The Actual Pentagram As Well As The Sun's Rays


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The Actual Pentagram As Well As The Sun's Rays

  1. 1. The Actual Pentagram As Well As The Suns Rays (RA)The Pentagon-Dodecahedron was a representation regarding worlds tectonic china. The actualancients developed a new circle regarding megalithic buildings upon that for several purposes linkedto improving his or her psycho-spiritual needs approximately and possibly which includes whatgenerated the actual vitrified boulders. Secret colleges say this about it."Masonic symbolism with the Arithmetical # 5 and its plane mathematical build the actual Pentagramand also reliable mathematical build the actual DodecahedronStanley m. Bransgrove*For display towards the ca college with the Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus FoederatisIntroductionThe # 5 [1] and its consequence , the actual pentagram, have a symbol prominence and also havebeen recently traced remarkable features. Perhaps just before ancient Sumerian astronomers noticedthe actual curious organic phenomena that relating to the actual seven obvious exoplanets , merelyVenus followed a normal mathematical design , a new pentagram in eight-year menstrual cycles , thisquantity and also number could have by now accomplished a symbol import. You can confirm at leastin which what was noticed above , has been repeated simply by man here beneath. In analyzingstaying ancient monuments on this faraway earlier look for proof in which in reality the actualproportion with the pentagram has been found in mans most significant architectural edifices. NAturalmeats also think of the actual natural stone work on this initiatic tradition in light regarding literaryreferrals in order to such american traditions such as those of the actual Pythagoreans, Jews,christians , Druids, as well as the Lataif regarding Sufi tradition , and also Hindu Tattwas. The actualpentagram dished up the actual Pythagoreans being a salutation along with a symbol regarding wellbeing. Medieval masons regarded that a symbol of deep knowledge and also included the amounts inecclesiastical edifices. These days , tutor Matila Gyrka known as the pentagram the actual "portal inorder to complete freedom ;" "symbol regarding deep knowledge ;" and also a good "ideal archetyperegarding dynamic growth." it is not surprising that people find such symbolism reoccurring inassuming brickwork and also Masonic Rosicrusianism." (a single )A Shardana number of Phoenicians as well as the Genoese or Legurian individuals rediscovering thereassurance of the year 2000 b. C. are involved. rEcent finds have these kind of Shardana inside atrojan viruses war time fortification reminiscent of the nuraghi in Sardinia. This website is aroundpresent day Syria or Mt. Carmel. Also , they are found in the Hyksos leadership above Egypt that maybe associated with Troy. You can find mines beneath the water off Marseilles and the region at themouth area with the Rhone and the Pyrenees web site regarding Rennes-le-Chateau is verdant usingstar and also significance during history and pre-history. Massalia was a focus regarding transit andalso buy and sell currently ahead of the Straits regarding Gibraltar were produced."five church buildings or almost holy websites are developed upon hilltops on the webpage regardingold buildings and also kind the best government having its heart at the megalithic websitesacknowledged in your neighborhood while
  2. 2. Balancing rock and the Devils easy chair. A couple of of those five websites include the churchbuildings in Rennes-le-Chateau and also Bezu. Together will be the wreck from Serre de Lauzet, withall the religious organization regarding Blanchefort and the megalith from la Soulane as the additionala couple of things." these kind of test is from linda Sutherland. The actual megaliths tie in with all theorganic pentagram with the Pentagon-dodecahedron, which a historical Druidic university or collegein your community possibly made or used long before Caesar or additional Roman Emperorsproscribed and also removed the actual Druids with the region the best they could.The Phocaeans are carefully linked to the Sons regarding Mil with the Milesian Bees. That theyrequired military services cruises through the mediterranean and beyond in order to closure anarrangement with all the king regarding Tartessus. You can read about it inside go up with the Greekssimply by erina give. In which Bee can also be within 2200 b. C. for the isle regarding crete insidenoble residence regarding Mallia. You should remember that most early different languages werevowel much less. Therefore ML and also MLL are just a stride stripped away from one another.The organic pentagram produced from the hills with the region around Rennes-le-Chateau whereNostradamus and also Saunière were given birth to is of paramount importance. The actualpentagon-dodecahedron understanding was so solution inside moment regarding Plato in which anyperson permitting this solution become proven to the actual inexperienced has been offer loss of life.Pythagoras (educated simply by Abaris [Rabbi] the actual Druid) and the Therapeutae used theactual pentagram alternatively and the legend regarding jesse , just like the Kabballah, is twisted forthe objective i have addressed in additional publications. The actual Theosophists re-iterate most ofwhat we have protected up to now."the actual five-pointed legend , or even the legend polygon with the # 5 , is created simply by taggingfive equidistant things with a group of friends and also joining every to another location yet