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Web 3.0 Apps, DevCon5 Conference


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Today, many Brands are investing in Mobile Websites. An essential first step.

But 3.0 innovators are rethinking how to become a truly Mobile Brand: one that serves its Raving Fans, over time and on demand. This has led to a new generation of Branded Apps that redefine how customers stream, shop, search, and share--within their mobile lives.

This presentation reviews the innovation leap of pioneering Brands, and distills findings into design patterns for 3.0 apps.

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Web 3.0 Apps, DevCon5 Conference

  1. 1. Innovation 3.0: Mobile Apps Findings Update 2013 www.Mobile Relevance Terry
  2. 2. 2 Be the Brand in their Pocket 1.0 Search Web 3.0 Service Web2.0 Social Web Authors link content pages and convert to purchase People link friend pages and share likes Apps link a fan’s mobile lifestyle interests to the brand’s relevant resources Web 3.0 is the Service Web First it was machine to machine. Now its brand to fan. Search Layer: Enables consumers to discover brand pages Social Layer: Enables fans to like brand pages Service Layer: Enables agent-driven services to search, stream, shop, and spend at each customer’s request. 2013 Relevens
  3. 3. 3 1.0 Search Discovery 3.0 Service Delivery2.0 Social Influence Web 3.0 for Brands Example: Zipcar 2013 Relevens Service Platform Social Conversation Search Optimization
  4. 4. Innovation 3.0 All of us are transitioning to something new. But there is a trap: applying old ideas to new technology 42013 Relevens
  5. 5. Why do I care? 5 Stream Content Brands: Engage with fan media Serve Destination Brands: Mobilize with personal service Shop Product/Service Brands: Empower with lifestyle advice Share Mobile Brands: Relate with raving personas Search Lifestyle Brands: Attract with a mobile lifestyle experience Search Stream Shop Serve Share 2013 Relevens Five Innovation Leaps… are raising the bar for every mobile brand
  6. 6. While you are mobilize search and social marketing… Innovators are placing products and services within the context of customers’ mobile lives. Why now for your Brand? Competitors are innovating. 6 = Old ideas on mobile devices = Be the branded app in their pocket 2013 Relevens
  7. 7. Comparison Shoppers want the lowest price Mobile Lifestyle Spenders want the best advice = Price comparisons commoditize your offerings = New levels of service creates new levels of spending 7 Why now for your Brand? Customer markets are fracturing. 2013 Relevens
  8. 8. Rethink 5 mobile activities 3.0 Service Innovations 8 Search Stream Shop Serve Share 2013 Relevens
  9. 9. Rethink Searching To win a mobile customer’s lifestyle spending, search is replaced with a mobile lifestyle experience. 92013 Relevens
  10. 10. The innovator’s challenge: Not radio shows on TV Innovation leap: Live Action Drama 10 Innovation leap: Mobile Lifestyle Experience Not sites and search boxes on phones 2013 Relevens
  11. 11. From: Mobile Searchable Sites I search your company’s product lines, business units, and channels You position within my mobile lifestyle, workstyle, or playstyle 3.0 Rethink Searching To: Mobile Lifestyle Experiences 11 Search Stream Shop Serve Share 2013 Relevens
  12. 12. Meal Planning Assistant Recipes, Shopping Lists Cooking Videos iFood Assistant by Kraft 122013 Relevens A manufacturer and publisher positioned within Moms’ Mobile Lives
  13. 13. Need something for dinner Meet me at home 13 Taking the Subway Home From Work Home Delivery ServiceLighted Displays QR Codes Shop with my phone A subway shopping experience Homeplus by Tesco A general merchandise retailer positioned within Professionals’ Mobile Lives 2013 Relevens
  14. 14. 14 Monitor my Performance Measure my WILLPOWERTM Track my Improvements A sports clothing and accessory company positioned within Athlete’s Mobile Lives A fitness experience Armour39 by Under Armour 2013 Relevens
  15. 15. 15 Locate cars Select model Drive Away A venture positioned within Urban Dwellers’ Mobile Lives A car-sharing experience By Zipcar 2013 Relevens
  16. 16. Design Elements Mobile Relevance Leap: Attract with a Mobile Lifestyle Experience Mobile Lifestyle Touchpoints: Apps, Agents, Gear Mobile Lifestyle Spending Mobile Lifestyle Content, Products, Services Lifestyle Spending Mobile Lifestyle Monitoring and Response A Mobile Lifestyle Experience 162013 Relevens
  17. 17. Brands are extending their lifestyle images to real-life experiences. Lifestyle Spenders invest time and money in their aspiring lifestyle, workstyle, or playstyle. 3 Drivers: Attract with a Mobile Lifestyle Experience 17 To win these high-spending consumers, brands are creating a new level of value: a branded lifestyle experience. 2013 Relevens
