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General Women\'s Nutrition


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Explains the general nutrition required by women with special additions for special needs.

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General Women\'s Nutrition

  1. 1. Let’s ask some questions…  Do PMS symptoms occur monthly?  Are early menopause symptoms (peri-menopause) a concern?  Is your daily routine filled with stress?  How about eating on the run? Anyone have 21 nutritionally balanced & relaxed meals with your family this week?  Is hair loss a concern?  Are you ready for a nap at 4 in the afternoon?  Mood Swings?  Disrupted Sleep & Depression?  Metabolism Slow down & Weight Gain?  Nervousness & Anxiety?  Headaches, constipation, and bloating?  Skin, Eyes, and Vaginal Dryness?  Sex Drive Changes?  Memory Loss and Confusion?  Heart Pounding?  Are you currently on HRT for menopause?  Night Sweats & Hot Flashes?
  2. 2. Let’s Understand Biological Functions Related to Women Estrogen (Prior to ovulation) Progesterone (After ovulation) FSH (Follicle stimulating hormone) LH (Luteinizing hormones) Ovaries Pituitary
  3. 3. What long-term health concerns should women address?  Increased Risk of Heart Disease  number 1 killer of women over 50  Increased Cancer Risk  1 of 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in her life time  Accelerated Osteoporosis  cripple & rob you of a quality life  Increased Urinary & Vaginal Infection  sensitive to estrogen changes Sources: Dr. Bruce Miller, The Nutrition Guarantee. Carol Dalton, Let’s Talk About Audio Tape Series
  4. 4. Let’s Look at Some Facts  Food today is not what it used to be because:  Over processed,  Chemicals & preservatives added,  Soil is depleted of essential nutrients  Altered fats create free radicals which damage cells  Meats & poultry injected with hormones & antibiotics  Early harvesting, transporting, & storage of food reduces nutritional value
  5. 5. So What Do I Do?  Let’s try to keep the diet as close to nature as possible without going “nuts”  Eat a high quality protein with each meal  Whole grain breads and cereals, cold pressed oils  Fresh organic fruits & veggies  Drink purified water  Stay away from sugar, artificial sweeteners  Select a common sense supplement program
  6. 6. Quality Nutritional Supplements - What does that mean?  Are the supplements (vitamins) you use being absorbed & assimilated by your body? How can you tell?  Is there a balance in the formulation?  Is what is on the label in each tablet?  Is the manufacturer using a “cooling” system to preserve nutrients?  Are sugars and artificial food colorings or sweeteners used?  Are the products safe?
  7. 7. Soy Protein “Cell Builder”  Increases energy  Stabilizes blood sugar  Protects heart & lowers cholesterol  Phytochemical compounds (isoflavones) reduce risk of breast & prostate cancer  Helps prevent osteoporosis  Prevents “hot flashes”  Develops healthy cells!  Nine essential amino acids  Builds enzymes, antibodies, hormones, hair, skin, & nails
  8. 8. Nutritional Benefits of Soy Protein Sources: Dr. Bruce Miller, The Nutrition Guarantee. Carol Dalton, Let’s Talk About Audio Tape Series  Reduce Menopausal Symptoms  Lower Risk of Osteoporosis  Reduce Cancer Risk  Reduce Risk of Heart Disease
  9. 9. High Quality Multi-vitamin “Activator of new Cells”  Improves immunity  Proven to increase bone density vs. calcium alone (Burke Institute Study)  Reduces risk of heart disease  Reduces risk of colon cancer  Fewer sick days  Nutritional insurance  Scientifically balanced  “Activate” foods  29 vitamins and minerals
  10. 10. B-Complex “The Happy Vitamin”  Converts food into: muscle energy, mental quickness, and soncentration  Aids formation of protective antibodies & healthy red blood cells  Reduces homocysteine levels  Reduces risk of heart disease  Helps prevent colon cancer  Helps with anemia, carpal tunnel, depression & much more  Stress, medications, sugar, and alcohol all rob the body of the B vitamins  Water soluble - needed throughout the day
  11. 11. Time Released Vitamin C “The Infection Fighter”  Fights infection  Assists absorption of iron & calcium  Natural antihistamine  Antioxidant: protects heart & arteries, and prevents formation of cancer cells  Maintains healthy gum tissue  Helps build red blood cells & hemoglobin  Reduces and repairs: sagging skin, bruising, nosebleeds & risk of cataracts  Protects from radiation  Helps resist ligament & tendon injury  Anti-Stress vitamin
  12. 12. Vitamin E “Healthly Heart”  Reduces risk of colon, lung & prostrate cancer - protects lungs from air pollution  Prevents heart disease & Parkinson’s (antioxidant)  Aids in healing burns & reduces scarring  Protects cells from premature aging  Slows the aging process  Improves immune system & circulation  Vital in the reproduction of hormones  Vitamin E improves: cold hands, hot flashes, fertility problems, slow healing, bed sores & athletic performance.
  13. 13. Basic Nutrition Program for Women  High Quality Soy Protein Supplement  Balanced, Complete Multivitamin  Vitamin E Complex with Selenium and Grapeseed Extract  B-Complex in the correct Balance  Sustained Release Vitamin C
  14. 14. GLA - (Borage Seed Oil)  Calms nervous release of adrenaline  Reduces fat production  Balances hormones (excellent for PMS and menopausal challenges)  Increases body estrogen stores  Reduces headaches  Helps synthesis of natural skin oils for healing  Reduces inflammation and promotes proper blood clotting
  15. 15. Acidophilus/Bifidus  Promotes colon health by delivering healthy flora  Keeps undesirable bacteria in check  Treats intestinal & urinary tract infections  Treats digestive disorders & some types of diarrhea  Strengthens immune system  Counteracts side effects of antibiotics  Protects “out of country” travelers  Destroys excess LDL cholesterol
  16. 16. Calcium Magnesium Nature’s Tranquilizer  Natural muscle relaxant  Relieves headaches, joint pain and PMS symptoms  Promotes bone density  Promotes restful sleep
  17. 17. Fiber Supplement Nature’s “Roto-Rooter”  Binds to excess estrogens and helps remove from the body  Soluble fiber binds with cholesterol and removes from the body  Eliminates toxic substances  Helps prevent surges in blood sugar and insulin levels  Provides a feeling of fullness
  18. 18. Herbs for Menopause  Soy, flaxseed, Black Cohosh, Dong Quai, Licorice and Red Clover are natural sources of phytoestrogens  Reduce Hot Flashes  Improve Sleep Patterns  Promote emotional sense of well- being
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