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  1. 1. 1125 US Highway Route 22 West, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Phone (908) 429-8008 Ext. 313, Fax (908) 429-8005 Email: nilesh@cyberthinkinc.com Contact: Nilesh Adani www.cyberthinkinc.com Resume (Ref # 5241) SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE: • Total SIX years of experience in Information Technology Industry. • Expertise in programming for Handheld devices like Pocket PC running on the Windows CE operating system. • Extensive experience in Embedded Visual Basic and Embedded Visual C++ for the Pocket PC. • Extensive experience in Front-End Visual Basic 6.0/5.0 and Back-End SQL-Server 7.0/6.5. • Experience using DB2 Universal Database and DB2Everyplace. • Experience using MQ Series and MQEveryplace for queuing on handheld devices. • Experience in Microsoft .NET architecture including VB.Net and C#. • Extensive experience using ASP. • Extensive experience using Crystal Reports. • Experience using Visual C++, COM, COM+ and ATL. • Extensive experience in MTS. • Experience in writing complex stored procedures and triggers. • Extensive experience using operating systems like Windows 95/98/NT 4.0. • Expertise in three-tier Client/Server development. • Microsoft Certified Professional in Visual Basic 6.0. • Extensive experience using ADO & RDO. • Experience using FileNet controls from Visual Basic. • Experience in Word, Excel, Outlook macros and office automation tools using VBA. • Experience in using Oracle 7.3 & PL/SQL. • Involved in High & Low Level Design and Test Plan Design. • Extensive experience in COM, DCOM. • Experience in web technologies like Active Server Pages and VBScript. • More than 3 years of US Work Experience as a contractor at the Information Technology Department of GE Financial Assurance, San Rafael, CA, as a contractor at Coca Cola Company, Atlanta GA and as a contractor at Advanced Technical Support, Hartford, CT • Familiar with Web Servers like Personal Web Server, IIS Server 4.0 • Proficient with XML and related technologies. • Knowledge of Quality Management tools like CMM and ISO. • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) for Visual Basic 6.0 with a score of 914 of 1000. TECHNICAL SKILLS: Internet Technologies : Active Server Pages (ASP), VBScript, HTML, ADO, RDO, COM, DCOM, XML GUI : Visual Basic 6.0/5.0, ActiveX, Embedded Visual Basic for Pocket PC, VB.net Languages : C, C++, C#, Java, Pascal, Embedded Visual C++ for Pocket PC, VBA. RDBMS : SQL Server 7.0/6.5, SQL: Server for Windows CE, ORACLE 7.3/8i MTS used as the Middleware, DB2 Universal database and DB2Everyplace. Tools : SQL, PL/SQL, Server Manager, Enterprise Manager, Visual Source Safe, Crystal Reports 5.0/6.0, Installshield 5.0, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets, FileNet Operating Systems : Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95/98, Windows CE, Windows 2000. PROFESSIONALEXPERIENCE: July 2001 To Date The Coca Cola Company Software Consultant/Analyst Atlanta Georgia Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. Coca Cola Mobile Field Automation (M-commerce application) (Managed By Cap Gemini Ernst & Young) Front-end : Embedded Visual Basic 3.0 with Active-X, Embedded Visual C++ Back-end : DB2 Universal Database, DB2E, Windows CE Operating system Tools : IBM Sync Server, MQ Series, MQEveryplace and Visual Source Safe 6.0. Role : Developer/Module Lead. Internet Technologies : Java, XML and Websphere Operating Systems : Windows 2000, AS400 and AIX-Unix ? ? This application is a wireless application developed for Coca Cola fountain and will be used by the Coca Cola technicians when they are on the field for maintenance of the fountain machines including the new Ifountain machine introduced recently by Coca Cola Company. The technicians will also use this application for scheduling their work orders, processing the work orders, for troubleshooting and diagnostics of the fountain machine equipment, for accepting customer signature directly on the device and for receipt printing. ? The application will run on a Compaq IPAQ Pocket PC. The user interface for the application is developed using Embedded Visual Basic and Embedded Visual C++. ? The database used is IBM DB2Everyplace on the handheld device and IBM DB2 Universal Database on the server .The communication between the server and the handheld device is done with queuing techniques using IBM MQ Series on the server and MQEveryplace on the handheld PocketPC. All the messages will be passed between the