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Communing with a Transit Exchange


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Ways and Means to contact the DRT Exchange to book a ride in a shared vehicle.

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Communing with a Transit Exchange

  1. 1. How will users interface with the Transit Exchange ?multi-modal | summoning | ridematching
  2. 2. Texxi works by allowing prospective passengers tocommunicate their intentions for travel through any mobile device (SMS, Smartphone, Tablet, TV Screen, VoicePhone)
  3. 3. A smartphone
  4. 4. Simple Text Messages
  5. 5. A featurephone
  6. 6. A branded featurephone Can be made especially or adapted from existing phonesFirst suggested to Telstra / Sensis in 2005
  7. 7. Tablet PCs or iPads
  8. 8. Touchscreens in hotellobbies or transit hubs
  9. 9. Gesture Interfaces
  10. 10. Tourism Applications atairports / heliports
  11. 11. Applications at existingtaxi stands
  12. 12. Hotel TV Booking
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