Classroom Expectations


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Classroom Expectations

  1. 1. ClassroomIntroduction & Expectations Barriere Elementary 2012/2013 Grade 6/7 Classroom Teacher : Mrs. Lempriere Student Teacher : Miss Ewanyshyn
  2. 2. Mrs. Lempriere & Miss Ewanyshyn• Welcome Back! We hope that you enjoyed your summer and look forward to having a fun and exciting year with you • We are going to start by introducing you to ourselves and the classroom.• We have some expectations and look forward to you sharing yours so that we can work together to make this a successful year.• Miss Ewanyshyn is our Teacher Candidate whom will be here for the first few weeks of September and then for a long practicum starting in January.
  3. 3. A Bit About My Family• My husband’s name is Noel. We were married this past summer on July 21st, 2012.• We have a beautiful dog named Storm and a gorgeous fish named Survivor. 3
  4. 4. All About Me• My Background  I grew up in Kamloops which is where I continue to live now.  I therefore went to school in Kamloops where I attended Bert Edwards Elementary School, NorKam Secondary School, University College of the Cariboo and Thompson Rivers University.  Most recently I completed my Masters Degree at Yorkville University which is in Fredericton, New Brunswick where I received my Masters in Counselling Psychology.• My Experience  I have been teaching for 7 years.  I have also taught Prep, French, Science, Music, Zumba and Grade 6/7, but Grade 6/7 is my favourite. 4
  5. 5. Student Behaviors• Be prompt  Be ready to learn when class begins.• Be prepared  Have materials with you and know due dates.• Be a polite and positive participant  Speak in a normal tone of voice, and listen attentively.• Be productive  Turn in work on time, and always do your best.• Be a problem solver  Correct problems quickly and peacefully before they escalate.
  6. 6. Show Respect• Value yourself. Be honest and ethical, and practice strong moral values.• Treat all members of the school community and all visitors with politeness and respect.• Honor the ideas and opinions of others.• Offer to help.• Be responsible with property and belongings.
  7. 7. Responsibility for Class Work• Bring agenda, homework, and ALL appropriate tools to class first thing in the morning. Start your day off ready to learn.• Know due dates, and submit all class work on time. Write down all of your assignments in your agenda.• All assignments are posted on the whiteboard.• If you are sick and miss a day of school it is YOUR responsibility to catch up on what you missed. Check your box and check in with all of your teachers.
  8. 8. Promote Lifelong Learning You can develop lifelong learning traits:  By showing curiosity about human nature and how the world works.  By seeking and valuing diversity.  By persisting in seeking out new solutions.  By using your unique talents and intelligence to promote positive change.  By learning and applying technology tools to solve problems.
  9. 9. Policies• Food is ONLY allowed in the classroom during break periods (recess & lunch) and it is OUR responsibility to clean-up after OURSELVES.• Water is the only beverage permitted throughout the day at your desk.• Please be in your seat and ready when the bell rings, as class begins at that time.• Absences  Ask a classmate first for assignments.  Each absence has a one-day grace period.  Check your student box and talk to Mrs. Lempriere as well as any other teachers you missed class with (Mrs. Dunstan, Mrs. Kerslake, etc) to make up your assignments.
  10. 10. • You are responsible for looking after your own supplies.  Please do not sharpen pencils during instruction time. Exchange yours for a sharp one if needed.• Bathroom breaks are permitted on your time or during transitions only.• Phone calls are for emergencies only and only with permission.• Please make sure to hand wash often, especially if you are coughing or sneezing.  What does proper hand washing look like?  When should you make sure to hand wash ?• Fire Drill Procedure : Immediately become silent and await teacher direction. Walk at all times. Go to the nearest exit if not in class and join the class outside. Maintain silence until an okay is given. North Field Checkpoint
  11. 11. Tardiness• School starts at 8:30 A.M.• If you are not in the classroom by the time the second bell rings, please check in at the school office with Mrs. Hayes before coming to class.• If you are tardy consistently, the school will contact your parents. It is important that you are on time, every time as this is a lifelong skill. As you get older it is important to be on time for appointments and for work ... so getting to school on time is great practice 
  12. 12. Grading• Grades are based on the accumulation of points. Our Grading Scale •86 – 100% =A• Points are based on: •73 – 85% =B •67 – 72% = C+  Class participation •60 – 66% =C (effort) •50 – 59% = C- •Below 50% =F  Completion of assignments (daily work) Grades are calculated on cumulative percentage  Major projects, tests, and and are rounded up whenever possible. self-reflection• Grades are updated regularly. Do not be afraid to ask and check in on your progress. You will also be given Interim Reports about half way through each term.
  13. 13. My Pledge to Students• I will trust you until you give me reason to do otherwise.• I will respect you and work with you to solve problems.• I will promptly correct and offer feedback on your work.• I will work with you to meet learning goals in a supportive and fun learning environment.• I will offer extra help and alternative assessments or assignments should you require them.
