PERFECT -- No one knows how to do everything, no one *can* do everything. Don’t worry about that. You belong here. We encourage you to dream and play, share highs and lows you experience on this journey. Know that you are not alone.! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  10. 10. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online11 ! CHECK-IN BADGES Acknowledge your accomplishments. ! At the end of each step, you’ll have the chance to show the GlobalNiche community around the world exactly what you’ve been up to, by using these badges with a variety of social media services. Every little step counts big.! 
 @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  11. 11. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online12 STEP 1 - YOUR VISION & GOALS! Depict your vision and state a goal.! LESSON:
 What is a vision? What is a goal? How do they work together?! A vision is the depiction of your most ideal life; it’s the driver for you to transform your current situation into one that more closely represents how you see yourself living.! A goal is something tangible and measurable.! You set out to accomplish a goal! with the intention of realizing your vision.When setting a goal, the question to ask yourself is, how will I know I’ve accomplished it? What evidence is there that I’ve achieved what I set out to do? A goal will have something you can measure and a deadline.! EXAMPLES: Vision: I have a flexible work schedule and can work anywhere I want.! Goal: My goal is to work from home and set my own hours by the end of March.! ++++! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  12. 12. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online13 Vision: I see myself with enough time and money to raise my daughter as a single parent.! Goal: My goal is to earn $2,000/month in passive income by June 30th so I can comfortably raise my daughter.! ++++! Vision: I would like to be seen as the expert in making documentaries about sharks.! Goal: My goal is to be interviewed on 10 national television programs by the end of the year on the subject of documentaries about sharks.! What you can see in these examples is that the vision is the driver, the thing that motivates your actions.The goal helps you achieve the vision.While the vision is pie-in-the-sky big, the goal is something that you can measure and know at a specific point in time whether or not you achieve it.! You might have many goals that help you realize your vision.You might change your goals.You might push back deadlines or pull them forward.You might adjust your vision after you’ve attained it!! Your goal is something you actively pursue in order to realize your vision.! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  13. 13. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online14 WALKING THROUGH YOUR VISION & GOALS NOW YOU:! Where are you, where do you want to go, and how do you want to get there? ! Time to work on your vision and goal(s).! What does the fullest expression of your vision look like? Paint the picture of your life as you would most like it to be.! My vision is …! Describe your most pragmatic to your most fanciful goals (you can always adjust them).What will you do to attain the life you envision? How much time do you need to do it?! My goal(s) is ...! How will you know you’ve reached your goal? What will have happened by the deadline you set for yourself?! I know I will have accomplished it when ...! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  14. 14. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online15 VISION STATEMENTS! ! EXAMPLE: Here’s a one-word vision statement.! INSIGHT: “I want what I do and where I've been and where I'm going and who I am and how I am known and what people come to me for to *dovetail*. I want to fuse all those different pieces, I want them to make sense and be accessible for me and everyone else.”! TIP: We can write a novel of a vision statement, but then get lost in it. If you’re feeling this way, you might want to focus on just one word and let that manifest in your life in a million ways without trying to control the "how" of it. Just focusing on the "what".! INSIGHT: “There are many sides of me that I find equally important. Who but me will make the Facebook me combine with the political me on Twitter, with the person I am on my website and make it comprehensible and attractive to the outside world?”! TIP: We have lots of interests and things that make up who we are and we don't want to let go of any of them. ! Putting them together in the right way so they are representative of who we are and so that we can be productive is a fun, creative challenge.
