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Overview of ONEsite

  1. 1. engage your audience. © 2008 © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  2. 2. About ONEsite ONEsite has the proven ability to deliver the enterprise-class social media and community experiences demanded by leading media and entertainment companies- including Fox Digital Media, Fox Sports, Turner Sports, Univision, Marvel Entertainment, Telegraph Media, News International, eBay, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Outdoor Channel, Capcom, and World Wrestling Entertainment. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  3. 3. Our Clients‟ Success ONEsite is an Interactive Media Platform that delivers online competitive advantage for our clients. We create compelling, distinctive online destinations that integrate our clients‟ content and audiences. ONEsite is built for leading media and entertainment companies to deliver engagement and drive digital revenue. Fox Digital Media [myidol.americanidol.com] Launching for American Idol’s 8th season, My Idol is one of our newest and most active communities. ONEsite migrated over 1.4 million users, almost 15 million forum posts, and 600,000 photos. ONEsite will launch its second Fox Digital Media property, Beliefnet, in late January. Univision [mipagina.univision.com] With1.2million members, Univision’s Mi Pagina is the premiere online destination for Spanish-speaking Americans to interact with one another and their favorite celebrities and shows. World Wrestling Entertainment [fans.wwe.com] Launched in late April, WWE’s Fan Nation is the ultimate online community destination for one of the most iconic entertainment brands and already commands almost 300,000 registered members. Panasonic Living in HD [livinginhd.com] Launched in December, the interactive forum is designed to inspire ideas and spark conversation among people across the country, including current Living in HD Family program participants, through videos, photos, project ideas and community dialogue. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  4. 4. Delivering Engagement ONEsite delivers over 15 million unique visitors a month, with over 500 million pageviews from a total of 7 million registered members across 3,000 communities. The ONEsite platform delivers more unique visits in the US than Last.fm, Ning, Bebo, or hi5. Our online communities drive 480% more traffic than our closest competitor and 3600% more content contributed. The ONEsite Platform provides our clients key advantages to their online strategy:  15% average monthly growth  Univision, American Idol over 1 million members each  30%-70% increase in community-driven traffic  Fan Universe now 6% of WWE‟s traffic, has grown traffic by 30m monthly pageviews in just 6 months (with 250,000 users). © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  5. 5. Driving Revenue While ONEsite increases raw online traffic and engagement, the community platform creates and broadens online revenue opportunities and drivers. Highly Targeted Advertising ONEsite passes critical user data, from demographics to favorite team information, to ad engines so that highly targeted ads, product promotions, and information can be pushed to the user. Interactive Sponsorships Beyond banner advertising, ONEsite creates an interactive platform for sponsored contests, featured promotional profiles and groups, and microsites within the community framework that create premium inventory for our clients as advertisers look for more involvement and higher ROI. Integrated eCommerce eBay‟ World of Good is built around marketplace sales. As users view content and browse users, related products are hit. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  6. 6. High Level of Customization ONEsite provides the most user experience flexibility and customization capabilities available. We have delivered some of the most distinctive community sites on the web – with communities that are highly customized for a diverse roster of clients and audiences. That ability to customize the platform for an audience will make the community experience for our clients; audiences, staff, and sponsors that is much more compelling and competitive. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  7. 7. Ability to Integrate ONEsite dramatically increases our clients‟ ability to integrate their content into their community, as well as use the community to drive traffic back to other areas of their sites. Activity Feed The activity feed can be integrate to display not just friend content and actions, but news stories from favorite teams and players – including the ability to easily post comments or share the story or video, articles and posts from their favorite official commentators, even fantasy activities like new trades. Live Events Chat and our Dynamic Commenting can provide a continuous stream of community content and opinion during games and matches. Those comments can be displayed publicly, potentially even moderated and put on screen. Live events have proven to drive serious traffic, activity, and new signups. Favorite Players Our mini / „pet‟ profile system will enable users to select their favorite players and add additional details like their favorite games, moments, and predictions – providing more about why they love the players they do. Existing Modules Items like related news for favorite players and other information can be built in to the users “home” page. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  8. 8. Our Company ONEsite is part of a 15 year tradition of delivering professional internet services and technologies. A mature company with strategic focus, ONEsite is the market and technology leader in delivering customized, compelling communities on a platform built for media and entertainment.  Founded in 2003 by Catalog.com, a web hosting and services provider started in 1994.  Profitable, revenue-driven operations.  A team of 50, including dedicated developers, designers, project managers, engineers, as well as our own in-house 24/7/365 operations and support group.  Experienced team includes members who have worked for EDS, Perot, Oracle, and Rockwell (DARPA) along with top university talent  Patent-Pending Technology: Cross-Domain community SSO, Interactive Media Player © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  9. 9. Our Approach Our success comes from our approach. The ONEsite Team leverages a highly-collaborative approach to the planning, design, implementation, launch, and ongoing management of its communities through the underlying technology of the ONEsite Platform. Every client is assigned a project manager and tech lead. Our development and design team works with our clients, through a dedicated Project Manager, to get our customer‟s communities launched. We work with our clients on best practices we have learned, share our experience, and work collaboratively from concept to implementation and throughout the lifetime of the client. ONEsite‟s diversity of deployments and customer-driven roadmap have led to the creation of the most scalable, flexible, and extensible platform in the industry. Beyond its technology, ONEsite has set itself by working closely with clients from concept, to implementation, and on as the community grows. ONEsite is as much a services company as a technology one, and the result has been highly customized sites that are tailored to our clients‟ audiences and ultimately more successful – whether it is driving sales, advertising revenue, or simply brand excitement and involvement. Our customer-driven roadmap has created a platform that continues to evolve and provide greater depth of features, more flexibility, and provides our clients with a competitive edge. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  10. 10. Our Technology The ONEsite Platform is an integrated hardware and software environment built to maximize features, functionality, and flexibility while providing industry- leading performance and security. From extensive front-end customization and control to the tight integration with existing content and systems, ONEsite has had tremendous success launching communities that are not simply bolt on components to an existing site, but critical and core to the web presence and strategies of our clients. ONEsite‟s communities drive more traffic and content because our technology has enabled us to deliver a better product. Our technology has allowed us to respond more quickly and effectively to customer requests while giving our customers wide capabilities to manage, enhance, and extend the platform themselves. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  11. 11. Key Features & Functionality ONEsite provides a broad suite of social and interactive features, including: Customize Layout & Design | Highly customizable CSS-driven, drag Flexible Signup | CAPTCHA protected and COPPA compliant. Custom and drop customization of core pages. fields and web service integration* for existing systems. Integrated Single Sign-On | Cross Domain SSO across multiple Open Architecture | XMLRPC SSO and registration API. REST and SOAP properties and systems. content and activity APIs. User & Featured Profiles | Customized user profile fields. Extended Ad & Tracking Integration | 3rd Party ad-engine and traffic Tracking / categorization and grouping of users via user tier system. Metric Integration. Community-Driven Content Blogging | WYSIWYG editor with ability to insert photos or videos. Photo Galleries | Members can upload an unlimited number of photos Also includes management and privacy options. to their site into any of their gallery or sub-galleries. Video Galleries | Videos are converted and played through a Flash Comments | Users may comment on any UGC content within the video player. Includes standard and widescreen videos. network as well as external content through widgets and web services. Tags, Rating & Sharing | Allows users to quickly categorize, rank Polls & surveys | Create custom widgetized polls with multiple voting and share content on a network. and results options. User Engagement & Interaction Chat | Embeddable chat widget includes multi-rooms and chat Forums | Categories and multiple forums. Discussions can be based moderation abilities. around content. Loyalty & Rewards | Network actions earn users points. Network Calendar | Personal and group calendar with ability to create events created catalog allows users to spend points or achieve ranks. and gatherings for friends. Friends | Members can create co-approved connections with other Message Center | Member can send messages to other users on site, members. Keep up with all their latest content with the Activity Feed. manage actions, friendship requests and broadcasts. Status & Mood | Keep friends and users up to date with status and Groups | Includes basic user components plus forum. Membership and mood. viewing may be limited by group owner. