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Each time you pull up to a gas station you are surrounded by corn...
U.S. Corn Use
Ethanol per tank: www.suv...
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Core Agricultural Products: Corn In The Gas Station


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Core Agricultural Products: Corn In The Gas Station

  1. 1. Each time you pull up to a gas station you are surrounded by corn... 45.1 U.S. Corn Use SOURCES: Ethanol per tank:, Converting Corn to Meat: Corn Poster: World Population Growth: U.S. Census Bureau, World POPClock Projection: World Agricultural Supply and Demand Report : as reported on December 9, 2016 The Sponsor has limited experience operating commodity pools; a commodity pool is defined as an enterprise in which several indi- viduals contribute funds in order to trade futures or futures options collectively. Investors may choose to use a Fund as a vehicle to hedge against the risk of loss, and there are risks involved in hedging activities. This material is not an offer or solicitation of any kind to buy or sell any securities outside of the United States of America. Commodities and futures generally are volatile and are not suit- able for all investors. The Funds are not mutual funds or any other type of Investment Company within the meaning of the In- vestment Company Act of 1940, as amended, and are not subject to regulation thereunder. For a complete description of the risks associated with the Funds, please refer to the applicable prospectus. Shares of the Funds are not FDIC insured, may lose value, and have no bank guarantee. Foreside Fund Services, LLC is the distributor for the Teucrium Funds. The Teucrium Funds have a patent on the methodology employed by the Funds. A copy of the prospectus for each Teucrium Fund may be accessed at the links below: CANE: CORN: SOYB: TAGS: WEAT: DECEMBER 2016 CORE AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS A vital component of nearly everything we touch in today’s modern economy. - CORN IN THE GAS STATION - 1 BUSHEL OF CORN WEIGHS = 56 LBS Chips are cooked in corn oil, candy is sweetened with corn syrup, baked snacks are cooked using corn flour and ketchup, mustard and hot sauce all contain corn. Paper, ink and glue binding magazine pages all contain corn. Receipts also contain corn. Ethanol is produced from corn and used in transportation fuels. It takes 10 lbs. of corn to make 1 lb. of beef. It takes 3 lbs. of corn to make 1 lb. of chicken. Beer and wine contain corn to help with fermentation and soda is sweetened with corn syrup. Plastic bottles, caps, ink and adhesive holding labels all contain corn. Corn starch holds the aspirin compounds together. Current U.S. Population 324.3 million people Total U.S. Corn Use 14.6 billion bushels per year FUEL PLASTIC PAPER BEVERAGES FEEDSTOCK FOOD/SNACKS bushels/person per year Feed bushels/person per year Ethanol for Fuel bushels/person per year Food/Seed/Industrial bushels/person per year 17.4 16.3 20.8  carpeted floors  wall paper  shades on the window  paint  ceiling tiles  plywood all contain corn The average SUV uses about 1 bushel of corn in each tank of gas. 1 bushel of corn = 2.8 gallons of ETHANOL  leather seats are tanned with corn oil  tires are made with corn  plastic molding contains corn — When you fill up your tank —