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9 frame analysis


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9 frame analysis

  1. 1. 9 frame analysis – Halloween 2- family is forever By Matthew Thacker
  2. 2. The relevance of this frame is that it shows that the item to be featured next in thescene, will relate back to what this caption says. Also, it relates to the villain as hehimself, as seen later in the scene is kept in an sanitarium for reasons we do notknow. However it may link to mental instability due to the narrative and plot of thefilm as we know he is going to turn out to be a psychotic murderer.
  3. 3. In this establishing shot we see a woman heading into, what seems asanitarium which is surrounded by gates and fences reinforced with barbedwire, which suggests the inhabitants of this sanitarium are potentially dangerousto the outside world. We see a man dressed as a security guard. And with whatlooks like a prop of candy canes and a toy soldier situated outside suggests thatthis may be a child’s sanitarium or with their being snow and winter conditions itcould be around Christmas which is further suggested later in the scene wherethe woman gives her child a gift, although the reason is unspecified, she saysevery time ‘Michael’ looks at the horse he can think of ‘mommy’.
  4. 4. This scene is carried out through shot/reverse shot in a medium shot displayingthe gift of the white horse explained at the beginning of the movie what it standsfor. We also see two cups full of what seems to be cola, which suggests thatvisiting time is a sort of luxury. However, there seems to be a contrast betweenMichael and his mother. His mother seems to be clean, well dressed and lifeseems to be treating her well, meanwhile Michael seems more forgotten with hislong what seems greasy unkempt hair and looks pale. Michael also mentions hisdream about his mother, how she is ‘dressed in white like a ghost’ which maysuggest that to Michael his mother is the hope of getting him out of confinementand into the normal world.
  5. 5. We are then introduced into the next scene with an extreme long shot; where wesee a person walking with no stance, just slumped as if they have just beeninvolved in a disturbing event of some sort. Here we see what seems a pumpkincreating a blocking shot, often associated with Halloween, which gives a sense ofirony and association with giving the name of the title and franchise ‘Halloween’.We get to see some old looking buildings as well as new housing which suggeststhat this is set in a town.
  6. 6. It then continues again in an extreme long shot, where we see that it is raining, andthere is no traffic and it being dark. Suggesting that it is around midnight as theperson is roaming in middle of the road. We still do not know the identity of thisperson as it still remains a mystery, however a non-synchronous bell rings in thebackground with the ambient sound of wind whistling through the streets, whichcreates an eerie atmosphere.
  7. 7. Here we see another extreme long shot only showing the head of the personwho is walking towards the camera, still we get that sense of mystery of who thisperson actually is. Now we can see the clock tower, where the bell is ringing fromnow making it synchronous, but we also hear a voice in the background whichsounds like a spirit of some sort making the scene increasingly supernatural,despite the well lit street for it being dark.
  8. 8. Again, an extreme long shot to cause suspense to who this character actually is,because we are yet not at the correct distance to distinguish its gender or rolewithin the narrative. Yet again, the voices continue with that of the bell from theclock tower. A different effect here is the shadow of the woman against the highkey lighting in the background making the audience think who this character is;Hero? Villain? Extra?
  9. 9. We now see the identity of this character in a medium shot, who has beenroaming the streets, she is covered in blood being attended to by a police thatknows her. She looks frightened and shocked by an event which has tookplace, which has obviously caused injury to her as she looks like she’s got ableeding nose. The police officer cautiously approaches the woman as sheseems unstable due to her posture and body shape.
  10. 10. We see a close up, eye line match of the item of interest here. The woman startscrying and admits to the policeman that she has killed somebody, this person weare unknown of yet, but it seems due to her injuries that it was down to selfdefence. The sheriff gains relief when he gets the gun, as he does not see herposing a threat any longer due to her unstable mental mindset of this moment. Hethen try’s to comfort her so that she will get in his car so she can be helped forany injuries.