 @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  15. 15. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online16 ! EXPAND & CONVEY YOUR VISION! INSIGHT: “By the end of the year, I plan to have my novel revised, beta read, and in the hands of at least one agent. But I also have 8 years of blog posts, workshop materials, graphics, and recorded dialogues related to art, design, and creative entrepreneurship. I’m ready to use those materials in a way that promotes and sustains my current and future platform on the web. So my goal is: I will have integrated my art and writing platforms using my previous content in a way that sustains my novel by the end of the year.”! TIP: When you document your adventures using your web platform, you will come to see how they embody and reflect who you are.You can use this to paint a picture of who you are and what you’re doing and where you’re going right now. It’s easy to change how and where you’re represented on the social web as you grow and evolve.! Once you’ve spent some time dreaming and listing your goal(s), the next step is to try incorporating them into your web platform. Use any method you like to convey your vision - try Pinterest boards, Storify, Google+ or Facebook photo albums. Put something up on your website, record a video, write a blog post, tell a story, paint a picture.! CHECK-IN:! Once you’ve imagined your vision and come up with a goal, proceed to Step 1 check in.! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  16. 16. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online17 TIP: Trust is built by sharing vulnerability. Consider this along your global niche journey.! Commit to sharing your tiniest steps and missteps. ! Misadventure is part of adventure.And we all want to go with you.! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  17. 17. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online18 STEP 2 - YOUR PLATFORM! Evaluate your current presence on the web.! LESSON:! What is a web platform?! Your web platform is where and how you exist online. However, it’s not just your avatar randomly scattered (and randomly linked) at Facebook, Pinterest,Twitter, Quora, G+ and your blog. It’s more than a list of places you happen to show up on the internet.! This is the secret that most people do not understand about life online:! What’s most important to your success and enjoyment on the social web is how you use online tools, and what for! ! Your web platform is the mechanical pieces on the web (blog, email newsletters, social media outposts, aggregated comments, etc.), plus the conceptual pieces of you that you want to bring to the world.! Your web platform bridges who you are and what you do offline with how the wider world finds you, and connects to you.! This is what your web platform can do:! • It reflects the whole of you -- both offline and on. ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  18. 18. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online19 • It’s how you communicate your personality and your interests and who you are as a person.! • It's how you share the work that you do today, and what you've done in the past, and where you want to go next.! • It is how you demonstrate who you are, showcase your work and engage with your interests and communities.! • It's your foundation for continuing education, and personal and professional development.! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  19. 19. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online20 LIST OF PLATFORM PIECES! Services and outlets that make up your platform. ! Jot down any other outposts you have (or would like to have.) You don't have to be present or active in all these places, this list just shows what's possible.! • Blog ! • Website ! • Email mailing list ! • Twitter profile ! • Twitter lists ! • Facebook profile ! • Facebook page ! • Facebook group ! • Facebook app ! • Flickr! • Pinterest ! • YouTube orVimeo or other video channel ! • LinkedIn company profile + any products ! • LinkedIn profile ! • LinkedIn group ! • Quora! • Etsy or other online marketplace! • or other nameplate site! • Plaxo or other web address book! • Slideshare or other presentation sharing service! • Foursquare! • Plancast! • Formspring! • Storify! • Animoto! •! • Memolane! • Pathbrite or other portfolio site! • Tumblr! • Scribd or other document distribution venue! • Disqus or other web comment clearinghouse! • or other curation venue! • Twylah! • Klout! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  20. 20. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online21 • Google Docs ! • Linqto or other live web video service! • Instagram! • RebelMouse! ! Some of the resource links in this workbook generate commissions for GlobalNiche.! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  21. 21. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online22 CAPTURE PLATFORM ELEMENTS! Use GooglePlus (that’s also called G+ or Google+) as a place to store the elements of your platform.! You’ll need to open a gmail account if you don’t already have one.! By using your G+ profile page to store links to all your profiles and features around the web, your Google+ profile is searchable and prioritized by the Google search engine. When someone searches for you, they’ll also find all the other places you exist online too.This is a great credibility boost. ! Plus, when you want to update your profiles, your “cheat sheet” G+ page with all the links will make your task so much easier.! ! EXAMPLES: To see examples of what might make up a web platform have a look at our Google+ profiles.! Tara’s Google+ profile! Anastasia’s Google+ profile! Scroll down and notice the links we’ve included under “Other profiles”.These links constitute the different parts of our web platform; the various places we exist online.! For a simpler version, have a look at! NOW YOU:! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  22. 22. