Tetuan Valley Startup School V (Session 1)


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Tetuan Valley is the first non-for-profit pre-accelerator program in Europe. Our goal is to promote local Entrepreneurship and regional development towards technology

Twice a year we host a 6 week startup school, with focus on training and working on the implementation of a business idea. We have a portfolio of more than 70 top-notch mentors, participating to give the students a unique and valuable experience. All graduates of the startup school get exclusive access to the Tetuan Valley Alumni Network.

For further info please check tetuanvalley.com

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Tetuan Valley Startup School V (Session 1)

  1. 1. Tetuan alleyStartup School Fall 2011This is the Land of Do-as-you-please-and-take-what-you-want Week  1   #tvssv Tetuan Valley, October 2011
  2. 2. #tvssvSponsors Collaborators
  3. 3. YOU  ARE  HERE  
  4. 4. STATE  OF  MIND  “If  you  are  afraid  of  being  lonely,  dont  try  to  be  right”   Jules  Renard  
  5. 5. ENTREPRENEUR  “My  son  is  now  an  ‘entrepreneur’.  That’s  what  you’re  called   when  you  don’t  have  a  job”   Ted  Turner  
  6. 6. INTRODUCTION  “The  hardest  thing  about  geAng  started  is  geAng  started”.   Guy  Kawasaki  
  7. 7. INNOVATION  “Because  the  people  who  are  crazy  enough  to  think  they  can   change  the  world,  are  the  ones  who  do”     Apples  Think  Different  TV  ad  campaign  
  8. 8. EXPECTATIONS  “I’m  not  in  this  world  to  live  up  to  your  expectaDons  and   you’re  not  in  this  world  to  live  up  to  mine”   Bruce  Lee  
  9. 9. TEAM  “We  must  all  hang  together,  or  assuredly,  we  shall  all  hang   separately”   Benjamin  Franklin    
  10. 10. WHERE   “Nowadays,  aThe  world  is  flat   nglish  and  is   nyone  who  cannot  speak  Eincapable  of  using  the  Internet  is  regarded  as  backward”   Al-­‐Waleed  bin  Talal  
  11. 11. FAILURE  “Success  is  the  ability  to  go  from  one  failure  to  another  with   no  loss  of  enthusiasm”   Sir  Winston  Churchill  
  12. 12. LEAN STARTUPü Lean  manufacturing  -­‐  Toyota  Way  ü Lean  startup  =  lean  manuf.  +  customer  dev.   ü Revenues  from  day  1   ü Customers  and  features  unknown   ü Low  burn,  not  cheap   “Startups  that  succeed  are  those  that  manage   to  iterate  enough  ,mes  before  running  out  of   resources”   Eric  Ries