handheld devices and the server in XML format. ? All the Business Logic and Messaging is coded using Java. A Custom Router program was developed on the Server side using Java, JMS for Routing of Messages to various Systems. ? Responsibilities: ? Developing the user interface using Embedded Visual Basic and Embedded Visual C++. ? Developing ADO “Like” ATL COM component using Embedded Visual C++ for accessing the DB2E database on a handheld device from an Embedded Visual Basic application. ? Database design and database administration ? System architecture design. ? Integrating the Developed system with other Backend Systems including JDEdwards System and IBM Mainframes using MQSeries for Data transmission. ? Deploying the Business Server logic on AS400 Machine and MQEveryplace Gateway on AIX-Unix box. ? IBM Sync Server setup and Administration for synchronization of a DB2 database on the server and the DB2E database on the handheld device. ? Developing various COM ATL components using Embedded Visual C++ for tasks such as getting the serial number of a device, getting battery status of the device etc. ? Developing an ATL COM DLL in using Embedded Visual C++ for communicating with the iFountain Soda Dispensing Machine developed by Coca Cola. ? Integrating various OCX controls for tasks such as Infra-Red communication between a handheld device and a printer, receipt printing, signature capture etc. ? Developing queues using MqEveryplace and Java. ? Writing Java code to create and parse XML Messages and accessing the MQEveryplace queues. ? Requirement Analysis and meeting with the Coca Cola Business users to get their requirements. ? Interfacing the Handheld device with the Ifountain Machine. ? Writing Database transaction logic as SQL Queries. ? Code modification to a pre-existing application developed using Visual C++ for Coca Cola Enterprises to include the new functionality. ? Environment set-up (MS Visual Source Safe). ? Creating distribution kit of the application using Setup toolkit for Windows CE for deployment of the application on various handheld devices. ? Requirement Analysis with the business user in Coca Cola and System architecture design. ? Unit testing and System testing, System Integration testing and wireless communication testing. ? User training and support. Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. Sep 2000 to June 2001 Advanced Technical Support Software Consultant /Analyst/Module Lead Hartford, Connecticut Worked as a software consultant for one of the clients Advanced Technical Support ATS. Developed a Route Delivery system on the Pocket PC platform using Embedded Visual Basic, Embedded Visual C++ and SQL Server for Windows CE. Route Delivery System (Voyageur) Front-end : Embedded Visual Basic 3.0 with Active-X, Embedded Visual C++ Back-end : SQL Server for Windows CE, Windows CE Operating system Tools : Visual Source Safe 6.0 Internet Technologies : ASP, COM, DCOM, COM+ Route Delivery System (Voyageur) is a handheld device application to run on Pocket PC devices using the Windows CE Operating system. Companies delivering supplies to different clients will use this system. The delivery person will use the Voyageur application running on a Pocket PC to delivery products, accept returns and deposits, schedule future deliveries, print receipts, accept and approve payments and perform the various tasks of Inventory control. The system is developed using Embedded Visual Basic and a COM ATL DLL is developed using Embedded Visual C++. SQL Server for Windows CE is used as the database and ADO is used for data access. ? Responsibilities: ? Database design and normalization. ? Understanding the user requirements and documentation. ? Study of User Interface design for handheld devices. ? Developing a COM ATL DLL using Embedded Visual C++ for communicating between the handheld device and a label printer using Winsock.dll. ? Development of different Screens of the project using Embedded Visual Basic. ? Creating reports using Crystal Reports. ? Creating DTS packages for data import/export between the different systems. ? Creating DMO objects. ? Writing Database transaction logic as SQL Queries. ? Developing and executing queries in T-SQL. ? Environment set-up (MS Visual Source Safe). ? Creating distribution kit of the application using Setup toolkit for Windows CE for deployment of the application on various handheld devices. July 1997 to August 2000 Tata Infotech Ltd Programmer/Technical Lead Worked on various projects as a Programmer Analyst/Technical Lead for Tata Infotech