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online23 Evaluate your current web platform to see what’s in place. Where are you currently operating? What does your web platform look like right now?! Watch this video of Tara explaining what a web platform is.! How do you know what your web platform looks like? Google yourself like Tara showed in the video.! When you search for yourself online what comes up? Is that you? ! Is it an accurate reflection of your offline persona? If not, how can you get the results to be more closely aligned?! CHECK-IN:! Once you’ve catalogued your platform elements, proceed to Step 2 check-in.! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  23. 23. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online24 RECOGNITION = EXPERTISE + COMMUNICATION! TIP: Your Disqus profile is one place someone can see all your blog comments across the web (if both you and the site use Disqus). ! If you’re a big blog commenter you’ll want to capture all your contributions and expertise on topics of interest to you.! TIP: Building a list of email subscribers gives you a direct line of communication with people who have opted to hear from you.They are people who sign up to receive an email newsletter from you (or news, or updates, or whatever you want to send.) ! The industry standard is moving toward double opt-in, which means you let them sign up, and then they have to confirm they want to receive the mail. Email service providers like AWeber, MailChimp and ConstantContact all do this for you.! TIP: The “About” page on your website will be in constant flux.Tara likes Derek Halpern’s advice on this one because it keeps things simple.Write what feels like it represents you right now and then ask a few people to review it and give you feedback.This web platform-building stuff is a group effort.! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  24. 24. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online25 A huge reason to build your platform is so you can grow a network to support you.! What you choose to say about yourself in your tagline, bio is probably the hardest part of this work. It gets at our core.To be recognized by others we first have to recognize ourselves.! TIP: If it’s too hard to come up with an About page, try It's a free nameplate site that lets you play with the background (use a big image that's really you!), font and layout, besides a hot-link filled bio, and a list of services you're on. It works as an easy web-based calling card. Here's what Anastasia’s AboutMe page looks like, and Tara’s.! ! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  25. 25. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online26 STEP 3 - YOUR CONTENT! Take inventory of all the content you've created so you can see the mountain you're sitting on.! EXAMPLES: Here’s how Anastasia has catalogued her writing work: she took screen shots and digital pictures of magazine and newspapers she appeared in, and then uploaded them to albums at her Facebook professional page. Since she’s more than a writer, she’s also got albums for the Expat Harem book, interviews and operations, and producing events. Using a free Wordpress plugin she automatically serves them to her portfolio website. She also adds a short caption and any URL to where else the work lives on the web.! Here’s how Tara lays out her portfolio page on her website and how it looks reenvisioned on Pinterest. She notes that if you follow the indie web movement, they stress the importance of owning your data. Hosting your work on your own site is a big part of owning your data.! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  26. 26. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online27 TYPES OF CONTENT LESSON:! When we say content, we mean everything you’ve produced or created or gathered, collected, curated or edited. It is your cumulative output.! Your content includes anything you’ve produced or created on- or offline, and can take just about any form. ! Here are some things it might look like:! ! • blog posts! • tweets! • Facebook status updates related to your topics! • video photographs notes! • artwork journaling! • audio! • podcasts! • profiles, talks, interviews, panels you've been on stories
 ideas! • sketches! • designs! • to-do lists conversations articles books recipes! • a portfolio! • tv appearances speeches! • slideshows newsletters! • thoughts! • dreams events/gatherings you organized or were featured in! • song lyrics! • poetry! • jokes or catchphrases you’re known for! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  27. 27. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online28 ! WAYS TO SEE YOUR CONTENT! NOW YOU: Take inventory of all the content you’ve created so you can see the mountain of gold you’re sitting on.! What have you created? Make a list.! You can take inventory of your content however you like. Some people prefer mind maps, some people like images. Do what suits you best. ! Use some of these ideas:! ! • excel spreadsheet! • handwritten list in a notebook • photographed and uploaded to an album in FB • G+ • Flickr • Pinterest • Evernote • Google docs • scraps of paper laid out on the kitchen table • index cards • file folders • • online portfolios like Pathbrite • Slideshare ! • mindmap! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  28. 28. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online29 There is no one right way to do this exercise so just get started.! Pay attention to what you discover about yourself as you go through this process.When you collect one or two postcards and throw them in a shoebox it might not strike you as a pattern until you start pulling postcards out of scrapbooks, junk drawers and file folders.! Pulling all your content together en masse gives you a greater number of data points to analyze for deeper meaning. It may take this overhaul to see that you’ve been more feminine than you thought, or have a real love of horses or fractals. ! Look for the patterns in what you’ve been doing to see yourself more closely and know yourself more intimately.! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  29. 29. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online30 MAKE CONTENT DIGITAL! CHECK-IN:! Whether your content is represented online or offline, you’ll have to get it into digital form for the next step.! This is an endless process so just get started and catalog your inventory into something you can share online.! What does that mean? Take photos of your collections and scan your scribbled notes - whatever you can think of to create a digital representation of the content.Then proceed to Step 3 check in.! TIP: Seeing what you have all together for the first time is powerful and helpful to synthesizing how you want to present yourself, and which things deserve to be highlighted and re- purposed and built upon.! INSIGHT: “It seems like the more I dig up, the more I find. Or the more I remember. Suddenly I see how much I’ve actually created.The mountain gets bigger and bigger!”! TIP: You can use Evernote to go paperless by changing your physical content into its digital incarnation.! INSPIRATION: “The past few days have been spent gathering things online, and unpacking boxes of stuff.A lot of my work this step is to physically find it and upload it to my computer. I have compiled my links onto Google Docs, until I decide where to put them. I’m so glad I’m doing this now.”! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  30. 30. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online31 TIP: If you posted a lot of valuable comments in a forum you no longer belong to, find a way to own them. ! Find a way to own all your content, even if you’re not ready to go public with it. ! Save it in a folder on your computer or upload to either Facebook or G+ or a Pinterest board and set the privileges to private so only you can see it.! Once you get started cataloging all that you’ve created, you will be surprised how big the mountain is that you’ve been sitting on all along. And it’s a mountain about to wake up!! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  31. 31. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online32 STEP 4 - INTEGRATION! Brainstorm ways to put all the content you've created into service of your vision.! LESSON:! What does integration look like? It’s how you pull it all together. It’s how you use your web platform to distribute your content (which is why you need to digitize your content!); syndicating it all across the web (and the world) in order to take a step toward your vision.! What does this look like? With one piece of content, how many different ways can you slice it in order to syndicate it across the spectrum of your web platform?! If you have a blog post, how can you turn it into a video? A slideshow? An ebook? An autoresponder? A Pinterest pin? A painting? A contest? A photo album?! How can you build on what you’ve already created? How can you link your material to other things you have (new, or untapped, or past stuff), and draw your audiences closer?! How can you create a network of your content that pulls people in from all sorts of places and directs them to what you are doing right now and what you are about to do and what you want to support you in the future?! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  32. 32. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online33 The idea is kind of like creating a passive income stream where your content is the principal and what you syndicate becomes the interest you earn.! Create once, then use over and over again, all over the place.! ! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  33. 33. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online34 WHERE CAN YOU SHARE WHAT YOU HAVE? EXAMPLES:! • Using newspaper articles you’ve written to be incorporated as blog posts on your own web platform. Then use the blog posts to invite readers to sign up for a course you’re teaching, or buy your book which contains copies of all the articles in one place, or join a support community you’ve created.! • Cross-promote your distributed communities to create a holistic one. Invite your 500 Facebook fans to sign up for your newsletter. Alert your 2,000 email contacts about your Facebook page.Tell your Twitter followers to circle you on Google+. ! All social media platforms have different cultures; even if you’re talking about different things in different places, connecting with people on each service lets them see a more complete picture of who you are.! • Take your LinkedIn bio and create a story of how creativity and leaving the beaten path can lead you somewhere awesome. Make a Slideshare presentation for the workshop you’ll give to high school kids in Greece.Then turn that into a post for your blog.Add it to the About page on your website.! • Take your blog posts about living abroad and syndicate them to your Facebook page.Then create a digital guidebook for foreign brides. Offer this to your mailing list subscribers. Get people to sign up for your email mailing list by making a @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  34. 34. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online35 Slideshare presentation using the chapters of your digital guidebook as inspiration.Try out which you can use to make presentations that zoom around. It’s fun and a little addictive.! • Let’s say you write a blog post on how to grow an urban vegetable garden that feeds a family of five.You publish it first on your blog.Then you put it into autoresponders that go out to your email subscribers. Then you post it on your writing networks, your Facebook wall and your Google+ feed.Then you use Animoto to create a little animated video of the images you had used in your original blog posts.You can then upload that to YouTube and Vimeo using a descriptive caption filled with your top search terms (keywords): “sustainable urban gardening tips”.! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  35. 35. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online36 DIFFERENT FORMATS SHOW NEW SIDES OF YOUR CONTENT! EXAMPLES:! • You can use the social media services on your blog to automatically syndicate your posts to Twitter. Some email marketing services like AWeber allow you to automatically share your messages on Facebook and Twitter at the same time creating an RSS feed that you can share, and subsequently self-publish as an ebook.! • You can use Pinterest to pin your blog posts and use the social media sharing service there to automatically share your pins on Facebook and Twitter.! • Hootsuite lets you make status updates all across your social media sites which makes it easier to syndicate your voice from one place.! • Once you’ve written a blog post, share it on Google+ and use the notify feature like an email mailing list to share your post with people in the Circles that you indicate (TIP: Use this one with caution, people may remove you from their circles if they don’t like being notified -- remember what we said about double opt-in? It’s a better idea to ask them if they want to be in a circle where you’ll notify them when you have something to share).! To see all of this in action, look at how Tara syndicated the content of a talk across her web platform:! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  36. 36. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online37 1. Here’s the original talk onYouTube.! 2. Using the slides that supported her talk, she created this Slideshare presentation which was featured on the front page of that site.! 3. She combined photographs from the event with captions from the 10 lessons she presents in this Animoto video.! 4. Tara incorporated pre-promotion tweets by her and from others into this Storify story along with images, the video, Animoto video and the Slideshare presentation. ! 5. She embedded the YouTube video on her own web property as a way to draw people back to her site.! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  37. 37. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online38 SPIN A WEB WITH YOUR CONTENT! NOW YOU:! This might seem overwhelming, so don’t feel like you have to implement anything at this point. Just start thinking about what you could do.You don’t have to know how to do it or which tool you’d use -- just the outcome you want. Start imagining the possibilities. Be creative!! See how many ways you can use one single piece of content. Use this formula to get you started:! • Starting with My Content X, I can put it up at Platform Piece A ! • From Platform Piece A, I can syndicate to Platform Piece B ! • From Platform Piece B, I can syndicate to Platform Piece C ! • From Platform Pice C, I can syndicate to Platform Piece D ! • and so on... ! With each different format -- say with a Facebook group, which is strong on photos -- how might that be tweaked to grow the content and create new pathways to lead people where you want them to go?! Maybe you can attach a photo to each newspaper column you’ve written.! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  38. 38. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online39 Or you could make the photo the main event and the lesson or title of the column it’s caption, with a link to where that full column lives on your blog.! And on your blog there can be a link to buy the ebook with all your newspaper columns.! With each syndication, the content evolves and captures new viewers and directs them deeper into your global niche; the place in the world where you uniquely belong.! For this exercise you’ll want to stay focused on your vision, and your goal. Because you have lots of content, what will help you choose where to start is working on whatever will get you to your goal fastest and most easily.! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  39. 39. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online40 MINE YOURSELF FOR PROFIT! Profit is often the missing piece of the puzzle.! It’s important to remember WHY you’re doing this. It goes back to the vision you created in Step I.! You’re sharing your content because the more you share, the more visible you become.The more visible you become -- specifically for the thing you want to be known for -- the better path you create for the right opportunities to come your way.! The intention of the GlobalNiche method is to help you construct a way to profit from all you’ve done, and who you are.! Profit isn’t necessarily money, but rather any kind of return on your investment of resources.! ... perhaps that looks like landing a grant or a fellowship or an artist-in-residence gig because you can demonstrate your body of work.! ... getting hired as a consultant by another business on your particular specialty.! ... being able to charge more for your efforts because you reach the right people and you’ve honed what it is you have to offer.! Enjoy this process of getting your work into the public eye -- and continuing to polish it in public. Enjoy the process of stocking your global niche web platform with content near and @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  40. 40. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online41 dear to your heart as much as you enjoy creating that content itself.! Becoming visible and active on your topics is how you’ll draw interested parties, benefit from your network, demonstrate what you’re up to.! Consider your online presence as your real-time resume. Show recruiters your best work. You can build a competitive career advantage by combining all your assets.! Spending time finding your gold and setting up a way to share it meaningfully with the world is key to locating that missing puzzle piece and locking it into place.! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  41. 41. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online42 SHARING YOUR PATH! Imagine how your past work connects to what you're doing today, and what you want to do in the future. Connecting these threads is exactly how you'll fashion that cohesive image to present and will help you decide which content you can use to support the work you're doing now and want support to do in the future.! CHECK-IN: We know this is a big exercise. Once you’ve syndicated JUST ONE piece of content as much as you can, proceed to Step 4 check-in.! You can't present your global niche to the world if you don't know what it is.! You can't be recognized, or visible or received if you don't know what it is you have to give. ! Part of figuring it out is to play with the (imperfect!) possibilities and let them lead you where you want to go.You’ll be sharing online what you have. ! At GlobalNiche we call that “polishing your ideas in public”. ! The practice will lead to a deeper understanding of your own interests and expertise, and straight toward communities you will love.! INSIGHT: “I was waiting for my stuff to be recognized by an ‘authority’ before I put it up somewhere. Now I see I need to recognize myself before anyone else will.”! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  42. 42. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online43 Imagine tracing your own interest in a topic, and the development of your thinking on it and engagement with it through the work you have done....! That's your story, and will offer clues about hooking other people's interest in the topic, and how we might need to hear about it. Take us through the same path you took to get to where you are today.We’re newcomers to your topic, and need to learn the basics just as you once did.What material do you have on that? ! Can you see from your content how you've matured, and can you see where you sit on a spectrum of people involved in this topic? That's your expertise!! INSIGHT: “A revelation. I see now there’s a community out there just for me, readers and likers, and buyers or whatever, but it has not been something I understood I wanted, a lot -- and that I could successfully get it -- until this very moment.”! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  43. 43. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online44 STEP 5 - ACTION PLAN! Draw up the steps you're going to take.! LESSON: Now that you’ve been experimenting with integrating your platform and content through various forms of syndication, it’s time to refocus on your vision and goal and make a plan you can use to reach them.! You don’t have to be on solid ground to make an action plan at this point.You can always drill down to the nuts and bolts later.! Write down as many ideas as you can about what’s possible. ! More ideas will come. Let them.You can go back later and pick the best ones with the most viability.! It may be helpful to draw up a rough timeline so you can see how much time you’ll need to commit on a regular basis. If it looks like too much of a commitment per week, push your deadline out. ! If you want to finish sooner, schedule more time each week.! No panicking! You aren’t committing to anything yet, you’re just working out a possible plan (or two).! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  44. 44. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online45 SHORT AND MEDIUM ACTION PLANS FROM YOUR PEERS! Short Plan:! My vision is to get my book published. ! My goal is to have my first draft done by the end of spring and begin revisions at the end of summer. During revisions I will take another close look at the content I’ve created and decide if it is time to shift my blog to my newsletter, discontinue the blog entirely, or start creating new content relevant to young adult fiction and writing. I see video and photography being a big part of the direction I am going. I would like to do more guest blog posts to show up in a broader network of readers.! ! Medium Plan:! VIDEO
 Do video interviews of artists and craftspeople
 Post them to my workshop blog and my personal blog (with different write-ups)
 Publicize both of my posts through LinkedIn,Twitter, Google+, Facebook
 Create Pinterest video board for my workshop! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  45. 45. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online46 MYWEBSITE
 Business name/tagline: create it. Get a decent headshot. Create a portfolio/page of clients
 Create a portfolio/page of programs
 Blog more: how often? I want to post three times a week but that sounds overwhelming!
 Praise page: create it! MY WORKSHOP PAGE
 This is the heart of my business, create a page
 Revise my About page. Include Prezi/visual description! WORKSHOP PLATFORM
 I will post to the workshop blog and Facebook Page at least three times a week - easy!
 Complete design and delivery of 12-week online workshop with my partner! MAKE LIFE JOURNEY PREZI
 Use it in creative writing workshops for kids
 Post it on website, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook as my bio! PINTEREST
 Make video board mentioned above! Make creativity workshop client board! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  46. 46. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online47 LONG, DETAILED PLAN FROM YOUR PEER! Vision: To meet cool people who come to visit Zoolandia and share my love of writing and regional food. ! Goal: To use my journal entries to run culinary tours of Zoolandia. I will run my first tour by Spring 2013 with a group of 20 people.! How I’ll use my global niche web platform to get there:! EMAIL LIST, FACEBOOK, NEWSLETTERS, PHOTOS, PINTEREST,VIDEOS! I'll start with people I know and create an email list, all my Facebook contacts, and anyone who visits my blog. I’ll send the list each journal entry with a link to a food photo at Pinterest on boards organized by village.! I’ll create a welcome video that takes people on a brief journey into the world I have created out of my childhood memories of my grandfather's cooking, my young adult experiences as an aid worker in Zoolandia, and how village life is sustained through the people's relationship with locally produced food and family recipes.! I'll show how they too can get a taste of this world, benefit from my perspective and access, through my tours and my newsletter, and I’ll tell this story with stills and antique video footage and excerpts of my journals which I'll narrate so they can hear me, and see me, and know me and connect.! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  47. 47. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online48 I'll have an opt-in form on my website. I'll also send a link to this video, in a detailed announcement email I'll send to every person I ever met inviting them to join me. I will keep focused on people who take action on my offer by continuing to engage with them in areas of our mutual interest.! TOURS,TWITTER,TUMBLR! I'll make offers to the people on the list as my tours become available, and I'll design tours based on what my subscribers tell me they want. I'll also post on Twitter not only my material but also related news and the larger movement I am part of. I'll become known as an expert this way, and a familiar face on the scene when people are searching for information about this.! I'll do short commentary on news items at myTumblr blog, and syndicate that straight to Twitter and Facebook. I'll submit articles and pitches for venues of all kinds (from blogs to airline magazines to tv programs), writing blogs about making personal writing pay, for food blogs about mining family secrets, for tourism blogs about the region I know and operate in, for creative entrepreneur blogs about designing a tour of a loved place.! I'll interview people and have people interview me to get content to share with my subscribers, get exposure in front of new crowds.! I'll solicit questions and answer them in blog posts or video blasts. I'll share the link to these things on Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn.! