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Eltherm ELSR Ramp Heat Trace, Concrete & Ramp Trace Heating Cables - Spec Sheet

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Eltherm ELSR Ramp Heat Trace, Concrete & Ramp Trace Heating Cables - Spec Sheet

  1. 1. Advantages: Highly robust Suited for hardest installing conditions Flexible mounting Radially and longitudinally waterproof, outer jacket is strongly grouted with protective braid Applications: Parking garages entrances and exits Helicopter landing sites Concrete ramps Stairs and footpaths This heating cable is designed for easy and safe installation of open-space heaters. Accidents due to frost and snow are prevented all over the heated space. To ensure a high mechanical load capacity in open space, the eltherm engineers developed this heating cable especially robust. Suited for instal- lation in sand/cement mixtures. for open space and ramp heating Concreteandrampheatingcable Type ELSR-Ramp self-regulating heating cable 2.19 Tel: +44 (0)191 490 1547 Fax: +44 (0)191 477 5371 Email: Website:
  2. 2. 05/2012–Allrightsreserved.Subjecttochangewithoutnotice. Technical information Data Type ELSR-Ramp Protective braid Cu, tin plated Self-regulating heating element Bus wire Outer jacket (presure-grouted with outer jacket) Insulation Outer jacket TPE Bus wire nickel plated copper Maximum exposure temp. (power off) 100 °C Maximum exposure temp. (power on) 80 ° C Nominal voltage 230 V Bending radius, minimum 50 mm Installation temperature, min. – 20 ° C Nominal output approx. 50 W/m at 10 ° C (110 W/m in concrete @ 5° C) Dimensions approx. 17,2 mm x 9,5 mm Weight approx. (g/m) 253 Switch- on tempe- rature Nominal cu- tout value (A) Heating circuit length (m) for ELSR-RAMP -10 10 18 16 28 20 36 25 45 32 55 Heating circuit lengths ELSR-Ramp on the following conditions: 230 V nominal voltage Delayed action circuit breakers (C-characteristic) with 80 % maximum load Maximum 10 % line voltage drop on the heating cable bus wire One (1) single end power input heating cable Electrical protection Maximum heating circuit length According to local standards and regulations. Take into account the conductor size and max. permitted voltage drop. A higher voltage drop can occur at start-up of heating. Power at start-up To determine the installed power with the electrical system designer, the nominal current of the series connected fuse or the current value at the system start-up temperature must be taken into account (e.g. 32 A for 55 m ELSR-Ramp (–10°C). Residual current device (RCD) 30 mA required, max. 500 m heating cable per RCD. Remark For the use of standard control cabinets, the maximum heating circuit length of 55 m at 32 A per heating circuit must not be exceeded. * Heating circuit lengths may vary in specific installation situations. Please contact our engineers for more details. Type Art. No. ELSR-Ramp B02RAMP0