ECRN: An Event History


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This slideshow presents the event history of the University of Nottingham Early Career Research Network (ECRN), as of Autumn 2013.

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ECRN: An Event History

  1. 1. exploring new horizons together
  2. 2. “Duisat neque eu ligula vehicula feugiat.” - Donec vehicula maurisin est Suspendisse potenti. The ECRN isa Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences(FASS) initiative designed to stimulate multidisciplinary research activity and support the development of Early Career Researchers(ECRs) at the UNMC. We run two major eventsper annum: 1. A ‘brown bag’ seminar series during the Autumn termto provide emerging researchers fromany school or department within the UNMC with a platformto discussand gain feedback on ongoing research frompeersand senior academics. 2. A research skillsand career development workshop series to provide support to ECRs through training and mentorship frommid-career and senior academics. Thisseriesservesto complement the training courses offered by the UNMC Graduate School. 1 ECRN Objectives: 1. To provide support, training, and friendly feedback on postgraduate research. 2. To share research knowledge froma range of disciplineswithin the UNMC. 3. To gather and discusscurrent and future research directionsand global developments. 4. To encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration on journal papers, reports, grant application bidsand conference presentations. 5. To facilitate networking and research- connection opportunities among peers, mid-career and senior colleagueswithin the UNMC. 2 How canI get involved? · Participation in ECRN seminars via presenting short (15 minute) research talkson theory, concepts, research methods, analytical approaches, findings among other themes. · Attending training workshopson proposal and thesiswriting, technical expertise, career and professional development and research techniques. · Communicating training and support needsto the steering group membersfor planning and timetabling. Who me?Yes, you! We welcome participation from all PhD, MA and MSc students and early-career faculty, aswell as senior academicsfromthe UNMC. Seminarsare aimed at a general audience, and workshopswill be oriented towardsa range of disciplines Upcoming 2012 Event: Brown Bag Seminar Series2.0 Seminar 2.1 + Meet & Greet 10/ 10/ 12 EA28 1300-1430 All welcome!
  3. 3. What we do: · Research Education & Knowledge- sharing · Postgraduate Training & Skills Development · Professional Development & Networking · Mentorship & Support · Listen to you! We want to hear your suggestions& ideas! Building the future of UNMC research Building the future of UNMC research. Help us, help you. Got ideas, suggestions, or feedback?Or just want to know more? Contact us! ECRN Steering Group: · Sean Matthews · Jessica Simone Dunn · Tessa Houghton · Leonie Ansemsde Vries · Yeong Woon Chin email: www: ECRN facebook: / UNMCECRN
  4. 4. expand your horizons… ecrn/
  5. 5. Where it all began… Launching the ECRN, followed by our first Brown Bag Seminar Series in Autumn 2011. The rest is history!