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S4S is a connector that lets Sitecore users seamlessly exchange information with Salesforce. By integrating these two feature packed super-systems, the connector opens a new world of opportunities for marketing your products and services.

Without doubt, this integration is a revolution in website control. For the first time, Salesforce marketers need not leave the comfort of their familiar cloud based environment to control the way the company website looks and behaves when being accessed by individual users. Specific content to specific website users can be controlled from your CRM marketing environment. This is often a complete change in thinking about how your company website is used and who looks after it.

Rendering targeted content to individual customers is not the only leverage S4S offers. With real time bi-directional communication, almost anything in either system can be made visible to the other. For example, Salesforce documents can be made accessible on the website to anonymous users, authenticated users or authenticated users with access permissions. Even website authentication itself can be controlled from the Salesforce Contact record for the indvidual website user.

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S4S - Sitecore for Salesforce Connector

  1. 1. www.fuseit.com contact@fuseit.com S4S Sitecore to Salesforce ConnectorWeb marketing at it’s best! Terry Humphris CEO, FuseIT 1
  2. 2. www.fuseit.com Introduction contact@fuseit.com There are huge benefits in coupling Salesforce to Sitecore. S4S moves data instantly in both directions• Slideshow Overview • Targets managers and marketers • Reasons why you should connect Salesforce to Sitecore • Only a couple of pages of technical detail • Focuses on the S4S connector from FuseIT • Includes pricing and contact information 2
  3. 3. Why integrate www.fuseit.com Salesforce and Sitecore? contact@fuseit.com Remove complexity and supercharge your marketing team with granular control over your company website• Invite prospects to your website from Salesforce• Control website experience from Salesforce • Prospects login with credentials from Salesforce • Prospects land on a page set in Salesforce • Prospects see content determined from Salesforce• Track visitor behaviour from within Salesforce• Marketers don’t need to learn Sitecore or new technologies 3
  4. 4. www.fuseit.com What else? contact@fuseit.com Instant bi-directional connectivity between Salesforce and Sitecore makes anything possible• Publish Salesforce information to the web • Selectively expose data and documents from Salesforce • Create a single data source to improve data quality. Your information is more up-to-date and has less redundancy• Web-to-Anything from Sitecore to Salesforce • Create/update Salesforce Leads, Contacts, Opportunities etc • Maintain custom objects in Salesforce from Sitecore • Map Web Forms for Marketers fields to Salesforce objects• Extend campaign management in Salesforce • Use Sitecore ECM to vastly improve email processing 4
  5. 5. www.fuseit.com Why S4S? contact@fuseit.com Proven solution from a proven supplier. S4S is actively supported and working in production sites around the world• Reduces time to market • Sitecore developers need not learn Salesforce technologies • Typically requires a couple of days to install and configure• Reduces project risk • API connection challenges have already solved • Enhanced and upgraded tracking new Sitecore versions • FuseIT can guide and assist with .NET implementation • FuseIT Salesforce expertise ensures project success 5
  6. 6. www.fuseit.com What is S4S? contact@fuseit.comS4S uses the Salesforce Partner API to make objects in both systems available to each other 6
  7. 7. www.fuseit.com S4S Technical Overview contact@fuseit.com S4S provides an open architecture while resolving the numerous Salesforce API connection gotchas• Establish and control session state• Provide data type mapping so Sitecore developers need not know the detail around Salesforce data types• Provides caching • Schema (metadata): Cache Salesforce object fields and data types to reduce API calls and improve performance • Entity: Optionally retrieve object data from Salesforce and add to a local cache with a settable expiry time• Compress API calls to improve performance• Control the page size of query results from Salesforce 7
  8. 8. www.fuseit.com Developing with S4S contact@fuseit.com Develop fast and easy helped by great code examples, the S4S Starter Kit and responsive help from the FuseIT team• This example populates a dropdown list with Salesforce Contacts• To access Salesforce custom objects, use their object name or create strongly typed .NET classes using the T4 generator 88
  9. 9. www.fuseit.com Security Connector - 1 contact@fuseit.com The Security Connector is an optional install that lets users login into the website using credentials stored in Salesforce• Facilitates a single data source• Enables Single Sign On (SSO) from Salesforce • Salesforce Contacts map to Sitecore Users• Single role option • Salesforce Accounts map to Sitecore Roles • Account checkbox make the Account a Sitecore Role• Multi-role option • Salesforce Contacts can be mapped to multiple Sitecore roles 9
  10. 10. www.fuseit.com Security Connector - 2 contact@fuseit.comS4S includes the optional Security Connector, Sitecore ECM support and other modules to help your developers• Each Salesforce Contact has a Sitecore section• Out of the box, the marked membership fields are created• Additional fields can be added. For example • Profile: Set Sitecore profile to personalize website browsing • Landing Page: After login, user is directed to this web page 10 10
  11. 11. www.fuseit.com Security Connector - 3 contact@fuseit.comCustomer website experiences can be driven from Salesforce. Authentication and profile data is in the Salesforce Contact 11
  12. 12. www.fuseit.com S4S Fees contact@fuseit.com FuseIT help you span the technology gap and mitigate risk with up to 4 hours of technical assistance• Salesforce Unlimited, Enterprise and Professional • License variations between US$10,000 and US$50,000 • Base configuration is for a single Sitecore server with Sitecore ECM support • Professional Edition requires Partner API access enabled • Please call for non-profit pricing• Annual Maintenance Fee • 20% per annum (follows Sitecore model) • Includes updates and technical support by email• Optional Support • Comprehensive support options available 12
  13. 13. www.fuseit.com Organizations using S4S contact@fuseit.com S4S has been successfully deployed by major companies around the world including: PrintSf: California Stratasys: Minnesota JumpStart: Ohio ICF International: Virginia World Bank: Washington DC SmartTech: Canada Hult International School of Business: United Kingdom AstraTech: Sweden QlikView: Sweden Miller Group: Scotland And more … 13
  14. 14. www.fuseit.com Other Products from FuseIT contact@fuseit.comFuseIT are expert with Salesforce, Sitecore and HP TRIM. The following products are also available: • S4S Salesforce Data Recovery Solution: Creates a SQL Server database using a Salesforce data export then exposes the data to authenticated Sitecore users. Because the data is in SQL Server it can be federated to other systems via web services • S2T Direct: Native Salesforce application that pushes attachments and chatter documents to HP TRIM • T4S: Salesforce centric application that makes it easy to transfer documents between Salesforce and HP TRIM. Also ideal for instantiating Salesforce data to a local server 14
  15. 15. www.fuseit.com S4S Information contact@fuseit.comA wealth of resources help you maximize your business value from Sitecore and Salesforce• On the Internet • www.fuseit.com/Solutions/S4S.aspx • www.youtube.com/watch?v=eScw5F1yxXs • www.fishofprey.com• S4S download and PDF material • http://downloads.fuseit.com/S4S/ • Includes Starter Kit, code examples and documentation• Technical contacts • terry.humphris@fuseit.com • daniel.ballinger@fuseit.com 15