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Dixons Top Line Social CRM Study


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A top line sample of a Social CRM study of Dixons - December 2011.

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Dixons Top Line Social CRM Study

  2. 2. Social media mentions of DixonsA 30-day social media search for mentions of Dixons19/12/11 – 17/01/12 7,721 Total mentions70% of mentionsoccur on TwitterTwitter 5,430Forums 1,267Blogs 508Facebook 217News 163Comments 64Videos 54Images 18 COPYRIGHT  TESTIFY  DIGITAL  LTD.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED    
  3. 3. When where people talking about ?The chart on the rightshows the frequencyof mentions of Dixonsover 30 days•  The majority of mentions occurred on Tuesday 17th January•  This was due to the releasing of Dixons’ sales figures from the Christmas season, and the spreading of this story on Twitter COPYRIGHT  TESTIFY  DIGITAL  LTD.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED    
  4. 4. What are people talking about ?•  The Conversation cloud shows the top 50 most common associated terms when Dixons is mentioned, the larger the word, the more frequently it is mentioned•  This gives an overview of the main conversation topics around Dixons; popular products, sentiment, news stories, etc. COPYRIGHT  TESTIFY  DIGITAL  LTD.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED    
  5. 5. Dixons on Twitter@DixonsOnline @DixonsDelivery2841 Followers 406 Followers•  Main purpose is to tweet the •  Main purpose is to be the latest deals and discounts customer service point of from Dixons contact on Twitter•  Most activity is responding •  Directs people towards the to customer queries and Dixons Get Satisfaction complaints community•  Customer support is divided •  Monitors and responds to between this account and the general customer specific customer support complaints on Twitter account COPYRIGHT  TESTIFY  DIGITAL  LTD.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED    
  6. 6. Tweets to DixonsDixons monitor Twitter for mentions of their Twitter handle and reply tocustomers. However only 7% of Dixons mentions on Twitter includedtheir official Twitter handles•  225 (4%) of Twitter mentions used @DixonsOnline•  157 (2.9%) of Twitter mentions used @DixonsDelivery COPYRIGHT  TESTIFY  DIGITAL  LTD.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED    
  7. 7. @DixonsOnline response rateThe chart shows how tweets to and from @DixonsOnline changed over time •  The red line indicates tweets addressed to @DixonsOnline, the green is tweets from @DixonsOnline. •  The two lines give an indicator as to how efficient Dixons are in replying to tweets sent to them COPYRIGHT  TESTIFY  DIGITAL  LTD.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED    
  8. 8. @DixonsDelivery response rateThe chart shows tweets to and from @DixonsDelivery•  The red line indicates tweets addressed to @DixonsDelivery, the green is tweets from @DixonsDelivery.•  As @DixonsDelivery is the main support account on Twitter for Dixons, it shows a consistent rate of response to Tweets. COPYRIGHT  TESTIFY  DIGITAL  LTD.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED    
  9. 9. Get Satisfaction•  Get Satisfaction set up to deal with main customer enquiries across Dixons, Currys and PC World•  Connects back to Twitter and allows cross posting from both platforms•  Links to KnowHow which allows users to get expert help across a range of products, search a full knowledgebase and track their parcel deliverys COPYRIGHT  TESTIFY  DIGITAL  LTD.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED    
  10. 10. Facebook•  The Dixons Facebook Page was made inactive and visitors directed towards the main Currys PC World Facebook Page•  It links to the Get Satisfaction Support forum•  Features live blogs and a community hub that redirects users towards apps, deals, store finders, and newsletter signups COPYRIGHT  TESTIFY  DIGITAL  LTD.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED    
  12. 12. We are Testify – THE Social CRM AgencyWHO ARE WE?We are a Social CRM agency focused ondriving awareness, advocacy andconversion through influence andengagement. ABOUT OUR FOUNDERS: •  Mark Joseph and John Barton •  Founders of Steak Social and Steak Affilliate departments •  Campaign Award Winners: Social Media Innovation/ Digital Strategy 2010/2011 – Media Week 30 Under 30 COPYRIGHT  TESTIFY  DIGITAL  LTD.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED    
  13. 13. Brands working with Testify… Our Services… LISTEN INNOVATE MONITOR PROMOTE PERFORM & PLAN & BUILD & ENGAGE & REACH & CONVERTSocial Auditing Concepting Social PR Benchmarking Digital Display Facebook Commerce Benchmarking Facebook Apps Social PR Monitoring Paid Search Social AffiliatesSocial Strategy Smartphone Apps Influencer Identification Facebook Marketplace Lead Generation Landing Page Build Influencer Outreach Fan Generation Audience Retention Mini Sites Crowdsourcing Social Shopper Marketing Social Commerce COPYRIGHT  TESTIFY  DIGITAL  LTD.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED    
  14. 14. THANK YOUTelephone: +44 (0)844 991 7719Web: How can we help?Email: info@testifydigital.comFacebook: TESTIFYDIGITAL.COMTwitter: @testifydigital COPYRIGHT  TESTIFY  DIGITAL  LTD.  ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED