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Global Champions Study Infographic


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TextMaster released the Global Champions Study in order to understand how businesses manage their global expansion and what makes a successful international company. This infographic gives a brief summary of the finding. For the full study, visit

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Global Champions Study Infographic

  1. 1. Global Champions Study Source Thank you to our partners TextMaster Global Champions Study IE Club Reseau Entreprendre France Digitale Numa 100 000 Entrepeneurs Infographic created by: 35%35% 38% Consumer Goods Fashion/ Luxury/Textile Software/ Apps Conducted by The TextMaster Global Champions Study aims to understand how different businesses manage their international activities to find the common factors that make a successful global company. online businesses have A majority of online businesses expand abroad the fastest (in 1 year) more sales abroad than traditional companies Companies are active in Companies with bilingual leadership and multicultural teams have 2x more international sales countries on average 3x 6 Businesses with multilingual websites have more international sales 5x industries with the highest global sales as a portion of total sales industries that expand internationally the fastest 2.3 years 2 years 2.5 years Web/Comm/ PR Agency Travel/ Tourism Software/ Apps North America and Europe have significantly different localization approaches Download the complete study on 3 out of 4 companies translate their websites in Europe Less than half translate their websites in North America Profile of a global champion • 2 to 5 years old • High online sales • Ecommerce industry • Website translated into 5 or more languages • Bilingual director • More than 10 nationalities internally Key steps for successful international expansion 5 1. Analyze your target market 2. Analyze your resources 3. Translate your website & localize details 4. Adapt to the region, not just the language 5. Provide multilingual customer support