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Leading an open source project oscon2016


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Published in: Leadership & Management
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Leading an open source project oscon2016

  1. 1. Leading an Open Source Project @tessamero OSCON May 2016
  2. 2. • Who Am I? • What is this Joomla! thing? • What is a Leader? • Effective Communication (my favorite to discuss) • Management/Representing • Dealing with Change • How Can You Be a Leader? Summary
  3. 3. I’m Tessa Mero Developer Evangelist, Cisco @tessamero Teacher, Mentor, Speaker, and a Happy-ist
  4. 4. Me: Open Source OVERLOAD • How did I get into contributing? • Joomla Contributor 4-5 years • Joomla Leadership 2 years • Previously Board of Directors for Joomla • Organizer of Seattle PHP User Group • Organizer of Seattle Joomla User
  5. 5. What is Joomla? Free and Open Source Software1 2 3 4 Swahili for “All Together” (Jumla) No paid staff. Only FOSS with 100% volunteers 5 65+ Million Downloads Fork of Mambo CMS in 2005
  6. 6. What is a Leader?
  7. 7. Effective Communication Demonstrate leadership with communication and listening to your community
  8. 8. Following Through • My friend Helen… (Following through with community integration) • Respect • Reputation • Trust • Help Others
  9. 9. Take Charge / Action
  10. 10. Assume people mean well until proven otherwise.
  11. 11. • Try resolving 1 on 1 (don’t humiliate them in public) • Try using a mediator to resolve conflict • Let people know if they are making you feel uncomfortable or if they hurt you • DON’T HOLD GRUDGES (hardest one of all, since I have some…) • Don’t Blame OTHERS! • Accept fault and accept being wrong. It’s OK! • All else fails? Tell them to leave you alone and report to someone above. Resolve the Open Source Fight: Dealing with Conflict
  12. 12. Management/Representation The importance of transparency, hiring/firing, preventing burnout, and representing your community
  13. 13. Transparency == “Trust”
  14. 14. • Public Reports • Financial Reports • Public Google Mailing Lists • Public Announcements • Structure Change w/ Processes • Documentation of Processes • Community Feedback How Joomla! Opened Up Transparency
  15. 15. D “Today, power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it. - Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot’s Culture Code
  16. 16. Leadership is not a popularity contest. It’s okay for people to disagree and not like you.
  17. 17. “The most powerful leadership tool is your own personal example” - John Wooden
  18. 18. Want to have a Successful Open Source Project? Create a Culture where people Respect each other.
  19. 19. • Be a good representative by exhibiting positive and good behavior internally and externally (social media) • Speak highly of others (and other Open Source) and don’t put down other people • STOP THE GOSSIP TRAIN (ask questions) • Make newcomers feel welcome • Don’t wait for things to happen (maybe they are waiting on you?) • Have fallback plans on changes (if…then..) Representing Your Community
  20. 20. Invest in being motivating, not miserable
  21. 21. Hiring & Firing Effectively What? Who made this part of the process for a large global community?!
  22. 22. Hiring• Call for Volunteers • Interview (Or Rejection Letter) • Check their forum/social media accounts • Hiring • Look for someone who is motivated and excited to get started • Willing to read documentation • Not afraid to ask questions • Training
  23. 23. Firing• “Firing” is too strong… the real term is “Let them Step Down” • Remind them they haven’t contributed in awhile • Give them a chance to continue their contributions (let them know it’s ok for breaks) • Let them know there is someone (or someone’s) willing to take over their role. • It’s not a big deal. Tell them you appreciate everything they’ve done • Contributor leaving community? Make a public thank you letter
  24. 24. • Mentoring • Train them • Delegate your tasks • Don’t make 1 person a single point of failure, train multiple per roles • Empower others • Listen to those you mentor (what are their goals?) Create New Leaders
  25. 25. Why should we train and mentor contributors to become a leader? Create New Leaders – Why?
  26. 26. f Prevent Burnout Put family first1 2 3 4 Don’t join too many teams / commit to too many projects Put WORK over Open Source 5 Don’t be a “Yes Man” or “Yes Mam”. Learn to say “No Thanks” Delegation! Teach Others How to Prevent Burnout!
  27. 27. Day 1: OMG WTF HUH? THIS PROJECT WILL FAIL!!! Week 1: These leaders are making a huge mistake Week 4: Okay, maybe they know what they are doing Month 3: I have no idea why this wasn’t the process long ago! Why didn’t we think of it then? Process Change : TIMELINE
  28. 28. • Have. A. Plan! • Implement in SMALL STEPS! • Prevents community outrage • Prevents resignations    • Adds Trust • Give a chance for community involvement Process Change
  29. 29. Saying Thank You to others can make a significant impact
  30. 30. THANK YOU! @tessamero