Ltd India. Worked as a software consultant for their different clients like GE Financial Assurance, CA, USA and Citibank NA Malaysia, Thailand at the offshore development center located in Mumbai, India and also at client sites located in San Rafael, CA, USA and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia respectively. Apr ‘99 to Aug 2000 General Electric Financial Assurance Programmer Analyst San Rafael, California Claims Processing System (Calypso) Front-end : Visual Basic 6.0 with Active-X, VBA Back-end : SQL Server 7.0, MTS used as the Middleware. Tools : Visual Source Safe 6.0, ERWIN 3.5, Visio Express, Crystal Reports, Installshield 5.0, Excel, FileNet controls Role : Developer/Module Lead. Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. Internet Technologies : ASP, COM, DCOM Claims Processing System (Calypso) is a client-server application aimed at creating an integrated system for processing the Long-Term Care Insurance Claims for GE Financial Assurance (GEFA-LTC). The new system handles all the complex calculations of Benefits for GEFA-LTC’s indemnity and reimbursement products, provides reports and feeds for all financial and actuarial needs, and collects history on the nature of the claimant’s disability. The entire project was made OBJECT-ORIENTED by breaking up the different functionality’s into Objects. The system consisted of various objects, which performed the different tasks of claims processing. The system was implemented as a 3-tier architecture consisting of: • The User interface developed using Visual Basic 6.0. • COM components in the form of ActiveX DLL’s and Active X Exe’s which contained all the business logic as the Middle Tier • Stored Procedures on the Database side as the Backend Tier. A central “Benefit calculation engine” was developed which will be used to analyse claim payments and verify validity of claims based on rather complex date, dollar, and eligibility parameters. Engine was built with extreme robustness and speed of calculation as the primary goals. ? ADO was used as the database access method. ? MTS was used as the Middleware. Active Server Pages (ASP) were used to web enable some of the components in the system. ? Responsibilities: ? Object Oriented Analysis of the system, identifying the required objects and their methods and attributes. ? Development of different Screens of the project using Visual Basic 6.0. ? Creating specialised UI controls, which were used at various places in the project. ? Development of COM/ActiveX components, which encapsulated the Business Logic and implementing them in the Middle Tier. ? Writing Database transaction logic as SQL Queries in Stored procedures. ? Used ASP to web enable some of the components in the system. ? Co-Developing the complex Automated Benefit calculation engine. ? Invoking MS Word and MS Excel from the Application using VBA. ? Used FileNet controls from Visual Basic to access the Images on the Image server. ? Environment set-up (MS Visual Source Safe). ? Peer Reviews. ? Creating distribution kit of the application using Installshield 5.0 for assembling, building and deploying the component-based architecture. ? Interacting with Business Users on a regular basis to understand the new requirements and changes. Jan ’99 to Mar ’99 Citibank Thailand Developer/Module Lead CPC-Factory, Phase-II for Citibank Thailand Front-end : Visual Basic 5.0 with Active-X, Microsoft Excel Back-end : Oracle 7.3 Tools : Visual Source Safe 5.0, Crystal Reports 4.0, TOAD (Tool for Oracle Application Developers), FileNet Project: The CPC (Check Processing Center) at Thailand offers efficient, high volume and integrated Collection & Payment services to its customers in Thailand. This center accepts Checks and other payment instruments on behalf of its customer and provides processing capability for the existing collection products: Retail LockBox, Wholesale LockBox and SpeedCollect. The main functions performed by the CPC factory are: • The MICR Data capture using a high speed document processing machine • Uploading this captured information to the backend. Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. • Processing of the captured information. • Report Generation. • Liquidation, Customer advice, Data handoffs and Query resolutions. The System was developed using Oracle 7.3 as the Database Engine and Visual Basic 5.0 as Front End under Windows NT 4.0 operating system. The validation and processing DLLs are written in VC++ programming language. Reports are generated using Crystal Reports 4.6. The software works in association with the UNISYS NDP500 track that is used for data capture, encoding, endorsing and sorting of checks/stubs. Phase II of the project had a lot of new features like faxing reports to Customers, providing images and monthly reports to the Customers in a CD. Providing Cash collection features and remittance processing. ? The Phase II development involved various new techniques like building customized ActiveX controls and ActiveX DLLs catering to various business solutions. The development was done in VB 5.0 using RDO for Database connectivity to Oracle 7.3 (NT). ? Activities and Responsibilities ? User interface design (Front end). ? Writing PL/SQL queries for the Oracle Database. ? Developed the Reporting Module, which generated reports and Handoffs. ? Developed an ActiveX DLL, which scheduled the different reports and Handoffs and provided customisation. ? Used FileNet controls for accessing Check Images from the FileNet Server. ? Creating various Reports using Crystal Reports. ? System and Integration testing. ? Making Help Files and User Documentation. ? Interacting with Business Users on a regular basis to understand the new requirements and changes. July ’97 to Dec ’98 Citibank Developer/Module Leader/On-site Coordinator Malaysia/Philippines Multi User Lockbox Capability (MLC) for Citibank Malaysia & Philippines. Front-end : Visual Basic 5.0. Back-end : SQL Server 6.5 Tools : Visual Source Safe 5.0, Crystal Reports 4.0 Project: Multiuser LockBox Capability (MLC) has successfully been implemented in Citibank Malaysia and Citibank Philippines. This project deals with retail banking. Major corporate companies’ send their cheques and stubs (bills) collected for each day to Citibank for processing. This cheques and their corresponding stubs are processed by Citibank using this system and information is sent to the Clearing House and various Handoff files are sent to the corporate companies which act as input to their Account Receivable System. The project scope covered the enhancement of the MLC system at Citibank, Malaysia to include the remittance processing for new clients in the system namely Telekom Malaysia, British Petroleum and Aetna Universal Insurance. The main functions performed by the Multi User Lockbox Application are • Processing of the Remittance sent by the clients on daily basis • Creation of various reports and handoffs to be sent to the clients • Sending the check information to the Clearing house ? The coding was done in Visual Basic 5.0 and SQL server 6.5 was used as a Database. Many reports were generated using Crystal Reports 4.0. ? Activities and Responsibilities ? Design, coding, and testing for Multi User Lockbox Application. ? Bug fixing, enhancements and user change requirements. ? Offshore Production Support. ? Business Meetings with the prospective Clients of Citibank Malaysia to explain them the advantages of Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. the system. ? Onsite Production Support, User Acceptance testing, and User Training at Citibank NA, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a period of 2 Months ? Documentation and QMS activities. July ‘96 to July ’97 Tata Infotech Ltd (Applied Technology Division) Developer Front-end : Visual Basic 3.0, Visual C ++ 1.5, C and Windows SDK Project: MPEG Parser MPEG (Motion Picture Expert Group) is a standard for encoding of Audio and Video streams. The MPEG parser was developed for parsing of MPEG stream, which can be used for various applications like MPEG Encoder, Decoders, MPEG Players etc. The software was developed as a DLL using C and Windows SDK under the Visual C++ Integrated Development Environment and a front-end was developed using Visual Basic 3.0, which called the exported functions from the DLL. The DLL was developed as a Multi-Threaded application where one thread was reading the MPEG file and another was parsing it and writing the parsed info into a file. Activities and Responsibilities ? Design, coding, and testing for the MPEG parser. ? Understanding the MPEG Standard ? Testing the developed parser on the MPEG, which used it for information. ? TRAINING: • Obtained a comprehensive training on Database concepts, Software Engineering; Object-oriented Analysis and Development, Testing Techniques; C language and C++ language from Tata Infotech Ltd, India. ? EDUCATION: ? Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) in Computer Science from the University of Mumbai, India. ? Obtained First Class with Distinction Grade during the course. Page 6 of 6