  18. 18. 18 Rethink Streaming To win a mobile customer’s splurge spending, streaming is extended with mobile fan experiences. 2013 Relevens
  19. 19. The innovator’s challenge: Not radio shows on TV Innovation leap: Live Action Drama 19 Innovation leap: Engaging Fan Media Not movies, TV, music, magazines on phones 2013 Relevens
  20. 20. Same content, smaller channel New kind of engaging app, new level of fan content 3.0 Rethink Streaming To: Fan Media 20 From: Movies, TV, Music, Magazines Search Stream Shop Serve Share 2013 Relevens
  21. 21. League Pass Game Time iPhone quick StatsLive Streaming with Stats iPad 2nd screen stats Game Time Courtside 21 NBA Fans love Stats 2013 Relevens
  22. 22. 22 Current Race By NASCAR Digital Media Inc. Upcoming Race All Season NASCAR Fans love the Drivers 2013 Relevens
  23. 23. 23 iPad Book: Record a Story Mobile App: Play Games Web App: Create a Comic Toy Story Fans love to Play 2013 Relevens
  24. 24. Personal Karaoke Song Sharing Song Purchase Smule creates social music-making experiences 24 Glee Fans love to Play 2013 Relevens
  25. 25. Editorial to CurateMagazine to Inspire Commerce to Spend Platform: 25 Style Fans love to Spend 2013 Relevens
  26. 26. Music Player Videos Celebrity App Photos Platform: Mobile Roadie 26 Celebrity Fans love the Celebrity 2013 Relevens
  27. 27. Purchase Invite Friends Tour schedule, locations, tickets Fan Wall and Top Users 272013 Relevens
  28. 28. Design Elements Mobile Relevance Leap: Engage with Fan Media New Kind of Engaging MediaShoppable Media Multi-platform Storytelling New Level of Fan Content 282013 Relevens Mobile Fan Experiences Splurge Spending
  29. 29. With engaging media and fan content, fans gain insider access and a deeper sense of community. Brand Fans want to engage with the brand as they live their mobile lives. 3 Drivers: Engage with Fan Media 29 With 1-click commerce, fans can splurge on real-life experiences enabled by content, products, services… 2013 Relevens
  30. 30. 30 Rethink Shopping To win a mobile customer’s solution spending, shopping is simplified with a mobile advisory relationship. 2013 Relevens
  31. 31. Not retail stores on phones Innovation leap: Lifestyle Advice The innovator’s challenge: Not radio shows on TV Innovation leap: Live Action Drama 312013 Relevens
  32. 32. Retail Stores on Tablets “Window shop more than 40 product categories” Lifestyle Advice 3.0 Rethink Shopping Lifestyle content and product advice 32 Search Stream Shop Serve Share 2013 Relevens
  33. 33. 33 Assess my fashion style Personalize my showroom Brand my fashion style Online & Mobile Showroom Personalize my promotions Inspiring Looks Trendy Promotions Total Solutions Advise on my personal style 2013 Relevens
  34. 34. 34 Ask about my body shape Recommend the dress Plan Budget Locate the store Advise on my life events 2013 Relevens
  35. 35. Snow and Ski Report by REI. Zumobi app platform connects media properties and sponsors. Snow today Stop along the waySki tomorrow 35 Advise on my seasonal needs 2013 Relevens
  36. 36. Profile Roadmap Monitoring Utility Jenny Craig 36 Advise on my daily needs 2013 Relevens
  37. 37. 37 iTriage App, acquired by Aetna Manage my records Find best self-help or medical help Book appointment Check my symptoms 2013 Relevens Advise on my unexpected needs
  38. 38. Woman One designer, head to toe Man Mix and match favorite looks GQ Editorial PartnershipFlash Designer Sales Gilt 38 Advise on my total experience 2013 Relevens
  39. 39. Mobile Relevance Leap: Empower with Lifestyle Advice My Daily and Unexpected Needs My Life Events and Seasonal Needs My Total Experience Branded Lifestyle Advice A Mobile Advisory Relationship Design Elements 392013 Relevens Solution Spending
  40. 40. With lifestyle content, the brand filters what’ new… what’s hot… and what fits. Solution Spenders want on-demand advice from the brand they know and trust. 3 Drivers: Empower with Lifestyle Advice 40 With product advice, fans gain direct access to the Brand’s most relevant resources: content, people, places, products, services, and experiences. 2013 Relevens
  41. 41. 41 Rethink Serving To win a mobile customer’s service spending, destination services are extended with a mobile personal assistant. 2013 Relevens
  42. 42. Not self-service on phones Innovation leap: Personal Service The innovator’s challenge: Not radio shows on TV Innovation leap: Live Action Drama 422013 Relevens
  43. 43. 3.0 Rethink Service From: Self-Service I do the work. Apps and agents do the work at my request. To: Personal Service 43 Search Stream Shop Serve Share 2013 Relevens
  44. 44. Manage my prepayments and loyalty points Remember my favorites Find nearest coffee shop Find my coffee. 442013 Relevens Starbucks App
