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10 Incredible Mobile Marketing Stats 2015

2015 is set to be a fantastic, exciting year for technology, in particular the mighty little hand held smartphone.

Here are just 10 stats that illustrate the power of the mobile.

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10 Incredible Mobile Marketing Stats 2015

  1. 1. l1@ IHCREDIBLE m0B| lE TTIHRHETIHG STHTS DESHTUP 50.3% TDUBILE 50.3% of ecommerce website traffic comes through a mobile device SoJrce: Stopyy 60% of global mobile consumers use their mobile device as their primary or exclusive internet source Source: hternet Retailer Ztacr lo lo_Jr. “ / //. Zpl tour PC. ) 0 I C l5l3JTC l8to. ir The average media consumption for one person is 7 hours or which 1.8 hours is spent on a mobile Scarce: State ctmobie E Aloolol Chocolate Sex Toothorasl Shoes Computer What people would rather give up for a week than their phone. .. Sourse: Telel-lav-' > Slide to open 76% report that they are more likely to read a message sooner if it's an SMS/ text message than it it’s an email Source: SAP 7U%leel using an SMS/ text message is a good way for an organization to get their attention Source: SAP HELLO R't'HI'I. YOUR ORDER IS OUT FOR DELIUERY TOUR? 64% of consumers think that businesses should converse with customers more often using SMS Source: SAP 64% of consumers subscribed to mobile marketing indicated that they have made a purchase as a result of receiving a highly relevant mobile message Source: loscs observer s. ir‘~. ."ey 52% Prioing Based Time Sensitive Lccaiior Based Types of mobile offers most likely to trigger a consumer action are; Socroe: loscs observer s. ir‘~. -"ey Text Marleter one of the UKs largest SMS providers