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  1. 1. 1125 US Highway 22 West, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Phone (908) 429-8008 ext 314, Fax (908) 429-8005 Email:haresh@cyberthink.com Contact: Haresh Patel www.cyberthink.com Resume (Ref # 5269) IBM Certified WebSphere Administrator for AE V 4.0 SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: • Over SEVEN years of experience in analysis, design and development with over FOUR years as WebSphere Architect/J2EE) • US Clients Served includes (The World Bank / American Express / Property Casualty / Prudential Financial / Greyhound Travel / CSX Transportation) • Expertise in Installation, Configuration and Administration of IBM Websphere AE v3.5/4.0/5.0.1 • Expert in WAS Global Security and LDAP-NAB Configuration. • Experience with IBM WebSphere PORTAL Server 5.0.1/4.1.2/2.0, developing Portlets and Implementation. • Coding experience with WSAD (WebSphere Application Developer v4.0) and WSAD v5 • Expertise with IBM Websphere CommerceSuite v5.1.1 • WPS4.2.1 Installation, Configuration, TroubleShoot and Portlets Deploy, Manage and Configuration. • Web Security Expertise (IBM Network Dispatcher2.0, Firewalls, intranet, extranet, resonate, sitescope, IBM Edge Server 2.0, WTE, WLM, Clustering) • ?Expertise with IBM EDGE Server v2.0, Network Dispatcher, CBR/CP • Experience with Netegrity SiteMinder V5 Security Software, Agent Configuration, Manage, Setup and Administer. • Experience with Vignette Content Management v6.0 • Expert in developing components using Middleware Architecture (Enterprise Java Beans) • Expertise with IBM HTTP Server Install and Configure v1.3.12/v1.3.19/v1.3.26 • Expertise in developing web based GUIs using Java Applet, Java Servlet2.2, JSP1.1, HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, XML/XSL, SSL, and Visual Age for Java3.5.3/4.0. • Experience on Oracle 8/8i/9i, Sybase, DB2, JDBC/ODBC. • Expertise in Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) based on Unified Modeling Language (UML, Rose 98, and Rational Unified Process), Power Designer and Visio. • Well versed with complete Software Life Cycle Development process which includes Development, Testing and Implementation. • Strong Object oriented Concepts using both Java and C++. • Expert Communication and Problem Solving Skills. TECHNICAL SKILLS: App Servers : IBM WebSphere Application Server 2.0/3.0.2/3.5/4.0, Advanced Edition, SAP Prosyst Application Server v1.1, BEA WebLogic 5.0, WebSphereCommerceSuite v5.1.1 (J2EE) / v3.5, Net.Data (C++) Web Security : IBM Network Dispatcher 2.0, WTE, WLM, EdgeServer 2.0, Sites Maintenance and Monitoring thru Resonate, SiteScope Languages : Java (JDK1.2, 2.0,3.0), C, C++, Perl, Focus O/S : Windows NT/95/98/2000, SCO-Unix 5.0, Solaris 8/5/2.x, AIX, MVS Java Skill Set : JDBC, JSP1.1, RMI, Servlets2.0, XML/XSL Middleware : Enterprise Java BeansV1.1, MQSeries RDBMS : Oracle 8.0/8I, Sybase Adaptive Server, DB2 Design Tool : UML (Rose - 98), Sybase Power Designer, Visio Front Ends : Borland Jbuilder, Visual Age for Java3.5.3/4.0, Html/ Dhtml Configuration : Visual Source Safe V6.0, Team Development with VAJ, SOS Scripts : JavaScript, Unix Shell Scripts Page 1 of 5
  2. 2. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: August 01 – Present The World Bank, Washington DC Senior WebSphere Administrator/J2EE Architect Platform and Tools : SOLARIS8, IBM WebSphere v5.0.1/4.0.3/4.0.5/3.5.5AE, Visual Age for Java 3.5.3/4.0, WSAD v4.0, Enterprise Java 2 (JDK2.0/3.0), Rose’98 (UML, Rational Unified Process), IBM Portal Server v5.0.1/4.1.2/v2.0, Oracle 9i /8.1.7/DB2, JSP1.1, EJB1.1, Servlets 2.2, XML Library from IBM, IBM Edge Server 2.0, WTE, WLM, Clustering, WebSecurity, ND/Caching Proxy, Unix Shell Scripts, PERL, VSS 6.0, IBM HTTP Server 1.3.x, IPlanet Server, Netegrity SiteMinder, Vignette Content Management. Team