Battledeck for alex


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Battledeck for alex

  1. 1. Battle Decks Febrero 2011 DECK DEDICATED TO ALEX BARRERA
  2. 2. I’ve got Bieber Fever! This will shut off the rumors…
  3. 3. Life is all about boundaries THINGS The YOU CAN MC Hammer Doors TOUCH
  4. 4. ZUCK ON IT!
  5. 5. Ceci n’est pas un diagramme de Venn This is not a moon This is not a ventilation conduct that ifThis is not a crater targeted from a certain angle could destroy this whole thing… or is it?
  6. 6. Artistic Relief?A) B)
  7. 7. I’ve got Alex Barrera at point blank, over…
  8. 8. Crossing the Chasm
  9. 9. Dr. Evil is Back? We have invented a sophisticated heat beam which we called… a "laser"
  10. 10. Alex, please let IT go…
  11. 11. Don’t worry, I’m a Superhero!