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Life Time Testing


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Life Time Testing

  1. 1. LIFE TIME TESTING or Highly Accelerated Life Test
  2. 2.  Scope of Life Time Testing Type of Tests Performed Equipment used in different industry branches
  3. 3. Goals: To accelerate product reliability during the engineering development; To identify the weaknesses using a small number of samples (sometimes one or two but preferably at least five) in the shortest possible time and at least expense; It characterizes the equipment under test, and identifies the equipment's safe operating limits and
  4. 4. • Thermal stresses: • Low/high temperature storage; • Low/high temperature operation; • Temperature cycle with specified temperature change rate; • Rapid change of temperature with specified temperature change rate; • Composite temperature/humidity cyclic
  5. 5. • Mechanical stresses: • Sinus vibration test and random vibration with temperature change; • Sinus vibration; • Random vibration; • Mechanical shock; • Drop test.
  6. 6. • Other stresses: • Chemical loads; • Protection against foreign objects; • Water intrusion; • Connector pin push/pull test.
  7. 7. All-axis broadband vibration and rapid thermal cycling
  8. 8. Q&A
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