  14. 14. Classroom SubjectsThe subjects that we cover throughout Grade 6/7 are:• Fine Arts• French• Health & Career• Language Arts• Mathematics• Physical Education• Science• Social Studies
  15. 15. Fine Arts• Fine Arts Includes:  Dance  Drama  Music - Band  Visual Arts• If there is enough interest we will probably be offering BAND again this year which I will be teaching. There will also be the Strings program offered to Grade 6‘s which is new this year. We will cover DANCE such as Hip-Hop and Line Dancing. DRAMA will be covered through Reader’s Theatre, the Christmas Play and games. VISUAL ARTS will consist of Painting, Drawing, Sculpting and Observing many different types of art.
  16. 16. French• French Includes:  Communicating  Acquiring Information  Experiencing Creative Works  Understanding Cultural Influences• The Prep Teacher at our school this year continues to be Mrs. Dunstan. She will be teaching you French this year 
  17. 17. Health & Career• Health & Career includes:  Goals and Decisions  Career and Development  Health• Topics that we will cover throughout Health & Career are:  Healthy Living, Healthy Relationships, Safety and Injury Prevention, Substance Misuse Prevention
  18. 18. Language Arts• English Language Arts includes:  Oral Language – Speaking & Listening  Reading & Viewing – 30 min of reading a day  Writing and Representing – Grammar  Spelling & Vocabulary Development• Topics that we will cover through our Language Arts program include:  Suspense, Biodiversity, Canadian Culture & Identity, Your Choices, Biography, Electricity, Canada’s Links to the World, Extreme Environments, Science Fiction, Canada’s Government, You in the World, Exploring Space, Step Up, Tech Effects, Mysteries, Fears & Phobias, Sending Messages, Making Impressions
  19. 19. Mathematics• Grade 6 Topics Include:  Patterns in Mathematics, Numeration, Data Management, Addition & Subtraction, Measuring Length, Multiplication & Division, 2-D Geometry, Area, Multiplying Decimals, Dividing Decimals, 3-D Geometry & 3-D Measurement, Fractions, Decimals, Ratios & Percents, Probability, Patterns & Motion in Geometry• Grade 7 Topics Include:  Number Relationships, Fractions, Decimal Numbers, Percent, Measurement, Addition & Subtraction of Integers, 2-D Geometry, Statistics, Linear Relations and Linear Equations, Probability, Circle Graphs
  20. 20. Physical Education• Physical Education includes:  Knowledge  Participation  Movement Skills  Safety, Fair Play and Leadership• You are responsible for participating in a minimum of 30 minutes of Daily Physical Activity everyday.• Gym strip is a must. So bring shoes, shorts and a t-shirt to school and leave it in your locker. However, please remember to take it home at least once a week to be cleaned. Deodorant is also your friend, you may want to keep some in your locker for the year.
  21. 21. Science• Grade 6 Topics Include:  Life Science – Diversity of Life  Physical Science – Electricity  Earth & Space Science – Exploration of Extreme Environments• Grade 7 Topics Include:  Life Science – Ecosystems  Physical Science – Chemistry  Earth & Space Science – Earth’s Crust• CSI
  22. 22. Social Studies• Grade 6 Topics Include:  A Global View, The United Nations and You, Celebrating People and Places, Investigating Cultures, Sharing the Wealth, Planning for the Future, Cities, Sharing the Knowledge, Good Government, Countries and Economies, The Ties of Trade, Your Voice, Your Actions• Grade 7 Topics Include:  Connections with the Past, Puzzling Pieces, Steps to Civilization, Mesopotamia: Cradle of Civilization, Egypt: Gift of the Nile, India: Land of Diversity, China: A World to Itself, Greece: Searching for the Good Life, Rome: Citizens and Slaves, World Connections
  23. 23. Homework• You will have a minimum of 1 HOUR of homework assigned every single night.• The BC Ministry of Education asks that you READ for 30 minutes each night and it also recommends that you participate in DAILY PHYSICAL ACTIVITY for 30 minutes, which is where the 1 HOUR comes from, so don’t panic!• The only other homework assignments will consist of any unfinished work that you are unable to complete during class time. Please make good use of your Agenda and our classroom blog to keep yourself informed and up-to-date with all of your assignments.• If you need homework help I am available during some lunch hours and almost always
  24. 24. Field Trips• We have the opportunity to participate in a few Field Trips this year!  Clearwater Salmon Habitat - September 14th  PWF & Museum Activities - September 21st  Me 2 We - October 18th (ONLY 20 tickets)  Young Peoples Concerts  Grade 7 Possible Vancouver Trip• Please keep in mind that participation in such trips takes into consideration academic performance and behavior.• These trips also cost start saving up and thinking about creative fundraising ideas 
  25. 25. Let’s Have A Great Year!