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True spirit presentation

  1. 1. Design by: Taylor Glas-Hochstettler 
 Student Project. General Assembly UXDI Winter 2013
  2. 2. About the Product: 
 True Spirit is a uniform company for students, parents and administrators who need an easy way to shop, set guidelines for and create their own individualized uniforms. Unlike conventional shopping malls and other online shopping experiences, True Spirit is a one-stop-shop designed for the busy parent. With high quality wares, pre-assembled outfits and clear guidelines for school specific uniforms, we take the hassle out of shopping for the perfect school uniform for the leaders of tomorrow. ! ! About the Project: 
 The True Spirit project is a student project based out of the General Assembly in San Francisco. True Spirit is looking to create a quick and easy shopping experience for their school administrators and parents that could be delivered via the web. 
 The design team was given user personas with the constraint of targeting web as a primary delivery channel.

  3. 3. Prototype Run Through
  4. 4. Homepage -Clearly labeled packaged outfits with buy now options -News and Information about True Spirit
  5. 5. Product Page -Zoom for closer inspection - Up-sale suggestions
  6. 6. Shopping Bag -Wish list ability -Ability to change size and quantity conveniently in Bag
  7. 7. CASE STUDY
  8. 8. Personas Personas *This data was provided by True Spirit and not a product of the design team’s efforts.
  9. 9. Research Method: ! Competitive analysis ! 
 The design team drew inspiration from multiple big name websites regarding our checkout process and user flows.! ! Opportunities Identified: ! - Multiple shipping addresses! - Rapid credit card information save! - Easily referenced checkout flow! - Convenient drop down menus
  10. 10. Sitemap
  11. 11. Scenarios Method: ! We ideated and sketched out multiple possible user scenarios. 
 - Separate users with different needs
 -Awareness of different needs and user paths.! -The need to have multiple address possibilities for work and home addresses! ! 
 ! !
  12. 12. Design Iterations Method: ! We tested 3 users with an on screen prototype and later with a clickable prototype in a participatory design session and asked them about how they would buy a product.
 Large images were preferred! Visible Checkout Flows were preferred over step-by-step processes! True Spirit Global Header Global Footer About Us Search Search Bag School Homepages Bag Boys Login Girls Tops Formal Sweaters Polos Pants Pants Shorts Shorts Leggings Polo Skirts Gym Global Gym ShortPage: Home Home Schools Search by School Name -Global navigation Tank Tops -Global header School Search Results Search by Zip School Logo Outerwear School Info Pre-Assembled Outfits and Packages Sale Items Learn about our Scholarship Program Search Website Scholarship Contact Us Bag Tank Tops -Account Login ability for easier saved searches Hoodies Jackets Gloves and multiple schools/children Hoodies Accessories Scholarship Program Gym Short -Global footer Access. Socks Socks -Featured sales, bundles, and information about Belts Belts scholarships Outerwear Headband -Multiple options for searching schools Jackets Search by City Boys Gym Access. Girls Pay Pal I Phone case Logo Hoodie Bottoms True Spirit Search Results School Logo Merchandise Logo T-Shirt Bottoms Bag Search T-Shirts Formal Pay Pal Guarantee Scholarship Program Backpacks T-Shirts Log In Contact us School Spirit Tops Sweaters Search Website Return Policy Pay Pal Pay Pal School Mascot Plush Toy ! Opportunities Identified: ! Clarify the Site Map and make checkout process more transparent! !
  13. 13. User interviews Method: ! ! Through group presentations, individual user research and multiple iterations we were able to rule out some features and polish others.
 Simple layouts and drop down menus were favorable to complicated layouts and long lists of information which didn't mirror our limited inventory. 
 Opportunities Identified: ! - Created an easy way to add products to personalized bags.! - Personalized profile! We identified three types of potential users for this product: ! - Multiple address possibility! - ability to sign in as guest!
  14. 14. Prototype Method: ! The team created a prototype in Invision that captured the screen-based version of the experience. ! LE MP SA ! AWARENESS 
 Awareness of the product and its strengths and weakness! ! SET UP AND FIRST RUN" First time experience
 - setting up an account! -Adding products to the user’s bag! - setting up a credit card! - Entering a shipping address and saving it! ! 
 CORE PRODUCT EXPERIENCE! Finding a student’s school! Browsing True Spirit Products! Buying a product!
  15. 15. THANK YOU Taylor Glas-Hochstettler