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  1. 1. <ul><li>New Contest!Top Ten of the Clans50800003693795Lionblaze is the son of Leafpool and Crowfeather, brother to Jayfeather and Hollyleaf. He is one of the Three, along with Dovepaw and Jayfeather. He can never get hurt in battle. He has had one apprentice, Dovepaw, and seems to show romantic interest in Cinderheart during Fading Echoes. He traveled with the patrol to find Sol and the patrol for the beavers. --------------------By anonymous author _30734005629275We’ve got some good ones this week!Funny Warrior Quotes25 ways…Page 4Page 3Page 2You know you’re obsessed with WarriorsCat Profile:LionblazeMarch 26th, 2010Issue 2Warrior Cat Scoop53035204114800Upcoming (Not Really) Releases!Keep your eyes out for these Warriors books in all of 2010!Warriors: Battles of the Clans Release Date: June 1st, 2010Warriors Special Edition: SkyClan’s Destiny, Warriors Manga: Ravenpaw’s Path, The Heart of a Warrior Release Date: August 3rd, 2010Warriors: Omen of the Stars, Night Whispers Release Date: November 23rd, 2010Not that I’m totally psyched about waiting however many months that is between March and November, but I suppose it helps to have a guide and a Special Edition to tide you over until Night Whispers comes out. It’s said to have a ShadowClan point of view, probably Flametail, since he’s on the cover. But, keep on waiting, more details will hopefully be revealed…..1) You set your watch for when the next book is coming out.2) You name your cat a Warriors name3) You name yourself a Warriors name4) You think every tabby cat is Tigerstar’s child5) You keep your food in a pile6) You use cobwebs instead of band-aids7) You think your dreams are prophecies sent by StarClan8) You think your parents are from two different Clans9) You ask to go to the Medicine Cat instead of the doctor10) You can recite the whole first book without thinking11) You hate alley cats because they work for Scourge12) You think that you should have an apprentice13) You ask your parents if you can go to the Gathering every full moon14) You belong to more than one warriors RPG site15) You stay active on more then one RPG site16) You call the road outside your house the Thunderpath17) You walk around with a pin that says what Clan you belong to18) You spend more then two hours a day talking about Warriors19) You hold a naming ceremony for your siblings20) You chew catnip when you have a cough21) You’re afraid of ShadowClan22) You’re in love with one of the cats23) You refer to your dinner as “fresh kill”24) You write a page called “25 ways you know you’ve been reading too much warriors”25) You’re reading this right now-19685444525 ways you know you’re obsessed with Warriors(Courtesy of WarriorCatPics)466090457200I picked it up from the store the day it came out, read it in four hours and loved it. It was called Sunrise. I bawled when Honeyfern died and bawled even harder when Hollyleaf died. This is how I know I love a book. I get too emotional over it. But then…nearly a year later…Fading Echoes. OMG AWESOMENESS. However, I object to Ivypaw being taught by Hawkfrost. She’s gonna turn evil! NOOOOOOOOOOO. Well, I suppose I thought it would be Hollyleaf, which horrified me. I mean, Erin Hunter said the next evil cat would be female, so now, I can relax. My precious Hollyleaf is not evil! "I hope he has them chasing blue squirrels all day!" Graystripe hissed to Fireheart as they headed toward the corner where a few pieces of fresh-kill remained from last night. "But there aren't any blue squirrels," Fireheart mewed in confusion. "Precisely!" Graystripe's amber eyes gleamed.- Fire and Ice"Haven't you noticed?""Noticed what?"Cinderpelt opened her eyes and lifted her head. "Fireheart, every cat in the Clan can see the Sandstorm is very, very fond of you!"-Rising Storm"Honestly!" Feathertail exclaimed as she spat out the last of them and shot an exasperated glance at Brambleclaw. "Do you toms do anything but argue?""It's what they do best," Tawnypelt mewed, a gleam of amusement in her eyes.- Midnight""I'd go and see Yellowfang if I were you," whispered Graypaw, as Longtail strode away. "She doesn't look very happy." Firepaw glanced over at the old she-cat. She was still lying beside the Highrock. Graypaw was right; she was glaring at him. "Well, here goes," he meowed, "Wish me luck!" "You'll need the whole of StarClan on your side for this one," answered Graypaw. "Call out if you need a hand. If she looks like she's going to have you, I'll sneak up behind her and whack her on the head with a stiff rabbit."-Into the WildContinued Next IssueFunny Warrior QuotesThe Fans Vote! This Week’s Topic….Which Warriors Book was best?Vote by checking out the Poll on the second page of the Warrior Cat Scoop Chicken Smotohie Post! The Best Warriors Book –SPOILERS-Anonymous Author 45720064008006172200457200Are you a good drawer? An avid writer? Just an obsessed Warriors Fan? Then enter the Top Ten of the Clans contest!So, what is the Top Ten of the Clans?The Top Ten of the Clans is a contest where people draw or write a story about their favorite Warrior Cat.How do I enter?Visit the second post of the Chicken Smoothie Topic and follow the rules there.What do I do to win?Steps of Entry:Think of your Favorite Warrior Cat. Example: SquirrelflightThink of what you are best at: Drawing or Writing?Depending on what you said above, Draw a picture or write a story about your favorite cat.Submit it.Wait for the results.When does it end?The contest ends April 26th, a month from now. What do the winners get?Well, there are two categories: Most Popular Cat, Best Drawing/Story. The Top Ten cats will get a feature to their own in our special “Top Ten.” Issue. The winner and runner up will get their story or drawing featured in the newsletter, and, um, a free drawing from me! Although, it will be hand drawn, but it will be whatever you want it to be!BrBrookBSo, have fun and be sure to enter if you want to win!!!!Go Hollyleaf!Support Badges will be available soon!330200705802538963603403600-Enter Now-The Top Ten of the Clans: A ContestTO be continued…4114800457200</li></ul>271907053105054721860212090Next Time on the Warrior Cat Scoop:SkywatcherCat of the WeekAddress Line 1Address Line 2Address Line 3Address Line 4[Recipient]Warriors Copyright Erin HunterPictures from Warrior Cat Pics!!!!5516880711200Update on the Top Ten of the Clans!New Cat ProfileFanfiction (Possibly)Poll ResultsAnd more random stuff!<br />