one ; theactual outlines and also perspectives are equal , the actual perspectives staying thirty-six diplomas ,72 diplomas , and also 108 diplomas. The actual parts of the actual outlines show the actual fantasticpercentage , in which a new line is put into extreme and also suggest percentage , in whichpercentage staying.618 or a single.618, which has extremely important and also interesting animportant part in geometry. In symbolism this number is frequently consumed while interchangeablewith all the # 5 , the actual pentad. The actual Pythagoreans referred to it as the actual pentalpha,since it has been like five alphas (a new ). That combines both the and the a few , the initial also andthe 1st odd quantities following unity , addressing as a result amongst many other items , for thecommon plane , the actual partnership regarding cosmic chemical using cosmic intellect. When the afew is combined with the a number of (yet another symbol regarding matter ) we get the actual seven.Being a partnership of five factors that is short for the actual divine or macrocosmic man and its fivethings match the top and also limbs of the males entire body ; the identical notion is placed guiding 5acute wounds regarding Christ. Once the legend has its own place along , that signifies the actualpolar complete opposite of the actual former , that may be , the actual nether or product poleregarding cosmic life ; and so can be utilized being a dark-colored magical symbol -- the actual hornsregarding bad are considered to be upward. The mixture of those a couple of creates the actual
  3. 3. decad, similarly to that in which both the triangles are combined in Solomons closure ; thereby we getyet another symbol regarding males double dynamics , and of the actual double element of cosmicallows. rEgarding the this , astrologers will certainly remember that everyone of five exoplanetsfeatures a couple of residences , per day residence along with a night time residence ; whilst sun andalso celestial satellite have each residence , in order that weve here 5 , the actual ten , and the 12 ,harmonized collectively. Five is specifically essential in our own occasions since we have been inside5th root-race, and also five factors have up to now been recently demonstrated (the 5th , ether,merely partially confirmed ). Weve five digits upon every limb ; five is the most regular quantity for theflower petals of the flower , all of us utilize the denary level (twice five ), and the # 5 has a top partinside geometry with the dodecahedron and also icosahedron. Inside solution Doctrine look for theactual government employed for the telephone number five inside system 31415, the other statisticsalso staying denoted simply by geometric symptoms." (a couple of )The linguistic link between your Basque, Vietnamese, Mayan, and also Denhe with the pacificnorthwest is shown inside RH blood vessels ingredient that also appears in Casiberia. The actualpacific northwest provides us the actual Kennewick man and the Aleut mummies for the westwardcopper mineral course from body of water exceptional.At some time regarding Cätäl Hüyük a number of thousands of years ahead of the dark-coloredseashore became one thing besides a good national fresh water body of water , presently there isapparently a new precocious cellular regarding innovative individuals presently there according toJacquetta Hawkes. Are these kind of Anatolians linked to the actual Smyrna Milesians or Bees withthe Onassis Merovingians? are they people who had become the Shardana upon Sardinia combinedwith neighborhood Legurian (Genoese Phoenician pirates ) class who treated Druids while priestsaccording to one creator i have estimated ? there is much in order to piece together , and also proper.Allow me to share a number of moment line dates to take into consideration in recent days about theMerovingian/Milesians.1932: Aristotle Socrates Onassis, a new greek medicine pusher and also deliver owner who createdhis / her 1st thousand selling "Turkish cigarettes " (Opium) in Argentina, worked out a new rewardingtake care of ernest Kennedy, Eugene meyer , and also meyer Lansky (Nixon has been the actualkeynote speaker in the starting regarding his / her Bahamas on line casinos. The actual Mafia afterpresented Nixon money to acquire his / her San Clemente property ). Onassis was to deliver liquorinside boston ma regarding ernest Kennedy (who also experienced nothing in stocks once the crashcame up yet created massive make the most inventory rumour mongering but has been hired to gothe actual securities and exchange commissions ). Also included was a strong drugs take care ofFranklin and also Elliott Roosevelt. Undoubtedly this stuff i say need your current even more research: but dont recognize just one or two official denials.1934: Onassis, Rockefeller and the seven sisters (significant essential oil companies ) authorized apartnership , defined a good essential oil cartel memo: overcom the actual Arabs out of his or heressential oil , deliver that upon Onassiss cruises ; Rockefeller and the seven sisters to acquireabundant. Pretty much everything was over. It is portion of a very severe predicament in which also