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  48. 48. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online49 USE ALL MY MATERIAL! I'll make digital copies of all my materials so I can use them on the website, in the emails, on Pinterest and Facebook andTumblr andTwitter. ! I'll convert everything that is related to the goal of that culinary tour business to show how much I love and have been following and creating in this area.! I'll do a Pinterest board of my favorite chefs who've published their journal excerpts.! I'll upload or put into a video anything I have that is exclusive and unusual and specialized, because that is how I'll demonstrate my own understanding of the subject and my love for it and my access to it. I'll use the proper hashtags on Pinterest and Twitter.! APPROACH PARTNERS! I'll point to all of this -- my content, my audience, my expertise, my visibility - when I approach people in my logistics chain who I want to partner with to do the tours, and a cookbook, and an online tv- style program of some sort of like Martha Stewart where I'll sometimes cook, have guests I interview, and sometimes we'll be on the road.! I'll photograph and video everything I do for this program and for my other distribution channels.! I'll do an online radio show too, a podcast kind of thing, where I talk just from my office at home about whatever @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  49. 49. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online50 catches my eye related to my topics of cuisine, private journaling and the region, and family recipes.! By January 2013, I’ll have 500 rabid, engaged people on that mailing list so I can count on a 5% response rate for the 20 person tour that Spring.! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  50. 50. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online51 HOW TO FIND WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW! It’s OK if the Action Plan you come up with includes things you may not know how to do now like set up a self-hosted blog or edit a video. If you knew how to do that, you might have done it already. Just start to design a rough plan about what you think might work.! When you don’t know how to do something there are many ways to proceed.! The first thing to do is search for an answer on the web.! If you’re having a problem, there’s a good chance many other people have had that same question. And they left a trail of how they got the answer. The trick is knowing how to phrase your question to get the most relevant answer. If you don’t know how to edit your video, search for “video editing tutorials” or “how to edit video for the web”.! If you don’t find what you’re looking for, go out to your social network for an answer.! Ask for help on Twitter using hashtags to cast a wider net: “Does anyone know how to edit video for the web? #videoediting #webvideo” Post a question on Facebook and see if any of your friends have resources. Do a search on Pinterest or Google+ to see if anyone is talking about this topic.! This is part of what makes a web platform and the community and network you build around yourself so @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  51. 51. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online52 empowering.You have the resources, literally at your fingertips, to access the keys that will unlock the doors blocking your way.! Do not underestimate the power of asking for help. ! It can mean the difference between continuing to make progress, and stalling out. Don’t struggle by yourself! Get help.! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  52. 52. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online53 FRAME HOW YOU’LL BE KNOWN! NOW YOU:! What is it that you set out to accomplish back in Step I? ! By now you might have a larger idea of what you can do, so run with it. ! Or maybe you feel like it’s time to reevaluate your goal(s) or your vision or both. That’s OK too, this is a dynamic process, not a fixed one, and the insights you gain in the process may inspire you to rework the entire picture or parts of it.! Review your ideas from Step 4, about how you might syndicate your content. ! Begin to brainstorm different ways to use the syndication of your content to reach your goal. What are the different steps you might take? What are the various tasks you might do?! TIP: Can you frame all the content you’ve pulled together by who you know in your heart you want to be? ! Choose a role model and add your own twist. Just play - there will be time later to fine tune (or tone it down!)! EXAMPLES: I’ll be the queen of the expat mommy bloggers.The Dooce of Istanbul. decor8 with an art degree.! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  53. 53. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online54 Mario Batali if he were a woman with a gypsy heart. I’ll do for my local food producing region what Jamie Oliver did for school lunch.! Expand the story of that role model with a twist ...! I’ll start an anonymous Twitter account called “Sh*t my mother-in-law says” and once it gets huge - say 10,000 followers or a mainstream media mention whichever one comes first (because it’ll be hilarious and bombastic and outrageous and I’ll use all the right hashtags to get seen) I’ll come clean and get a TV deal with a producer who loves my clear-eyed content. I’ll get my friend who draws to make a comic strip out of my daily tweets each week, and that’ll become a comic graphic novel. I’ll video myself telling nutty anecdotes of things that happened to me. I’ll act out the characters because I’m really good at that. I’ll be a non- obscene version of Sarah Silverman. I’m going to go through all my columns and construct tweets of what was really happening that I couldn’t share in my newspaper column, things still ringing in my ears.! See how the story unfolds?! