Textbroker International Webinar Series: Understanding Keyword Basics


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From the Textbroker Custom Content Webinar Series learn about how keywords affect search engine ranking. It is important to create webpages, product descriptions, and press releases with targeted keywords that will get you noticed when people search for those topics. Bring more traffic to your website by utilizing keywords.

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  • AOL keywords was a keyword system used by AOL
  • Google analytics will show you what keywords people are using to get to your site. Sometimes keywords show up as not provided in an effort to protect privacy. Google webmaster tools gives you a broader perspective of keyword performance. Keyword planner lets you research search volumes.
  • Synonymous with on-page
  • Images – Alt text and descriptions
  • Remember that formatting is important. If you write in word or text files and the put into a CMS that converts to HTML, make sure that the code is written for SEO. For example, in headers, if you highlight with bold, it is considered <strong> tag v header tags. Make sure that headers are marked <h1> etc.Stop words are words that carry little to no keyword value. Your best keywords are, grammatically speaking, nouns and verbs, with adjectives in close support. Example “home page” v the home page
  • Focusing on long tail keywords is important because they tend to show more intent from the use and represent a higher percentage of total conversions.Content v content marketing strategy
  • Google insights for search or google trends gives you trends from year to year on the keyword. You can see trends based on country and ideas for related searches.Google
  • Test which keywords are working best, measure the volume of search and see which ones are improving with content
  • Textbroker International Webinar Series: Understanding Keyword Basics

    1. 1. Identifying the Right Keywords for your Business KEYWORDS 101 May 14, 2014 | 10am PDT textbroker.com PAGE 1 Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    2. 2. VP of Global Marketing Jennifer Beaupre jenbeaupre@textbroker.com @jenbeaupre PAGE 2 Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    3. 3. PAGE 3 AGENDA  Why keywords are a vital part to online marketing  How to identify the right keywords for your business  Where to place your keywords within your web content  How to measure what’s working and what’s not  The difference between organic and paid keywords  How Textbroker helps clients and authors utilize keywords to their advantage Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    4. 4. INTRODUCTION PAGE 4 Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    5. 5. PAGE 5 KEYWORDS INTRO  What did search marketing look like 20 years ago?  Phone book – AAA+ Plumbing  Direct mail  Industry publications Today, web users search for everything on search engines. Keywords are the foundation for SEO. Let’s find out how to show up in search results! Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    6. 6. PAGE 6 WHY KEYWORDS?  Ranking for the right keywords can make or break your site  High return on organic search terms  Learn about your customers’ demands and tendencies  Get more web traffic  Low barrier to entry  Keywords are clues to the contents of your website Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    7. 7. PAGE 7 WHAT ARE THE RIGHT KEYWORDS? What is your company about? How would your customers describe your products and services? What keywords will yield the best traffic? Which keywords are easiest to rank for? Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    8. 8. PAGE 8 IDENTIFY YOUR KEYWORDS  Web Analytics (Google Analytics)  Webmaster tools  Keyword planner  Talk to your customers  Research your competitors  Internal company pow wow Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    9. 9. WHERE TO PUT YOUR KEYWORDS PAGE 9 Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    10. 10. PAGE 10 KEYWORDS + CONTENT Headers Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101 URL’s Page Titles Hyperlinks On-Site Blog Posts Text Content Sub-headings
    11. 11. PAGE 11 KEYWORDS + CONTENT Social Media Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101 Videos Guest Posts Shared Content Off-Site Referral Links Press Releases Images
    12. 12. PAGE 12 WHAT NOT TO DO  Do not use <strong> for headers. Use <h1>, <h2>, <h3>  Do not overload text with keywords. Keep it real  Do not compromise website usability  Do not use “stop” words in titles: the, a, an, and, is  Do not use empty adjectives Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    13. 13. PAGE 13 LONG-TAIL KEYWORDS *data from SearchEngineWatch Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    14. 14. MEASURING KEYWORD EFFECTIVENESS PAGE 14 Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    15. 15. PAGE 15 Keyword Tools GETTING STARTED  Google AdWords Keyword Tool  Google Trends  Third Party Service (HitTail) Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    16. 16. PAGE 16 Google AdWords Tool KEYWORD RESEARCH Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    17. 17. PAGE 17 GOOGLE TRENDS Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    18. 18. PAGE 18 HOW TO MEASURE KEYWORD SUCCESS  Look at: – Ranking, number of searches and competition – Organic searches – Paid AdWords – Conversions (sales) Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    19. 19. ORGANIC VERSUS PAID KEYWORDS PAGE 19 Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    20. 20. PAGE 20 SEARCH RESULTS PAGE Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    21. 21. PAGE 21 ORGANIC VS. PAID Organic  Natural rankings based on search algorithms  Users more likely to trust organic results  Top rank takes a long time to develop Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101 Paid  Search engines make money with ads  Businesses pay to be placed in top spots  Pick and choose keywords/phrases Many companies find success with a blend of paid and organic keyword tactics.
    22. 22. KEYWORDS AND TEXTBROKER PAGE 22 Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    23. 23. PAGE 23 WHAT CAN KEYWORDS DO FOR YOU?  Lead generation  Increased reach and name recognition  Better customer development  More qualified leads Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    24. 24. PAGE 24 HIGH QUALITY CONTENT What Textbroker can do for you...  Unique content relating to your targeted keywords  Headlines, structure, and links boost SEO  Enduring content to build your keyword backing  Part of overall content marketing strategy Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    25. 25. PAGE 25 TEXTBROKER CLIENTS  Request text-based content geared toward keywords  Give authors suggestions and topics for articles  Follow proven keyword formula  Fresh, well written content  Database of thousands of authors Above all, improve search engine rank for your keywords! Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    26. 26. PAGE 26 CLIENT SERVICES  Custom web content  Four-star authors you can trust  Diverse keyword suggestions  Affordable options Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    27. 27. PAGE 27 TEXTBROKER AUTHORS  Writers are paid and graded by writing quality & client feedback  Writing resources available for improvement  Easy to follow client proposals  Focus on topics you want to write about  Write when you want, as much as you want Help clients improve their keyword rankings! Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    28. 28. PAGE 28 Create a Keyword Content Calendar NEXT STEPS  Plan a content calendar based off your keyword needs  Focus on long-tail keywords first  Set up goals that you can track Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101
    29. 29. Thank you! QUESTIONS? Jennifer Beaupre VP of Global Marketing jenbeaupre@textbroker.com @jenbeaupre @textbroker PAGE 29 Jennifer Beaupre / Keywords 101