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Growing a Local WordPress Community


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In May 2016, Harare, Zimbabwe was selected to host a WordCamp Incubator. This led to the birth of a local WordPress community. Thabo will talk about what it took to get the WordPress community in Harare started, and what you can do to grow your community.

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Growing a Local WordPress Community

  1. 1. Growing a Local WordPress Community Thabo Tswana @thabotswana
  2. 2. “ ” RAVI CHAHAR The best thing about WordPress is the community and support
  3. 3. • WordPress is an open source project as well as the people who use it in any way. • The greatest thing about WordPress is the community. That’s what allows this free software to continue being free, and to continue to improve. WordPress is a Community
  4. 4. Getting a Meetup Started
  5. 5. Questions to ask when you’re starting a meetup group • Where should you meet? • When should you meet? • What are you going to do? • Will there be any costs? • Who’s going to do what?
  6. 6. Stood up by TheeErin I GOT STOOD UP
  7. 7. Taking the Harare Wordpress meetup On the road
  8. 8. WordPress 15th Anniversary Celebration
  9. 9. WordCamp
  10. 10. What you need to do to get your WordCamp added to the schedule • Put together an organizing team. • Find a venue and a date. • Create a preliminary budget. • Send your budget to WordCamp Central for review. • Set up your website.
  11. 11. Our first Wordcamp venue
  12. 12. Cheap Tickets by Nick Youngson
  13. 13. Wordcamp Harare 2016
  14. 14. Wordcamp harare 2017… bigger and better!
  15. 15. The WordPress Community makes the world seem smaller
  16. 16. What You Can do
  17. 17. • Make sure you spread the word over social media that you are trying to start a meetup group. • Talk about what you want to do. Speakers and presentations are the most common, but that’s not the only way to do it • You will need others around you to help • Anytime you can, ask for volunteers to present • Pick a consistent day of the month that’s easy to remember
  18. 18. If you want to get the most out of WordPress, get involved, learn from others and perhaps lend a hand as well!
  19. 19. Thanks Thabo Tswana @thabotswana