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  54. 54. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online55 OUTLINE YOUR PLAN! TIP: Pencil and paper work just fine for this exercise, but there are a host of online tools and apps that you can use to create and manage your task list. If you do a search on “task management tools” here are some that come up, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Do a search and find a tool that might work for you.! • Basecamp! • Flow! • Google Tasks HiTask! • Nirvana! • Nozbe! • Producteev ! • Remember the Milk ! • Smartytask! • Ta-da List! • Todoist! •! • Toodledo! • Vitalist ! • Voo2doo ! ! CHECK-IN:! How have you outlined your plan? What are the steps you intend to take? When you know, proceed to Step 5 check-in.! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  55. 55. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online56 ! STEP 6 - IMPLEMENTATION! Get into action.! Now that you see you’re sitting on a mountain of riches, and you realize you have what it takes to profit from them, you’re going to start following your path to reach your goal.! This is what it looks like to create your future: taking one step after another toward your goals.That’s how you’ll make your vision happen.! The most important thing is to keep moving forward, one small step at a time. If you face challenges that stall your progress -- and you will, we ALL do -- here’s how we suggest dealing with the block.! First, refer to your vision board to remind yourself where you’re headed and why!! Then, reach out for help, general, or specific. Luckily, you only need to turn to your network and the community you’ve been building around you. Send a tweet, a Facebook message, post something on your blog. ! Ask the GlobalNiche community in all our social media outposts.! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  56. 56. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online57 Move forward by breaking down tasks into manageable bites.! EXAMPLE: If your Action Plan calls for “write a series of autoresponders to go out to my mailing list”, break it down. ! If you don’t already have a service provider, choose one. ! That means research (web search + ask your network for recommendations), setting up an account, learning how to use it. ! Next you’ll add a welcome message, write a few messages to go out later. ! You’ll figure out where to place a sign-up form and what it should say. ! Once basics are in place, you can craft a one-time-only announcement email that you’ll send to all your email contacts telling them what this new list is all about, and why they need to double opt-in to keep hearing from you. ! In the process of doing that one step, you’ll understand how many tasks are involved in making it happen; many you couldn’t have anticipated when you put the task in your Action Plan. ! Be prepared for surprises: the road will roll out in front of you, showing you steps you couldn’t see before.! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  57. 57. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online58 ! TAKE ONE STEP NOW YOU:! You’ve drafted your Action Plan. Now your task is to formalize that plan into a list of steps and take ONE of those steps. It might be helpful to map out the plan with concrete tasks and dates so you can start to take action.! TIP: If it turns out that by breaking down the more complex tasks on your Action Plan you have to adjust your goal or your deadline, remember:! Be flexible.Accommodate any new learning that comes up in the process.! There’s no one way to do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. And each step you take will show you what the next step looks like; even if you didn’t plan for it.! CHECK-IN:! When you’re ready to claim your Step 6 badge, contact us on Twitter and we’ll tell you what to do!! ! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  58. 58. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online59 CONCLUSION & WHAT’S NEXT! Your improved life online leads to improved life offline.! As you tap your unique potential using online tools and spaces, and begin to make use of all the content you’ve created, you’re going to find increased meaning and connection in your daily life. ! You’re growing a valuable new resilience for being heard and seen around the world.You’re growing findable, and people are learning from you.! You’ve taken steps to make the most of your circumstances, even if they are less than ideal, and imagine a life and a world greater than what’s around you today.You’re becoming the agent of your own of development.! We congratulate you.This is essential and foundational work. You are building meaning and connection that enriches us all.! ! WHAT’S NEXT? Keep going.You can return to these steps again and again as you continue to grow and evolve. ! Consider joining a peer-led GlobalNiche study group, or leading one yourself for members of your own community. We can set you up.! @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  59. 59. ! - Achieve Your Potential Online60 Continue to use your web platform as a mirror to reflect back to you how you’re expressing who you are. ! Do regular web searches on yourself to ensure it’s an accurate picture of who you feel you are and want to be. ! TIP: Set up Google Alerts for your name and your business. Then you’ll receive new search results right to your in-box.! Consider the people you surround yourself with online, and off. Do they embody your values? Do they challenge you? Do they support you?! Your global niche and the organic process you take to build it are an unending opportunity to uncover who you are as well as to evolve into who you want to be. ! Along the way, you’re meeting your peers, your mentors, and people who really want to work with you, learn from you, and have you in their lives.! With all of our best wishes for an insightful journey and enriching community building,! ~~ Anastasia &Tara! P.S. See you out there!! ! FIND US: Pinterest! LinkedIn! Facebook! Twitter! GooglePlus @2012-14 GlobalNiche Media
  60. 60. !