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  • Alex
  • Alex
  • Alex
  • Alex
  • Kelsey
  • KelseyExceeded our goal by 294%
  • Kelsey
  • KelseyUnableto determine exact amount of increase, but it was confirmed by Marissa that she received an increase in orders during the time of our project.
  • Kelsey
  • KelseyCarney Academy is keeping 3 of the large green bins in their school to continue recycling water bottles and cans.
  • KelseyAddress Dr. K, and ask her to please help achieve all 7 of our goals
  • Kristina
  • Kristina
  • Linsay
  • Linsay
  • Linsay
  • Justin
  • Justin
  • Tess
  • Tess
  • TessOverall we couldn’t have imagined a better experience. It was rewarding to work with the children and see the smiles on their faces. We are proud of each other for all the contribution we made to achieve ad exceed our goals. Along the way we learned what it takes to compose a successful team. We thank you for attending our presentation and allowing us to share our journey with you all. At this time we would like to open the presentation to you, asking us any questions.
  • Final ppt green

    1. 1. America Recycles Day ProjectThe Green Machine
    2. 2. Summary LayoutIntroduction1 Individual Roles 5 Community Partner Introduction to team members Carney Academy2 Mission Statement 6 Events Lean mean recycling machine Three3 Team Goals Accomplishments 7 Can Drive Oct 11-Nov 104 Operating Principles Guidelines 8 Community Impact New Bedford Community 9 Teamwork In class exercises
    3. 3. Individual RolesResponsibilities towards the team Kelsey Team leader, communication liaison Tess Time keeper, Wiki specialist Justin Classroom/school connector Alex Facilitator Linsay Recorder/agenda Kristina Initiator
    4. 4. Mission StatementWe are a mean lean recycling machine. We are a group ofcollege students trying to raise awareness about recyclingand hope that our efforts within Carney Academy make theact of recycling second nature to the students.We want to make it enjoyable and something the kids feelthey want to do to better for their community. If one personbecomes a better recycler then our job is well done.
    5. 5. Goal OneTo increase awarenessabout the importance ofrecycling to friends, • Newsletterfamily, and thecommunity of the • Three School Eventsstudents • Article in Standard Times
    6. 6. Goal TwoTo encourage students #Cans/Bottles Kindergarden+ 1st Grade Kindergarden+ 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade ASD + Officeto collect at least 2,000 $ Amount Raised 351 153 167 657 277 69cans in order to raise at Week 1 $17.55 $7.65 $8.35 $32.85 $13.85 $3.45 399 236 142 889 263 47least $100.00 for their Week 2 $19.95 $11.80 $7.10 $44.45 $13.15 $2.35 570 240 260 502 207 27school funds $28.50 $12.00 Week 3 $13.00 $25.10 $10.35 $1.35 796 Week 4 217 449 745 168 31 $39.80 $10.85 $22.45 $37.25 $8.40 $1.55 TOTALS 2,116 846 1,018 2,793 915 174 $105.80 $42.30 $50.90 $139.65 $45.75 $8.70 $394.10
    7. 7. Goal ThreeTo have each studentbring in at least 5 cansor bottles so we canreach 2,000 cans
    8. 8. Goal FourTo have at least 50families respond to ourblue bin initiative athome
    9. 9. Goal FiveTo distribute anewsletter to all 488students to bring hometo their families
    10. 10. Goal SixTo set a tradition so thatCarney Academy willcontinue to recycle afterour project is complete
    11. 11. Goal SevenTo receive a welldeserved A+ in the class
    12. 12. Operating Principles Necessary ideals that we must adhere to 1 • Each member must actively and positively contribute to the overall goals of the team. 8 2 • Each member must fulfill the obligations of their designated team position.7 3 • Each member should take responsibility for their individual portion of the project. • Each member must attend all meetings and be respectful of time. 6 4 • Respect each other and their views. 5 • Be open and honest with each other. • Make decisions as a team with the end result in mind. • Encourage everyone’s input and recognize each others contribution to the teams success.
    13. 13. Community PartnerCarney Academy- New Bedford, MA • We involved the entire school with our recycling efforts, total of 488 students. • Our focus was driven towards the 4th grade classes, specifically dealing with Jen Almeida.
    14. 14. ARD Event 1October 11, 2011 Q&A 10 mins Blue Can Bins Drive Poster Boards
    15. 15. ARD Event 2October 25, 2011 – Recycling Fun Festival Pass the Soda Bottle Paper Bowling RecyclingCertificates Relay Race
    16. 16. ARD Event 3November 15, 2011- America Recycle’s Day • Announced 4th grade as the winners 2,793 cans $139.65 • Individual classroom certificates, large suite certificate • Ice cream party
    17. 17. Can DriveOctober 11- November 10 • 7 bins throughout the entire school • Weekly updates • Increase recycling awareness • Show students with little effort they can raise money for their school • All money raised was donated back to the school • Paid for ice cream party
    18. 18. Community Involvement Newsletter sent home with 488 students that was read with a parent or guardian.1 Fun Festival made front page of The Standard Times, reaches 22,814 homes all over the South Coast.2 MCAS prep essays, month of October were focused on recycling.3 Students asked neighbors, grandparents, aunts & uncles for cans.4
    19. 19. TeamworkPlans for Improvement At meetings we will follow the agenda first and complete tasks before discussing topics not related to the project. We will include a 10 minute social period in the agenda to conclude meetings. We will plan Wimba meetings to communicate using technological devices. Each member will update weekly availability since schedules are constantly changing. Sunday’s will be the first day of the week, and the day we submit our individual schedules.
    20. 20. TeamworkLessons Learned Communication Staying on Task Synergy/alignment Accountability Lack of Conflict
    21. 21. THANK YOU