  4. 4. necessitates the pharmacological neglect regarding human race beneath the guise regardingpsychiatry and also medication.A internet regarding medicine traders who may have developed the actual above seven thousandnuraghi (medieval looking citadels ) upon Sardinia sets out to seem. The actual creams regardingAnatolian orange Lotus hallucinogens when merged with Peruvian benzoylmethylecgonine granted ahistorical tradition to manage many of his or her hives. Probably these kinds of manage has been thetrue addition of the conclusion regarding Brotherhood yet girl or boy problems were included also. Ido believe wayne Joyce while estimated simply by ernest Campbell in Gimbutass words with theGoddess provides it all up for us. He telephone calls that a new 5000 year nightmare. When i say theactual web regarding medicine traders, after all Phoenicians or north Semites and also his or herbrothers.The sun :The Tepaphone employed by Hitlers Freemasonic order with the fantastic Centurion is founded onthe actual missing chord regarding Druidry. The information will begin in understanding the actualHarmonic of light and the sun. Sunshine is better noticed with the transit regarding Venus that was amajor portion of captain Cooks research when he 1st has been posted out to you look around the off-shore.From: Eternum1 delivered : 25/10/2004 11 :16 pmDear Robert:I as well find the mummery tarot card readers and also astrologers often utilize ridiculous.I do think the actual ancient Egyptians and also Mesoamericans experienced an awareness with thesuns effect for the planet that people are just beginning to confirm. Presently there stays minor doubtthe actual charlatans who hidden them selves while priests during the last thousands of yearsexperienced a lot related to this repression of information.Genetic alterations via variance regarding community magnetic discipline strengths can have aneffect on mitosis (cellular split ) and also considering that the sun undergoes 31 evening menstrualcycles in accordance with the actual earths revolving about than it , may have an effect on selectedpersonality from pregnancy. Hence our tie-in using sun symptoms and also true electromagneticalterations impacting developing embryos.Its also theorized in which equatorial climes like those of the actual Maya were most greatly impactedby a period of sunspot action in which triggered a new extreme decline in sperm count hence reasonsfor the abandonment regarding towns like chichen itza since the period coincided with all the go backregarding Quetzalcoatl (a task Cortes usurped in order to his own advantages ). Also the actualenvironment would likely alter in a period of pv polar flips which could tip the global axis and alsoelectromagnetic fields also.Since sunshine themselves could hardly become straight noticed regarding sunspot action throughdays past it absolutely was the actual menstrual cycles regarding Venus which are employed toherald the changes that will do it again them selves above thousands of years. I believe these detailshas been widely spread among the meso-americans and also his or her celtic buying and selling
  5. 5. companions ahead of the overall devastation regarding Carthage and its useful understanding.The sun you may already know brings about nuclear side effects inside ambiance that will enhancenitrogen atoms into a heavy kind (isotope) regarding carbon that has a good nuclear poundsregarding fourteen as opposed to the usual 12.C14 you may already know is utilized regarding carbon courting yet whilst archaeologists are findingthat trustworthy typically you can find flaws that will merely become due to the amount of c14 insideambiance above diverse durations.C14 is now associated with pv action and the improve and also escape regarding alpine snow andyes it shows that higher degrees of c14 match using reduces in pv action.The explanation when i understand that , is an engaged sun creates many sunspots, and thesetherefore spark a many charged particles to get cast straight into room causing a thickening with thevan Allen belts. Because of this the lower ambiance is guarded from cosmic rays and fewer c14 isproduced. However sometimes regarding low pv action , when there arent many in case just aboutany sunspots, you can find a lesser number of ions between your ambiance and the sun in order tosafeguard out there cosmic light. A lot more nitrogen is hence changed into c14.Scientists are now comparing the actual chart regarding pv action (sunspot quantities ) temperatureranges , wind severeness , and also glaciation from the fall and rise regarding cultures. It seems likethe actual higher degrees of pv action correlate with all the increase of complex cultures whilst lowaction backlinks with periodic dark ages.Is this what exactly is indicated inside Maya long depend calendar ? im not sure however it appearsreasonable to speculate which a period of elevated seismic action together with elevated severeweather (hurricanes churning on the Mayan gulf of mexico towns ) that also generated a disruptionwith the damp period regarding vegetation and possibly a new decline in human being sperm countmight have brought these phones get away from his or her homes , particularly if the events wereprophesied as we feel they were.With the actual predict year regarding 2012 as the conclusion on this 5th grow older we might alsoquestion the actual climactic and also electromagnetic alterations we have been seeing nowadays.I observed your current besides in which Cayce was a mason. Whilst i as well involve some concernsconcerning his / her ability to really prophesize i question if you think he had entry to cleverunderstanding in which contravened his / her religious piety? surely his / her forecasts concerningacquiring Atlantean outcroppings off of the coast regarding Belize and also Bimini look correct as wellas his / her previous morals inside earths axis (from magnetic allows )tilting , creating widespreadtidal and also temperature similar devastation inside a cyclical style.stanley meyer water car