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Shaklee nutrition ramadhan jul 2012


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Shaklee nutrition ramadhan jul 2012

  1. 1. StayingStaying Energized &Energized & HealthyHealthy DuringDuring Ramadhan’Ramadhan’
  2. 2. • Fasting during Ramadhan is one of the best method to improve our mental and physical health. • By not eating or drinking throughout the day, our body will be offered the rare chance to detoxify the digestive system throughout the month. Fasting During Ramadhan
  3. 3. What happens during a fast? • Fat and excessive carbohydrate stored in our body were used as the source of energy, thus it helps in reducing weight. • The metabolism of the body slows down when the body is not provided much energy, as our body need to save more energy for the cellular performance. • Blood glucose level reduced: nausea, dizziness, headaches, tiredness. Fasting during Ramadan can be extremely effective at cleaning out our bodies and restoring vitality. Fasting during Ramadan can be extremely effective at cleaning out our bodies and restoring vitality.
  5. 5. The Health Benefits of Fasting • Fasting promotes detoxification. As the body breaks down its fat reserves, it mobilizes and eliminates stored toxins. • Fasting gives the digestive system a much needed rest. After fasting, both digestion and elimination process are rejuvenated. • Fasting actually shrinks the stomach – not in a harmful way, but restoring it to its normal size. People tend to be satisfied with less food after fasting.
  6. 6. Health problems during Ramadhan
  7. 7. • Dehydration or hunger • Inadequate rest • Absence of addictive substances such as caffeine or nicotine • Less water & fiber intake Headache Constipation FASTING During Ramadan Potential Health Complications • Inadequate of hydration before fast increases the risk of dehydration Dehydration • Lack of food & water • Changes of routine and shorter periods of sleep can all collude to increase stress levels Stress
  8. 8. • Food consumed during pre-dawn & dusk meals may lead to some unintended weight gain • Fasting usually reduces the amount of acid produced, but thoughts of food or the smell of it make the brain order the stomach to produce more acid. • Overeating, too much spicy, fattening & greasy food Obesity Heartburn (indigestion) Bloated Stomach FASTING During Ramadan Potential Health Complications Joint Pain • When extra praying are performed the pressure on the knee joints increases.
  9. 9. • Light meal during Sahur Sahur strengthen the fasting person, make him more energetic and make fasting easier. • Limit your fat intake High fat intake will lead you to obesity and high risk of health problem. • Increase healthy protein & fiber intake Helps to feel full longer and more energetic. Prevent constipation & promote bowel regularity. • Walk after iftar (Buka puasa) The change of environment and exposure to fresh air may just wake you up in time to go for the next activity. Fast Healthily During Ramadan
  10. 10. • A healthy starts that energizes your day • Helps to adjust fluid level and replenish energy after fasting Mighty 3 GemMighty 3 Gem Fast Healthily During Ramadan
  11. 11. Rich inRich in RESVERATROLRESVERATROL Rich inRich in RESVERATROLRESVERATROL Muscadine Grape Polygonum Cuspidatum Purple Carrot European Elderberries Fast Healthily During Ramadan
  12. 12.  Repairs DNA  Reduces Inflammation  Enhances energy production  Prevents accumulation of AGE protein Key MechanismsKey Mechanisms44
  13. 13. Enhancing cellular energy production CONTROL RESVERATOL VIVIX** Enhances Energy Production
  14. 14. Placebo • 910 Cal junk food breakfast • Measured Nrf2 for 5 h Human VivixTM Study
  15. 15. Vivix helps to improve cellular performanceVivix helps to improve cellular performance during Ramadanduring Ramadan Repair Defense Energy Performance Cell Defense Cell Repair Cell Energy Cell Performance
  16. 16. • Helps to maintain the healthiness of digestive system • Prevents constipation Fast Healthily During Ramadan • Helps to support joint comfort. • Reduces joint pain and maintains healthy connective tissues. For Healthy Digestive system For optimum flexibility
  17. 17. Terima Kasih