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  12. 12. Integration ONEsite is built on an open architecture with extensive web service libraries that provide tight integration with existing sites, systems, and content. SSO ONEsite includes an extensive library of web services built to handle SSO integration in a wide variety of scenarios. Integration with existing registration flows is typical in any major implementation. Univision‟s Mi Pagina and eBay‟s World of Good are strong examples of registration and authentication integration with existing, external systems. Content & Custom Modules ONEsite also enables tighter integration with other systems. Capcom‟s Gamer Data is a custom module that pulls information from an integration with Microsoft‟s Xbox Live. World of Good‟s Related Items is a tight integration with eBay‟s marketplace. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  13. 13. Performance & Scalability ONEsite‟s Platform was built from the ground up for scalability, flexibility, and performance. ONEsite‟s software as a service model has been security and stress tested by our leading clients. ONEsite has two data centers. Our primary data center has three independent gigabit fiber connections and we maintain our own backup data center 30 miles away in the basement of a major financial institution. With minimal performance impact, ONEsite could operate without either data center or any server. Multi-layered security and caching approaches provide best of breed security and performance. Our hosting environment is a hybrid between traditional dedicated and shared hosting. Major clients are provided a pool of application servers managed by our F5 load balancers. The network design and user data is isolated logically. The caching servers, media servers, and database servers operate in a shared cluster environment. This approach enables us to nimbly provide each client greater scalability and performance without the risks of one client‟s traffic impacting the performance of another client. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  14. 14. Customizable User Profiles ONEsite‟s extensible profile system enables the creation of highly customized user profiles. Customizable Profile Fields Profile fields are completely customizable and include the ability to have short and long text entries, select boxes, check boxes, and radio button entries. Customizable Look & Feel Layout and design of the profiles is highly customized, users can be given variable control over their own profile pages as well as select from provided themes. User Tiers Tiers enable the creation of specialized profiles. Superstars, Divas, and Announcers on the WWE have their own highly stylized look and feel. Privacy & Preferences Users have a wide variety of privacy, preferences, and permissions settings available within their profiles. Underage users (those under 18) have a special set of privacy and permission settings automatically applied to their profiles – including not appearing in search results, not having content publicly viewable, and no messaging unless they have approved a user as their friend. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  15. 15. Status & Activity Setting Status and Mood Members are able to set their status and mood (list is customizable). User Activity Feed & Online Now A member‟s latest activity, including the indication if they are online, is displayed on their profile in the mini-feed module. Friend Activity Feed The latest activity module provides a list of updates, activity, and new content from a user‟s friends and the community. External Content Activity ONEsite is capable of using the categories and tags from a current content item, or the users profile, to display external content – including news updates from a users selected favorite teams, players, or sports as well as related advertising or products. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  16. 16. Photo & Video Galleries User Media Galleries Users are able to create multiple photo and video albums as part of their profile. Content can be set to be viewable by public or friends only. Every piece of content includes the ability to rate, tag, share (to other social sites or through the message center and email), save to favorites, comment, and flag as inappropriate. Photos The photo manager allows the easy upload of multiple photos. Photos are automatically sized and can be custom cropped in the photo manager. Thumbnails are automatically created. Videos All major video formats may be uploaded. ONEsite converts uploaded videos into the compressed, FLV format which is then played through a Flash Player. Shared Media Galleries Multiple users can submit content to shared media galleries. These include group galleries as well as community-wide galleries. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  17. 17. Message Center & Notifications Message Center / Inbox Each user is given a built in message center. Users may send private messages to one another, multiple friends, or to members of a group. Friend requests, group invites, shared content messages, and broadcasts are built into the message center. Users can create their own list of folders to sort their messages. Ability to poke, send high five, or customize quick action to users Content Subscriptions Users can subscribe to blogs and forum threads, and can receive message center and email notifications of new content. Email Notifications Email notifications for new messages, comments, Event RSVP, group invites, and friend requests are built on customized HTML email templates © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  18. 