  45. 45. Book an office Locate venues Find my way Book us an office. Click on need 452013 Relevens Regus App
  46. 46. Find restaurant Review menu Customize order Repeat favorites Make my lunch! 462013 Relevens Chipotle App
  47. 47. 47 Personalize my visit. Plan & Guide Disney’s park characters know your name. Design a Small World doll online at home; it will appear in the ride with a greeting. Character & Ride InteractionsAccess Reserve Ride times, Parade spaces, and cafe seating. Magic Bands with RFID access enable Fast Pass access. Disney App, Arm Bands, and platform called MyMagic+ 2013 Relevens
  48. 48. My Services My Campus & Friend Locations My Alerts, News, Calendar 48 Manage my campus life. 2013 Relevens UCL App
  49. 49. 49 Manage my mobile life. Google Now, a personal assistant app. Each type of card is related to an existing Google Service. Time Reminders Next Appointment Reservations, Tickets,… Events/deals Team results Next movie Interest search Products I may like Show schedule to air 2013 Relevens
  50. 50. Mobile Relevance Leap: Mobilize with Personal Service Destination Engagement Remind, Replenish, Renew Schedule, Reserve, Access, Pickup, Deliver A Mobile Personal Assistant Design Elements 50 Guide my Destination Experience 2013 Relevens Service Spending
  51. 51. Agent Services remember and respond to data about my interests, plans, and progress. Destination Fans spend often and spend a lot, so they expect personal service. Smart touchpoints–media, apps, places, products…— can use my data to personalize service and my brand experience. 3 Drivers: Mobilize with Personal Service 512013 Relevens
  52. 52. 52 Rethink Sharing To win a mobile customer’s social spending, sharing is personalized with brand and fan personas. 2013 Relevens
  53. 53. Not random crowds on tablets Innovation Leap: Raving Personas The innovator’s challenge: Not radio shows on TV Innovation Leap: Live Action Drama 532013 Relevens
  54. 54. From: Random Crowds 3.0 Rethink Sharing To: Raving Personas Social Networks and their aggregated reactions: rants, ratings, reviews Brand and Fan Personalities and their personalizing trends: my style, my current interests, and my favorite brand resources 2013 Relevens 54 Search Stream Shop Serve Share
  55. 55. Platform: Immersive Labs Woman walks by Man walks by Brand learns from Women analytics Brand learns from Men analytics Advertise to Personas 2013 Relevens 55
  56. 56. Dog Lovers Foursquare check in Sample Dispenser Platform: Foursquare. GranataPet in Germany. Advertise to Personas 2013 Relevens 56 Owner learns that her dog loves this new brand of food!
  57. 57. Guides learn customer interests during augmented reality tours of London's contemporary art galleries Platform: 57 Guide with Personas 2013 Relevens
  58. 58. 58 Celebrity Stylists Advise with Personas 2013 Relevens Each brand personality learns how customers respond
  59. 59. By (acquired by Google) 2013 Relevens 59 Market to Personas Brand Assessed My Three Fashion Personas Marketing learns from each of my personas
  60. 60. With my persona on file, Kraft would not have had to survey me, then reject me. 2013 Relevens 60 Co-Innovate with Personas
  61. 61. Venue surfacesNFC billboards Interactive displays 61 Learn from Personas 2013 Relevens Future touchpoints will respond to to consumer-controlled personas
  62. 62. Mobile Relevance Leap: Influence with Raving Personas 62 Learn from Guide with Mobile Brand and Fan Personas Design Elements Co-Innovate with Social Spending Advertise with Market to 2013 Relevens Advise with
  63. 63. As a Brand Fan, I have different spending personas —for myself, family, and friends. As a brand, you market with different brand personalities who I want to follow: celebrity clients, advisors, designers, and experts. 3 Drivers: Relate with Raving Personas 63 Raving fans share and spend on personalizing trends. This is what drives “long tail” spending within a brand fan community. 2013 Relevens
  64. 64. Summary Innovation 3.0 642013 Relevens
  65. 65. Avoid the innovation trap: Radio Shows on TV 652013 Relevens
  66. 66. Five Innovation Leaps… are raising the bar for every mobile brand 66 Be the Brand in my pocket: design a mobile lifestyle experience Stream Content Brands: Engage with fan media Serve Destination Brands: Mobilize with personal service Shop Product/Service Brands: Empower with lifestyle advice Share Mobile Brands: Relate with raving personas Search Lifestyle Brands: Attract with a mobile lifestyle experience 2013 Relevens
  67. 67. Plan for web 3.0 now. To download these slides, visit This project is sponsored by Relevens. To learn about 3.0 innovation services, visit For more information, contact 672013 Relevens