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Icehouse release overview


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We welcome the newest version of OpenStack - Icehouse - and set an #OSATH user group meeting to talk more on this.
What's new in OpenStack
In this session we are going to review all OpenStack features and emphasize on the recent developments added during the last development cycle.
Following the 6-months release cycle, OpenStack releases the Icehouse version, which brings many new features and bug fixes.
Some of the issues to discuss are:
• compute hosts upgrade is better managed
• network configuration enhancements
• storage configuration and management changes
• Database as a Service (Trove) integration
Finally, we shall discuss what is being expected in the next development cycle, Juno.

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Icehouse release overview

  1. 1. Icehouse release overview Athens OpenStack User Group #OSATH 8th Meetup, 22th May 2014 Thanassis Parathyras, @parathyras
  2. 2. Announcements • review in progress • Join at OpenStack CEE Day ( • May 26th, Budapest • Free registration: greecefree OpenStack 4th Birthday Celebration • July 9th, Athens • Drinks and giveaways sponsored by the OpenStack Foundation
  3. 3. stability, maturity, more “enterpriseness”
  4. 4. Some facts Users’ demand • Important: Operators requests influence new features and development process Industry recognition • Coverage in GigaOm, eWeek, The Wall Street Journal, Network World, GigaOm, CIO Journal, … Ecosystem growth • Large deals and commitments, big players join, dynamic user base
  5. 5. Some numbers 1,202 contributors 350 new features 2,902 bug fixes 16 languages 53 3rd party CI Top Companies commiting code RedHat IBM HP RackSpace Mirantis SUSE OpenStack Foundation eNovance VMWare Intel Samsung, Yahoo!, Comcast among Top 20 users 32% increase
  6. 6. Release highlights • Rolling upgrades on Compute nodes – workloads remain unaffected • Better integration of services across the platform • Increased QA through testing on drivers – specifically storage platforms • Improved Object Storage – /info allows service discovery && s-sync for better performance • QoS features in Block Storage – manage heterogeneous environments • Federated authentication – access private and public OpenStack clouds using same credentials • Integrated Database Service – RDBMS service
  7. 7. Upgrade (1/3) • Swift – no downtime • Nova – live upgrades (limited) – first upgrade Neutron, then Nova • Glance – oslo.messaging instead of private notifier code • Horizon – only default domain can be managed • Keystone – mutable_domain_id is false, may break Havana API features – oslo.messaging result to new configuration options
  8. 8. Upgrade (2/3) • Neutron – ML2 plugin migration script (OVS and Linux bridge deprecated) – DB schema migration on a copy – XML is retired from the API • Cinder – glance v2 API is not supported – nova should use v1 API – cinder.scheduler.filter_scheduler.FilterScheduler • Ceilometer – restart agents – MongoDB 2.4 (Havana was on 2.2) • Heat – recommended to use trusts instead of passwords – limited domain support
  9. 9. Upgrade (3/3) Live upgrades as per Release Notes • upgrade controller infrastructure – everything except nova-compute • Havana compatibility option – [upgrade_levels]/compute=icehouse-compat • upgrade individual compute nodes • unset compatibility option to retain the default • restart the controller services More details at
  10. 10. Official programs • Compute (Nova) • Object Storage (Swift) • Image Service (Glance) • Identity (Keystone) • Dashboard (Horizon) • Networking (Neutron) • Block Storage (Cinder) • Telemetry (Ceilometer) • Orchestration (Heat) • NEW! Database Service (Trove) Incubation • Bare metal (Ironic) • Messaging (Marconi) • Data processing (Sahara) • Deployment (TripleO) Supporting • Oslo (common libraries) • Infrastructure • Documentation • QA (tempest) • Release cycle management • Devstack OpenStack Programs are reviewed by the Technical Committee to become official
  11. 11. Atlanta, USA May 12-16 Most and major ecosystem players, keynotes, case studies, hand- on workshops, design track, operators sessions, strategy and business value panels, mix and mingle events and more …
  12. 12. Great to be there, thanks to the Travel Support Program Experiment Share Contribute
  13. 13. OpenStack is YOU • Documentation – Cloud Administrator Guide • Questions – • Participate – – – – #OSATH, • Contribute – code (develop, review), docs, translations, bug reports – Review system Gerrit, • Follow – @openstack
  14. 14. Thank you for being patient! Athens OpenStack User Group #OSATH Thanassis Parathyras, @parathyras