Size: Two Responsibilities: • Installation, Configuration and administration of IBM Websphere AE v4.0 (WAS and IHS on a different Landscape) on Solaris. • Expert Troubleshooting on WAS 3.5/4.0, IHS1.3.x • Experienced working on IBM Portal Server v5.0.1 from over three months • Vignette Configuration (CMS and CDS Components) v5.6/6.0.1 on WAS • Expert Usage of XML Config Utility and WSCP (WebSphere Control Program) • Expertise with WAS Global Security and LDAP-NAB Configuration. • Creation of Dev, QA/Test and Production Environments of WAS. • Configuration and Installation of IBM Edge Server (Network Dispatcher v2.0), for WLM and Performance Tuning. • EJB (Session and Entity) Coding, Deployment and Best practices using VAJ 3.5.3/4.0 • Java Enterprise, JSP 1.1/Servlets 2.2 Design and Code using VAJ 3.5.3/4.0. • Expertise with XML/XSL Library of IBM. • VAJ Team Server Setup, Source Offsite and VSS 6.0 Setup for Checkin/out Procedures. • Web-Security Monitoring and Maintenance thru SiteScope and Resonate. • Idea of Caching Proxy and Web Traffic Redirection (Firewalls and extranets). • Thick/Thin Servlet Redirector Config and OSE Remote Setup. • Expertise with IBM Connectors for BAPI/SAP and Crystal Connectors. • Knowledge of Solaris Administration. • Developing Portlets from Ibm Portal Server v2.1 and its Installation • Expertise with Unix Shell Scripts Prgg, PERL and WSCP/TCL Prgg. • Documentation, Team Meetings and Client Interaction. • Team Guidance and mentoring. October 00 to July 01 American Express, Phoenix AZ WebSphere Developer/Lead Java Architect Platform and Tools : Windows NT, IBM WebSphere v3.5 (Advanced Edition), WebSphere on AIX, Visual Age for Java 3.5, IBM CommerceSuite v5.1.1 (J2EE Edition) Enterprise Java 2, Rose’98 (UML), Sybase Adaptive Server, JSP1.1, EJB1.1, XML Library from IBM, Java Beans (MVC Model), JavaScript, HTML, Infoman, IBM MQ Series, IBM HTTP Server. Team Size: Eleven AMERICAN EXPRESS PROPERTY/CASUALTY TEAM (ATTACKER – Auto Insurance) The scope of this project was to develop an INSURANCE Site for the AMERICAN EXPRESS Page 2 of 5
  3. 3. The ATTACKER MODEL is based on MVC MODEL (Model View Controller Architecture) and has a Technical Infrastructure Framework and Configurator Framework. The general Architecture is:- •WebTier - DHTML/JavaScript •ApplicationTier - JSP Pages/CommandBean/ProxyServlet •EJB Tier - Stateless Session Beans, Container Managed Bean Persistence •Enterprise System Tier - RDBMS (Oracle Server) and MQSERIES (Rating Engine Server) Responsibilities: As a WebSphere Developer: • Websphere Configuration on AIX. • Troubleshooting and monitoring of the application server processes. • Workload Management & Clustering. • Installation, Configuration and administration of IBM Websphere CommerceServerv 5.1.1 • Distributed Session Management and Distributed Debugger Management for WebSphere 3.5. • Application Deployment. • Development of ATTACKER AE1 Stage to ensure proper functioning of Command Pattern framework as per MVC Architecture. Proper CodeWalk-Thru and testing. • Concerned DEV and DEVQA Install Procedures (Perl Scripts). • EJB Design and code in Java using Visual Age for Java. • JSP Code/Test/Debug as per MVC Architecture. • Coding of C++ functions in Visual age for C++. • Effective Changes to Design of User Screens and Enterprise Beans. • Command Beans, Task Beans and Data Beans Development. • Live Production Support for all the IPCQA Stages of the AE1 Attacker, which involved the monitoring of INFOMAN Tool to accept the Production Related Ticket and to take appropriate action for its Closure. • Preparation of Production Support Document, Test Plan Document and keeping record of all the Work Request Status. • Status Meetings. January ‘00 to October ‘00 Greyhound Travel Inc., Dallas TX Java, C++, WebSphere Developer Platform and Tools : Windows NT, IBM WebSphere v5 /v3.2 (Advanced Edition), Visual Age for Java 3.0, Visual Age for C++, Enterprise Java 2, C++, Lotus Notes, Sybase Server, JSP1.1, Java Servlets and EJB1.1, XML Library from IBM, Forte for Java, Java Beans, DHTML, DreamWeaver, Javascript, VSS6.0, Perl Scripts, Net.Data (C++) Team Size : Five Responsibilities: •Installation, Configuration and administration of IBM Websphere CommerceServerver 5.1.1 •JSP Coding/Debugging and Testing using WebSphere Studio. •Troubleshooting and Administration of Websphere Admin Server and WCS Server. •Websphere v3.5 AE (WAS) Performance Tuning and Work Load management. •J2EE based application Development using the MVC Model. •Command Beans, Task Beans and Data Beans Development. •Development of Stateless Session Beans and CMP Entity Beans for Member Subsystem. •Customization and Personalization using powerful tools like Commerce Suite Accelerator and Admin Console. •Configure IBM HTTP Server and OSE-Remote for Webserver-Appserver Connectivity. •Java Coding using Visual Age for Java. Page 3 of 5
  4. 4. •Testing with existing IBM CommerceSuite v4.0 (Net.Data, C++ Classes). •Design of Use Case Model using UML methodology (Rose-98, Rational Unified Process). •Systems Study and Design via GAP analysis phase of the existing system. •Prototype development and its presentation to higher management. •Project Tasks Reports, Daily Status Meets and related Project Documentation’s. •Team Guidance and mentoring. July ‘99 to December ‘99 Prudential Financial, Roseland NJ EJB/Java Developer Platform and Tools : Windows NT server and workstation, JAVA 2.0, JSP/SERVLET, EJB, HTML, Prosyst Application Server v1.1, Oracle8.0, Websphere Commerce Suite v3.5 (Net.Data, C++ Classes) Team Size: Four Responsibilities: •Existing System study •Net.data C++ Overridable functions Study and Design on Webspher Comerce Suit. •Personalization using Rule Server. •Prosyst Application Server v1.0/v1.1 Study •In-depth EJB design / Servlet design •Java Coding •Testing •Project Management, Tasks lists, Documentation. Nov’98 to July ‘99 Metamor Global Solutions, India Sr. Java Developer Platform and Tools : Windows NT server and workstation, JAVA 2.0, SERVLET, EJB, HTML, IBM WebSphere 3.01, Oracle8.0 Team Size: Thirty Responsibilities: •Troubleshooting the IBM Websphere 3.01 Enterprise Edition. •Research and Development on Java Platform, RMI, EJB, Servlet, JSP, Corba and other EnterpriseJava Technologies and issues like HTTP Tunneling, Dynamic class Loading, JTA JTS Relationship, Java Oracle support, WebLogic5.0. •Coding and Bug Fixing. •Project Documentation related to SEI CMM Level IV levels. •Application development in Java Platform and J2EE. Feb. ‘97 to Nov. ‘98 Metamor Global Solutions Software Engineer Client: CSX Transportation, Jacksonville, FL Platform and Tools: Focus, UnixSCO V, Changeman, DB2, Cobol, Jcl, MVS Team size: Twenty-five CSX Transportation is one of the transportation units of CSX based at Jacksonville, Florida, USA. CSX operates the largest rail-road in the US in terms of track miles. This project Involves analysis and implementation of changes to avoid bugs in original Focus Code. Focus is a report writer that generates Page 4 of 5
  5. 5. reports for each of the CSX Containers in terms of track miles. The whole system consists of around half a Million lines of code. Responsibilities: • Analysis and Review of Focus Programs, Code conversion of relevant fields in the programs as per laid down guidelines. • Testing of the program using XPEDITOR and preparation of testplan. • Ensure quality of deliverables as per laid down processes ensuring that all the work meets the quality requirements according to ISO 9001Standards. • Proper documentation of team/project related records. EDUCATION: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering from New Delhi, INDIA Bachelor's Degree from Dehra Doon, INDIA Page 5 of 5