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Empowered (Project) Teaming is an online forum, and concept where professionals and clients interact and discuss topics associated with staffing a project, an internship, and apprenticeship or a social role.
Staffing projects is a challenge for most and owners to find its difficult to source and select qualified, experienced and collaborative teams.

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Finding Teams

  1. 1. Finding Teams An Animated Idols Advisory Group Story about Empowered Teaming
  2. 2. Organizations are Connected Team’s
  3. 3. Hiring Individuals & Teams 2. Hire a DIVERSE Team to Deliver work 1. Cultivate a “Rock-Star” to Coordinate work
  4. 4. Design your Team Focus on the Work that needs to get done by Teams
  5. 5. Up to 1 month to advertise & get resumes 1 month to review resumes/schedule interviews 3 weeks to interview (up to 15 per person) 2 weeks to decide on person & get acceptance Employee Hiring takes +3 months Decide Advertise Review Interview Click Mouse Reveal Next Phase Traditional Hiring is slow, unproductive and work performance is LOST
  6. 6. 1 week - teams propose 1 Week - client reviews and schedules 1 week - short list of 2 1 day - pull the trigger Team Hiring takes about 3 weeks Decide Propose Review Present By Hiring the right TEAM…Work can star SOONER
  7. 7. Typical of contract Team Hiring No employment costs  No workers’ compensation, benefits, or expense for holidays, vacations, sick time  No admin hiring costs such as recruitment fees, or payroll Flexibility  Match staff levels to work delivery and project requirements  Option to terminate contract at any time  No unnecessary overhead Project Delivery Focus  Focus on delivery of project completion, Secure labor needed for projects through a purchase order Speed & Quality  Quick hiring process vs. lengthy placement cycle  Evaluate quality of deliverables vs each candidate individually in isolation of the team
  8. 8. Choose from contract specialists* Choose from dedicated teams* Team Hiring Choices *Known commodity groups or reputable brands
  9. 9. • Project solution Define requirements: • Role and • capability • Engage teams Assess: • Pitch/Proposal • Role capability • Team synergy • Choose final team Manage: • DECIDE Team Selection
  10. 10. Empowered Team Process Teams Promote Elevator pitch get first impressions first, then credential people Teams Present Select diverse team with synergies, experience and have a track record Teams Engage Get team to deliver and execute
  11. 11. Speed, Quality and Execution Summary Contract Team advantages include: • Can be hired quicker • Have experience and are experts • Have done it before • Execute with limited guidance • Carry no overhead • …………………..
  12. 12. Questions? More Information? Visit us on the web, Send us an email: