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T100 Creatività Apr2010

Presentazione del minicorso “Creatività nelle PR: optional o necessità?”, parte dei Venerdì della Comunicazione di Text 100, che si è tenuto il 23 aprile 2010.

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T100 Creatività Apr2010

  1. 1. Creative and lateral thinking in action Milano, 23 aprile 2010
  2. 2. What feeds my creativity?
  3. 3. Is this a picture of an old woman or a young one?
  4. 4. Is this the face of an honest person or a liar?
  5. 5. Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer inwaht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.
  6. 6. Fill in the ?s ??e, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, ????, ????n, ??n?
  7. 7. Clue
  8. 8. Lateral thinking
  9. 9. Edward de Bono Creative Thinking
  10. 10. What is creativity?  New ideas; inspiration; positivity; energy; passion; bringing opportunity to life; life force; seeing potential not limitations…  Adds most value when it aligns with business strategy and brand Creativity…  motivates people  ensures constant improvement  makes you competitive  pays  makes you efficient and effective
  11. 11. Breaking a pattern: four practical techniques 1. Different perspective 2. Block, escape, drop 3. Broaden parameters 4. FutureShock
  12. 12. #1 Different perspectives Different hats What would Walt Disney, Richard Branson, Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates do? Different corporate cultures What would Nike do? Coca-Cola? McDonalds? L’Oreal? Different sectors How would/do the manufacturing industry approach this problem? The financial services industry? The healthcare industry? Different disciplines What would advertising/direct mail/research disciplines do?
  13. 13. #2 Block Escape Drop Change current methods, escape from dominating idea, drop altogether For example:  What if we can’t write a press release about this?  What if we had to market this handset without mentioning music?  What if we had no demo handsets?
  14. 14. #3 Broaden parameters Remove natural limits to thinking by broadening parameters  $ million  30 people full time  CEO visit  Double it! impact, longevity, size
  15. 15. #4 Future Shock Create fantasy scenario to push thinking  Apple launches identical handset the week before  Sony Ericsson and Samsung merge  Legislation bans listening to music while walking outdoors (for safety reasons)
  16. 16. The Six Thinking Hats
  17. 17. The White Hat = Information  What information do we have?  What information is missing?  What information would we like to have?  How are we going to get the information?
  18. 18. The Red Hat = Feelings  Feelings  Feelings  Feelings  Feelings  Feelings  Feelings  Feelings
  19. 19. The Black Hat = Caution  Rules  Regulations  Limitations
  20. 20. The Yellow Hat = Benefits  Optimism  Feasibility  Benefits  Deliberate searching
  21. 21. The Green Hat = Creativity  Creative thinking  New ideas  Additional alternatives  Possibilities  Hypotheses
  22. 22. The Blue Hat = Managing the thinking  Process control  Agenda  Next steps  Other hats  Summaries  Conclusions  Commentary on thinking used  Decisions
  23. 23. A game of hats You Tube Video
  24. 24. Pass the hat please
  25. 25. Creativity killers
  26. 26. Obstacles to creativity • Habit and routines • Fear of making mistakes • Beliefs • Status quo • Certainty • Boredom • Self-doubt and self criticism • Stress • Rational thought • Politeness • Fear of looking silly • Lack of time • Local culture (Italian vs. English vs…..)
  27. 27. Summary  We are all capable  Creativity is a process  Maintain a healthy mix of pragmatism and free- thinking - ideas that don’t work don’t sell…  There are few new ideas but many more twists on an old idea
  28. 28. The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves… (La creazione di qualcosa di nuovo non viene compiuta dall’intelletto, ma dall’istinto al gioco che viene mosso da una necessità interiore. La mente creativa gioca con gli oggetti che ama...) C. G. Jung
  29. 29. A few examples of creativity in action
  30. 30. “LG Mobile Italiancup” Texting Championship the first Italian SMS texting competition In order to support and promote the launch of the LG mobile phones with a “Qwerty keyboard” – targeted to the teens in particular -, and convey the message that “LG Mobile has been the first to bring the Qwerty keyboard to the masses” in order to make the “Life of Y Generation Good” (“Life’s Good” is LG’s strapline), Text 100 Italy recommended to organize an Italian “SMS texting Championship” to award the quickest texter on the Qwerty keyboard of an LG mobile phone. More than 9,000 people, mainly youngsters and teens, participated in the competition. The “LG Mobile Italiancup” started on October 31st and in four stop-overs it covered all Italian regions, from