Digital Experiences & Shopping by Tery Spataro


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A look at the why we buy using digital and the effect digital has on the in-store shopping experience.

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Digital Experiences & Shopping by Tery Spataro

  1. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro BUYER’S DECISION MAKING PROCESS AND USE OF DIGITAL Revised March 16, 2014 Originally published January 2, 2012 Tery Spataro Exploration of the effect digital has on making a decision on what to buy
  2. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro WahWah Not another BORING Slideshare!
  3. COURSE CORRECTION (c) Copyright 2012 Tery Spataro
  4. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro Buying Stuff The story of using digital to turn consumers from shoppers to customers into experience lovers
  5. Types of Shoppers Experiential Customers: They have no specific need or desire in mind when they come into the store. Rather, they want a sense of experience and/or community. Loyal Customers: They represent no more than 20% of customer base, but make up more than 50% of sales. Not true 20/80. Discount Customers: They shop the same stores frequently, but make their decisions based on the size of our markdowns. Hunter. BusinessKnowHow. (2011) Impulse Customers: They do not have buying a particular item at the top of their "To Do" list, but come into the store on a whim. They will purchase what seems good at the time. Mission Based Customers: They have a specific intention to buy a particular type of item. (c) Copyright 2012 Tery Spataro
  6. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro Reminder of the 7 Steps + Digital What happened to the other footprints?
  7. Need Recognition Whoa these shoes are stinky (c) Copyright 2012 Tery Spataro
  8. WH00T! Shoes beautiful shoes Search for Information (c) Copyright 2012 Tery Spataro
  9. Pre-purchase Comparison Evaluation (c) Copyright 2012 Tery Spataro
  10. Purchase (c) Copyright 2012 Tery Spataro
  11. Consumption loving my new yello shoes :D 11 hours ago by Trutrudiva Don't get me wrong, I LVE me some new shoes. But, I'm NOT loving this new boot! #prayingforfasthealing 2 hours ago by LSainsworth Loving My New Red Shos #hott 14 hours ago by EvelynJay (c) Copyright 2012 Tery Spataro
  12. Post-consumption (c) Copyright 2012 Tery Spataro
  13. (c) Copyright 2012 Tery Spataro
  14. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro How does this effect in store retail? (c) Copyright 2012 Tery Spataro
  15. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro SHOPPING NEEDS TO BE REINVENTED (c) Copyright 2012 Tery Spataro
  16. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro CUSTOMERS WANT SOMETHING MORE… Digital creates experiences
  17. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro IN STORE IS A DIGITAL STAGE LET’S WOW THEM Ralph Lauren 3D Video Projection on Bond Street Store (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro
  18. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro Retailers Using Digital Citibank • Your money your experience. 1969 • What non-shoppers do when waiting. Sunglass Hut • Feeding your social vanity.
  19. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro Citibank Citigold Lounge • Customers get a whole new experience with Citigold Lounge – it’s not just about banking. • Taking a cue from hotels, Citigold Lounge has lovely concierge area that warming greets you. • Digital window expresses the news of the day. • Digital theatre in the back of the store w/ wifi access. • With video chat you can see your customer service rep and feel more secure about your money.
  20. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro Gap 1969 • We all know how it feels to have to go shopping with someone when you don’t want to or like to shop. • Give those customers a reason to stick around and wait. • Gap 1969 in Soho took a design cue from Apple to provide this table in the center of the store for shoppers & non shoppers to use. • The iPad extends the 1969 assortment • And gives those bored tag- along-shoppers something to do.
  21. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro Sunglass Hut • A eye on vanity, Sunglass Hut let you and your friends see how great you look • Get a snap of yourself in those $800 Tiffany shades to share with friends
  22. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro DIGITAL STUFF IS HAPPENING ALL AROUND US
  23. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro Inspiration by IBM(c) Copyright 2012 Tery Spataro
  24. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro Go Ahead Touch It! IBM Immersive Experience (c) Copyright 2012 Tery Spataro
  25. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro Be the Star - American Eagle (c) Copyright 2012 Tery Spataro
  26. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro Be on the Stage – Forever 21 (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro
  27. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro Store Brings the Market to the Customers - Tesco Pop-Up ?v=fGaVFRzTTP4 (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro
