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Charla TestingUy 2019 - Testers as Test Consultants: How to learn the skills?


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Expositor: Lisa Crispin

Resumen: When defining what “modern testing” means to him, Alan Page has said that testers on cross-functional teams should also be testing coaches. Lisa and her co-author Janet Gregory like to think of testers playing a “test consultant” role. Wait, yet another set of skills we have to learn to be successful testers? Not to worry. The skills that make us valuable testers let us help others on our team improve their testing skills. Testers are great at asking questions, providing quick feedback, identifying and solving problems. Lisa will explore ways to grow and apply the skills we already use to help non-testers learn to prevent bugs and build quality in. And she’ll talk about new skills we may need to learn to succeed as test consultants, and how to learn them.

Learning intentions:
- Why testers need to be test consultants, rather than do all the testing themselves
- Skills a tester needs to help others on their cross-functional team learn how to do testing activities themselves
- Ways we can learn and practice these skills

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Charla TestingUy 2019 - Testers as Test Consultants: How to learn the skills?

  1. 1. @lisacrispin | #testinguy TESTERS AS TEST CONSULTANTS: HOW TO LEARN THE SKILLS? Lisa Crispin @lisacrispin 13 y 14 de mayo, 2019 @testinguy | #testinguy CHARLA Copyright 2019 Lisa Crispin & Janet Gregory/Dragonfire
  2. 2. @lisacrispin | #testinguy A little about me Lisa Crispin Testing Advocate at mabl With Janet Gregory
  3. 3. @lisacrispin | #testinguy Learning Intentions • Why serving as a test consultant adds value • What skills testing specialists can share with others • How to learn skills to succeed as a test consultant • Ways to help others learn
  4. 4. @lisacrispin | #testinguy Today’s quality challenges Which ones do your teams struggle with?
  5. 5. @lisacrispin | #testinguy • Whole team is responsible • Not everyone has the skills • It’s hard to find good agile testers! • Is testing a bottleneck?
  6. 6. Testers on agile teams… are busy -- Maik Nogens
  7. 7. @lisacrispin | #testinguy The power is in collaboration Production Use Delivery Feature Idea Feedback
  8. 8. @lisacrispin | #testinguy As a test consultant, you can help the team …. • Learn how to build quality in • Transfer testing skills to others • Design experiments to improve quality • Try new techniques, tools, frameworks • What else?
  9. 9. @lisacrispin | #testinguy What to transfer to the team? 9 What would you help non-testers learn?
  10. 10. @lisacrispin | #testinguy Some ideas • Value of quality – to customers, to team • Curiosity – art of questioning • Domain knowledge; the big picture • Critical thinking skills; problem solving 10
  11. 11. @lisacrispin | #testinguy What can a test consultant share? 11 Let’s look at some more examples of skills, techniques, frameworks you can encourage as experiments for your team
  12. 12. @lisacrispin | #testinguy Testing skills • Exploratory testing • Test planning • Creating scenarios • Test coverage • Test data • Test design • Asking good questions
  13. 13. @lisacrispin | #testinguy Ways to build quality in • Impact & story mapping to identify valuable features • Feature planning - slicing into testable stories • Analyze use, elicit feedback to improve • Analyze risk, identify where to focus testing
  14. 14. @lisacrispin | #testinguy Effective ways of working • Guide development with concrete examples • Use “3 amigos” to build shared understanding • Use frameworks like example mapping to structure conversations
  15. 15. @lisacrispin | #testinguy How can you learn the skills that that help you be an effective test consultant? 15
  16. 16. @lisacrispin | #testinguy Core skills 16 • Communication, ability to share ideas • Your expertise • Facilitation skills • Demonstration skills • Giving and receiving feedback • Setting up an environment to learn
  17. 17. @lisacrispin | #testinguy Self-education 17 Where and how can you learn?
  18. 18. @lisacrispin | #testinguy Self-education 18 For starters: • Books, blog posts, videos, webinars, podcasts • Conferences! • Local meetups • Online community forums • Learn by teaching
  19. 19. @lisacrispin | #testinguy Partner with team members 19 • Know your teammates’ expertise • Pair with technical specialists • Pair with product owners, designers… • Start a book club to learn new skills together
  20. 20. @lisacrispin | #testinguy Step back … and observe 20
  21. 21. @lisacrispin | #testinguy How can you transfer YOUR skills?
  22. 22. @lisacrispin | #testinguy
  23. 23. @lisacrispin | #testinguy It’s the conversations that matter ….. … not the tools Our super powers are: • Getting the right people together • Asking good questions! Learn good facilitation techniques
  24. 24. @lisacrispin | #testinguy Foster a whole team approach • ‘Show me’ can be a small first step • Strong-style pairing • Driver & navigator • Mobbing • ‘Group hugs’ or ‘bug bashes’
  25. 25. @lisacrispin | #testinguy Find ways to make quality visible • Share and tell sessions • Test results on a BIG monitor • Use production data for customer’s story • Big visible charts
  26. 26. @lisacrispin | #testinguy Help the team experiment, learn Try proven techniques - together
  27. 27. @lisacrispin | #testinguy Facilitate workshops for your team Use collaboration frameworks • mind mapping • example mapping • impact mapping • Design exercises to share test techniques • Pair facilitate! Training from the Back of the Room is a great place to start
  28. 28. @lisacrispin | #testinguy Build community • Brown bag lunch talks • Form a community of practice • Lean coffee
  29. 29. @lisacrispin | #testinguy Share ideas, information • Write an internal blog post • Share useful links on internal chat channels • Put ”cheat sheets” around work areas • Stick articles up on a team whiteboard
  30. 30. @lisacrispin | #testinguy The question is …. How do we adapt our current skills to our new reality? 33
  31. 31. Contact Information twitter: @lisacrispin (subscribe to our newsletter!)
  32. 32. Agile Testing and More Agile Testing Save 35%* off the books or ebooks Save 50%* on Agile Testing Essentials LiveLessons Video Training Use code AGILETESTING at *Discount taken off list price. Offer only good at and is subject to change. Agile Testing Essentials video course
  33. 33. @lisacrispin | #testinguy Resources for further learning Lisi Hocke, “Our team’s first mobbing session”, (has links to excellent mobbing, pairing books & resources) Sharon Bowman, Training from the Back of the Room Emily Webber, Building Successful Communities of Practice Jean Tabaka, Collaboration Explained: Facilitation Skills for Software Project Leaders Samantha Laing and Karen Greaves, A Coach’s Guide to Facilitation: Techniques to improve your meetings Alan Page and Brent Jensen,
  34. 34. @lisacrispin | #testinguy Lisa Crispin @lisacrispin 13 y 14 de mayo, 2019 | @testinguy | #testinguy ¿PREGUNTAS? ¡MUCHAS GRACIAS!