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Digital Strategy by Tery Spataro


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Describes approaches to digital strategy to determine innovation, communication or promotion platforms.

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Digital Strategy by Tery Spataro

  1. 1. digital strategy:an approach to understand a brand’s digital positioning,competitors and consumer needs & behavior to achievea marketing direction for innovation, communicationor promotion. - Tery Spataro - @tery (c) Copyright 2011 Tery Spataro
  2. 2. InnovationThe problem solution approached is used to identify a digital direction to fit theneeds of consumer/customer from communication and technology perspective. Measurement Implementation Strategy Innovation || Solution Research || Insights Problem Identification (c) Copyright 2011 Tery Spataro
  3. 3. Communications Platform Communication platform identifies communication objectives , messages, ideas and channels.BRAND & MESSAGE Elevating [WELL KNOWN BRAND] PLATFORM In the Mind of the Consumer CONSUMER: CORE IDEA: What’s the big idea?COMMUNICATIONS OBJECTIVES AWARENESS KNOWLEDGE LIKING In-store Search In-store DIGITAL Search Website Social Media E-Newsletter Social Media CHANNEL Social Media Mobile Recommend to a Friends (c) Copyright 2011 Tery Spataro
  4. 4. Creative StrategyMeans End Chain Conceptual Advertising applied to Digital Strategy to arrive atcreative execution. Meet Addison Dark Chocolate Lover Opportunities Reach: 3 pm - Internet Radio, Facebook Relevance: Driving Forces: Ingredients and health benefits in Self satisfied search, banners, web content and social media. Leverage Point: Feeling Good Show how percent of cocoa, taste, health benefits create happiness Consumer Benefits: and feelings of satisfaction. Taste Relationships: Message Elements: Sharing the experience on Percent of cocoa Facebook, Twitter, and Four Square Key Message: “Happiness is only a bite away.” (c) Copyright 2011 Tery Spataro
  5. 5. Pillars for Consumer Strategy:Reach, Relevance, Relationships REACH RELEVANCE RELATIONSHIPS Where? What? When? Who? Why? Where are your  What do they need?  Who are they? consumers  What are they looking  Why should they pay Where are they coming for? attention to you? from?  What do you provide  Why will they engage Where are they going? that will entice them to with you? come back?  Are you building trust  When do they need with them? you?  Why would they go elsewhere? (c) Copyright 2011 Tery Spataro
  6. 6. Research (c) Copyright 2011 Tery Spataro
  7. 7. Investigate, Examine, Analyze Identify the communication objectives Learn about consumer intent Examine communication opportunities Understand positioning Solve problems Create big idea Identify trends (c) Copyright 2011 Tery Spataro
  8. 8. Methodology OBSERVE COLLECT ANALYZE INSIGHTS STRATEGYo Observe – behavior with web, search, social media, mobile, transmedia, games, immersive mediao Collect – data from identified digital sourceso Analysis – group data similarities in traffic and sentiment across online presence; determine implications of groupings. Highlight trends in behavior.o Insights – examine consumer’s state of mind and identify possible outcomeso Strategy – leverage understandings and outcomes to determine the brand’s digital plan (c) Copyright 2011 Tery Spataro
  9. 9. IdentifyThe research methodology  Analyze brand digitally positioning  Examine competitors  Identify consumers usage of digital within the categoryFrame using reach, relevance and relationships Research Strategy Measurement Competitive Reach Objectives Analysis Consumer Needs Relevance Digital Tactics Consumer Relationships Behavior Behavior (c) Copyright 2011 Tery Spataro
  10. 10. Competitor AnalysisAssessing Strengths & Weaknesses Drawing from Comparison Identifying the White Space Examining the Gaps (c) Copyright 2011 Tery Spataro
  11. 11. Examine Consumer Behavior Observe and record what consumers Im going to need a foot massage after yesterday & today. 18 minutes ago by jordanavenger say and do, so that brands can: Day off + foot massage = <3 – Understand if communications about 1 hour ago by loonette objectives are reachedIf someone would like to give me a footmassage, that would be amazing. Ill providetea and potentially a biscuit. – Learn if the brand is providing by Emmielouli relevant content and messaging8 minutes ago – Identify consumer’s intent – Examine the opportunities – Create new ideas – Investigate needs (c) Copyright 2011 Tery Spataro
  12. 12. Innovation,Communication,Promotion (c) Copyright 2011 Tery Spataro
  13. 13. Innovation Communication Promotion (c) Copyright 2011 Tery Spataro
  14. 14. The Digital StrategistA digital strategist has a way of observing the behavior of theconsumer or customer, and examining insights to help tell a story totransform brands. The mission is to create a higher understanding ofmarketing digitally to meet the needs of the consumer, brand andbusiness through reach, relevance and relationships. (c) Copyright 2011 Tery Spataro
  15. 15. Tery Spataro is widely known for helping brands understand the role digital plays in marketing, innovation and retail environment. Wielding over two decades of experiences in marketing, as a digital strategist, Tery takes a deep look into understanding why, what and who. Industry agnostic, she’s created strategies for Automotive, Beverage and Food, Consumer Package Goods [CPG], Education, Energy, Entertainment, Healthcare, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Non-Profit and Retail brands. Most recently, Tery leads the charge for bringing digital to life in physical space having worked with Bloomingdales, Michael’s craft store, Sally Hansen, Novartis, Whole Foods and Nine West. Tery helps clients by identifying problems with marketing,Behaviorist, Strategist, Tech-Marketer, Futurist,Inventor, Professor, Author communication, branding and retail space. She provides research, strategy, and creative ideas with a clear direction on how to proceed. Tery held executive roles with top agencies and served as senior strategist for several consulting firms. No stranger to entrepreneurial life, Tery founded/co-founded, self-funded, and operated 7 startups. Throughout the years she lectured at universities and international conferences providing valuable thought leadership and is quoted in books and articles about business and marketing. Tery has MBA in marketing from Regis University. Wrote and illustrated a book about quantum perceptions called “The Other Side of the Box”. Bio || Twitter || LinkedIn || The Book || Pinterest || Slideshare || Glossi (c) Copyright 2011 Tery Spataro
  16. 16. Stuff I Did The Future is Now – A look at the confluence of Us, with technology and the environment. Digital Experiences & Shopping – cheeky overview of the buyer’s decision making process using digital, the future of in-store retail and use of digital experiences. Digital Strategy – a look at digital strategy a usages for innovation, communication and promotion. Fashion Intelligentsia - research report I did to provide insights into how fashion minded women acquire information for shopping. This report was voted the best of Slideshare. The Changing World of Digital - looks at digital communication from a historical perspective and identifies the way the consumer changes from passive involvement to participant. Healthy Digital - explores who the natural and organic consumer is and identifies their digital behavior. Community During Crisis – what Governments can learn from the Boulder Community’s usage of Social Media during the Boulder Fire. Digital Marketing Strategy vs Tactics – Asking strategic questions, forming ideas and identifying tactics. The Other Side of the Box - the story about a cat, box and perception. “The Other Side of the Box” a book about perception, a cat and quantum thoughts. (c) Copyright 2011 Tery Spataro