North to South. Four of the main CE retail chains collaborated with LG and hosted the competition stops. The participation was promoted only through word-of- mouth and PR activities – including bloggers engagement). The final competition among the semi-finalists (who had won the local competitions in the retail shops around Italy) was organized in Milan, in a well known club called LimeLight, on December 10th. It was an amazing partynight for youngsters, where LG with the help of Text 100 invited also partners, customers, employees and – of course – journalists. Two well known Italian DJs conducted the evening show, during which the finalists fought to become the “quickest texter in Italy”. Coverage Results  Text 100 obtained great coverage results: 1 national TV program presented the initiative at the end of October, and 5 TV channel participated in the final competition event night and shot interviews with the finalists, putting also the LG mobile phones in the spotlight. Lots of dailies (national and local), bloggers and radio channels covered the news throughout the competition.  Total coverage: in 40 days, we obtained over 80 print and online articles, 8 broadcast (TV and radio) airings and more than 40 blog posts
  31. 31. - Historical documents archive of the Italian Republic Text 100 Italy, Winner SABRE Awards 2007, Mediterranean The objective of the campaign: highlight Xerox expertise in document management through a dedicated website – - which showcased original documents from the Italian constitution including the first drawings of the Republic’s crest. In collaboration with the Italian Parliament Text 100 created a web site (linked to Xerox and Parliament web sites) where people can have access and download copies of fundamental Republic acts, such as original version of Constitution. This service would be of particular interests for schools and universities. Linking with the 45° anniversary of Xerox Italy, the website shows a chronology of the most important events of Italy’s history in parallel with Xerox. 30+ articles published in Tier 1, daily, business, broadcast and online media The project won Text 100 Italy a Sabre Award in 2007 "The Cliccalastoria project represents an example of how to position Xerox in a creative way as a provider forward-looking, value added services for businesses, but also for other audiences, including young people, who can look at Xerox as a true innovator". Rogerio P. Fangueiro, General Manager, Xerox Southern Entity, Europe
  32. 32. Intel Short Movie Contest Engaging social media to promote Intel’s consumer technologies Intel Corporation Italia has been a main sponsor of Taormina FilmFest for the last 4 years. In 2008, in order to address the consumer audience and leverage Intel Centrino 2’s “entertainment and cinema” capabilities, Text 100 Italy created and developed two projects, strictly linked to one another: 1.“Intel Short Movie Contest”: an online competition open to all Internet users and would-be “digital film directors” who want to create a short movie/videoclip; the best videoclip was awarded a prize during the Taormina FilmFest. The theme of the competition was “What is in your opinion the most important ingredient for happiness?”, with a strong link to the “Intel ingredient relevance” message (“what is the most important ingredient in a good PC?” “the Intel processor”) A specific, creative mini-website was designed where people were able to find all the information to compete, upload their short movies, and vote for their favorite short movie. 2.“Bloggers contest prize draw”; that offered the opportunity to win a week’s holiday in Taormina and become the “official blogger correspondent” of Intel for the FilmFest. The only requirement – apart from a general interest in cinema and movies - was to post a banner to promote the “Intel Short Movie Contest”. The Results • In less than 2 months, as many as 33 short movies were uploaded in the mini-website, more than 15,000 people visited the Intel short movie contest website to see the short movies uploaded. • About a hundred fans joined the “Intel Short Movie Fan group” created in Facebook, to promote the initiative. • More than 20 bloggers wrote about/posted on the Intel short movie contest and participated in the blogger contest. • The winning blogger ( achieved more than 2,000 unique visitors with his daily report of the main news and events of the Taormina FilmFest and was able to enjoy a great week in Taormina.
  33. 33. Launch: is landing in Italy! • Disney characters “phisically”landing at the Airport of Milan for the new launch event • TV channel crews and photographers allowed in to take pictures and videoshootings On top, a press event organized in a dedicated area of the airport Teaser “media alert” sent in advance, to generate buzz around this happening
  34. 34. Thanks!