18. Friends & Favorites Friends Members request and approve friendships with one another. The network can create default friends that are automatically friended to users on signup. Users can setup best friends, as well as multiple friend categories. Favorite Teams & Players Users can setup their favorite teams and players and have those presented as part of their profile, search and discover other fans. ONEsite includes the ability to create a „mini‟ profile. Used on pet sites and for game systems on Capcom, the mini profile would allow a user to add details to their favorite teams and players – favorite moments, best squads and games, predictions, etc. Favorite Blogs ONEsite‟s favorite system enables not just adding users, groups, and content as favorite, but links to external sites. Favorite blogs, just like Idol‟s bookmarks module, could include external links. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  19. 19. Live Chat ONEsite includes its own proprietary flash-based chat client integrated into a jabber chat server cluster. Chat can be loaded as a widget onto any page – even those outside the community. Multiple Chat Rooms Multiple chat rooms can be setup and created, accessed from a central screen or individual. Chat rooms can be created with age restrictions. Moderation Moderators can be assigned and have the ability to warn, kick, and ban chatters as well as create new rooms. Private Messages Users can send private chat messages to one another within the chat. Live Chat Events / Interactive Media Player Combining the chat with live events or as an interactive media player has provided some of the most exciting activity and signup spikes we have seen. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  20. 20. Points & Rewards © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  21. 21. Points & Rewards Points Almost every activity and action on the site can award the user a customized point value. Points are accumulated in both a lifetime point total used for ranking along with the option to have spendable points that can be used in the prize catalog. Web service driven, points can also be integrated through existing systems, enabling our clients to reward users for activities like fantasy sports wins, good trades, etc. Ranks & Badges Customized ranks and badges can be awarded based on a users participation on the site. These are setup within the control panel and provide users the ability to have recognition among their peers on the site. Prize Catalog Beyond site recognition, the prize catalog enables users to turn in their points for prizes. These include purchases, raffles, and auctions. Prizes can be created as hard goods such as t-shirts and other merchandise, or discounts to the store. Exercise TV‟s upcoming launch includes the ability for users to spend points and receive free video downloads, discounts to the store, tshirts, and more. Capcom has used their points and rewards extensively to keep the community excited and involved, as well as dishing out special giveaways and rewards to their top users. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  22. 22. Blogs Every user profile can include its own blog, with the ability to create rich media posts that include rating, tags, comments, favoriting, and sharing. Featured / Editorial blogs can be created and highlighted throughout the site. Blogging Blogs include a full suite of authoring tools, providing a user with a WYSIWYG editor to create rich posts that are integrated into the photo and video galleries and include a built in spell checker. The blog manager allows users to create custom categories and draft posts that are then scheduled to be published at a later date. Group Blogs Blogs can be created that include contributions from many offers. Many sites use this heavily for featured / editorial blogs. Capcom‟s featured blog combines blog posts from their community directors, publishers, designers, and developers. Blog Settings and Preferences Blogs include a wide variety of settings and preferences. Layout and style can be managed by users and in the control panel. Name, description, and privacy and permissions settings can be set in the user admin area. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  23. 23. Message Boards One of the most active components, ONEsite currently maintains between 25-30 million forum posts with 15-20 thousand added each day. Categories, Forums, and Topics Forums include the ability to have multiple categories, and multiple topics within those categories driven by editors. Users and staff can create topics, editors and moderators can highlight posts as sticky or announcement posts. Forum Posts Posts are made with the same WYSIWYG rich text editor used in blog posts – including the ability to add photos, videos, polls and surveys to a post. Signatures Signatures can be created as both plain text and HTML, depending on the options given to the user. Moderation Forums include extensive moderation control (locking, deleting topics and posts, suspending users, blocking IPs) and management control (moving threads, managing categories, topics). Custom Look, Feel, and Advertising Specific forums and specific categories can be individually branded, as well as have specific advertising served to those sections. Advertising can be delivered to specific forums. Search Forums include a full text search to find posts across all forums or in specific categories or forums. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  24. 24. Comments & Rating Any external content that can be uniquely identified can have commenting and rating associated with that content through two key methods: Ajax Widgets A JavaScript widget that loads asynchronously from the page and add no page weight. The interface is flexible and provides both commenting and rating in a single widget call. Comments are not indexed be search engines when using widgets. REST APIs Using our web services – the REST APIs provide raw access to the comment functionality. It provides greater flexibility and the content is indexed, but can add additional weight to the page. Rating Ratings can be set as 1 to 5 stars, thumbs up / down. They can also be purely positive (props to a user, or a “vote” on particular content). Rating type is defined in the widget or web service call, different types of content can have different types of rating. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  25. 25. Moderation ONEsite includes a multi-layered moderation approach. Content can be removed. Users can be warned, suspended, and banned. Content can be pre- or post- moderated. Automated Layers An automated, customized profanity filter scrubs all text content (blog posts, forum posts, profile entries, comments) as it is posted and there are checks in place to block malicious and spam content. Reporting Abuse Every piece of content includes the ability to flag that content as inappropriate. The flagged posts, photos, videos, comments, messages, and users are easily moderated from the ONEsite control panel. Moderator Review Moderators can review content flagged by users and choose to remove that content, suspend the offending user, or remove the flags. All moderator activities are tracked in a Moderation Log. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  26. 26. Cross-Domain Networking ONEsite‟s Patent-Pending Cross-Domain technology will enables clients with multiple properties to launch a single, unified community platform. A centralized user identity can move seamlessly between properties, adding additional details to their profile for each community, posting content to specific communities, and participating across a wide variety of sites. Each property has its own community sections with a distinctive look and feel that pull in relevant content, activity and users, even across different domains. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  27. 27. Data Portability ONEsite continuously works towards integrating all data portability available. Facebook Connect is complete. MySpace ID, OpenID, OpenAuth are also on target. These integrations make it easier for users to sign up and will enable them to share their participation across leading, horizontal social sites and drive traffic back to our clients‟ focused, vertical sites. Viral Widgets Beyond integration with these services, widgets provide a way for users to virally spread their participation and association with a community. Widgets are highly customized for each community and can include a wide variety of content and functionality. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  28. 28. Mobile Mobile extensions of ONEsite‟s online community platform will continue to be a major initiative throughout 2009. In Early 2009 we launched our mobile platform – STATIC.com – providing the ability to broadcast content across leading social sites and ONEsite-enabled sites. Beyond our STATIC platform, we have also enabled integrations with existing mobile platforms, like that done by Univision, allow our clients to leverage their existing relationships and our web services to take community content and functionality onto mobile devices. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential
  29. 29. Why ONEsite? Proven Ability to Deliver Our communities are proven success and include the largest white-label communities on the web. Our customers have seen an average 30%-70% increase in traffic in the first months of launching their social networks. More than just Software ONEsite is not simply bolt-on community software. Completely CSS and Web Service driven, the ONEsite Platform integrates seamlessly with your existing site, creative, and systems. Using Web Services and Widgets you can easily add your content into the social network and add community content and social tools throughout your site. Experience You Can Trust ONEsite‟s growing team of 50 includes development and executive experience from EDS, Perot, Oracle, Rockwell (DARPA) and several web startups. ONEsite‟s work closely with leading local universities to recruit and develop the top technology talent in the state Industry-Leading Technology ONEsite‟s Software as a Service Platform is built on Patent-Pending technology. A scalable, open architecture enables seamless integration with existing sites and components – including advertising and tracking, CDN services, SSO, and content. © 2009 ONEsite, Inc. Company Confidential