  28. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro Look No Bags! - eBay pop-up store (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro
  29. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro Personalized for You - Gucci Immersive Store retail-engagement-with-immersive-video- displays/gucci_oooii_entry/ (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro
  30. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro More Than 8,000 Shoes – Adidas (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro
  31. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro Try the Watch - the New Fitting Room -Tissot Augmented Reality (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro
  32. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro Need Something Else? - At JC Penney’s customer’s preferences rule!
  33. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro Lookbook - Shopbop
  34. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro Snapette & Share It
  35. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro Other Digital Expressions VR Dressing Room Mobile Transactions QR Codes Cisco Hologram Mannequin
  36. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro What does the Customer Want? • Creativity, inspiration, compelling in-store entertainment • Wants to feel good about the store they enter ~ it has to be clean, organized, with a clear traffic flow • Preferences, selection and assortment to fit desires • Assortment has quality first, quantity second • Trends on hand • Reasons to try & buy • Share their experiences with their friends • Convenience
  37. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro THANK YOU! I can bring the digital experience to your retail strategy! (c) Copyright 204 Tery Spataro
  38. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro Tery Spataro is widely known for helping brands understand the role technology plays in marketing, innovation and retail environments. Wielding over two decades of experiences in marketing as a digital strategist, Tery takes a deep look into understanding why, what and who. She’s created tech marketing strategies for automotive, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, education, energy, entertainment, health care, insurance, pharmaceuticals, non-profits and retail brands. Tery has brought digital to life in physical space, having worked with Bloomingdales, Michael’s craft stores, Sally Hansen, Novartis, Whole Foods and Nine West. She helps clients by identifying problems with marketing, communication, branding and retail space. She provides research, strategy and creative ideas with a clear direction on how to proceed. Tery has held executive roles with top agencies and served as a senior strategist for several consulting firms. No stranger to entrepreneurial life, Tery founded or co-founded, self-funded and operated seven start-ups. Through the years she has lectured at universities and international conferences, providing valuable industry thought leadership, and has been quoted in books and articles about business and marketing. Tery has an MBA in marketing from Regis University and wrote and illustrated a book about quantum perceptions called “The Other Side of the Box”. Special thanks to Rick Colby for editing. Bio || Twitter || LinkedIn || The Book || Pinterest || Slideshare || Glossi
  39. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro Stuff I Did  Confluence: Connected Human - Creating better health through self manage of health data, we are the connect human.  Confluence: Man with Machine - The continuation of Confluence and the exploration of robots and robotics and the impact these applications have on our humanness and the environment.  The Future is Now – A look at the confluence of humans, technology and the environment.  Digital Experiences & Shopping – Overview of the buyer’s decision-making process using digital, the future of in-store retail and use of digital experiences.  Digital Strategy – Strategy for innovation, communication and promotion.  Fashion Intelligentsia - research report I did to provide insights into how fashion minded women acquire information for shopping. This report was voted the best of Slideshare.  The Changing World of Digital - looks at digital communication from a historical perspective and identifies the way the consumer changes from passive involvement to participant.  Healthy Digital - explores who the natural and organic consumer is and identifies their digital behavior.  Community During Crisis – what Governments can learn from the Boulder Community’s usage of Social Media during the Boulder Fire.  Digital Marketing Strategy vs Tactics – Asking strategic questions, forming ideas and identifying tactics.  The Other Side of the Box - the story about a cat, box and perception. “The Other Side of the Box” a book about perception, a cat and quantum thoughts.
  40. (c) Copyright 2014 Tery Spataro Please like on Facebook :) A curious book about a cat and box available at