DSS - Gr 12 Parents Meeting May 22, 2013


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Slides from the meeting with parents on May 22, 2013. Information about June 14th - Grad Walk, Dinner & Dance, and Dry Grad After Party

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  • Preet Bains and her amazing team -
  • Conrad Loewen, Sandra Nass, Jacqueline Loewen, Robyn McDonald, Susie Jackson, Ranjit Bains & Angela Boyd, Wendy, Laurie-Ann Donaldson, Annette Lebus
  • DSS - Gr 12 Parents Meeting May 22, 2013

    1. 1. Grade 12 Parent MeetingDelta Secondary SchoolMay 22, 2013
    2. 2. Commencement• June 25th@ 7:00 pm (students arrive at 6:20pm)• South Delta Baptist Church• Tickets – limited to 3, available until May 29th• Gown Pickup – June 24thin the morning• Attire
    3. 3. June 14thEvents• Grad (Red Carpet) Walk and Photo @ School• Grad Dinner and Dance @ Hyatt Regency,Vancouver• Dry Grad @ Ladner Community Centre
    4. 4. Grad (Red Carpet) Walk• Arrival @ 4:00 pm• 51st Street Entrance• Walk with groups, friends, singles, partners,etc.• Group photo on the risers – 4:30-5:00 pm• Boutonnieres and Corsages!
    5. 5. Dinner & Dance• Hyatt Regency, 3rd Floor – Vancouver• Arrival and reception – 6:30 – 7:00pm• Security at Entry• School Event – School Rules Apply• Seating Plan Posted in the Foyer• Welcome• Buffet Dinner 7:00 – 8:15pm
    6. 6. Dinner & Dance• Parent arrive @ 8:15 pm• Short Program: Speeches, Slideshow• First Dance with mother, father, someonespecial• Dance until Midnight
    7. 7. Dry Grad
    8. 8. What I will be covering tonight1. What’s been happening so far2. What’s coming up …3. How Friday June 14th will look4. What to expect Saturday June 15th5. How you can helpL1
    9. 9. What’s been happening so far…Cost to run dry grad – about $165 per student• 1. Fund Raising - $47,000 ish to date– Chocolate Santa, Spin The Wheel, New Year’s Dance, potato sales,meat draws, Drive 1, poker night, concession at soccer jamboree,grand raffle, parent donations, corporate donations– Extra money will go to scholarshipsL1
    10. 10. What else has been happening …2. Permits , licences& PAC Rep3. Keeping track of money4. Keeping track of me5. Prizes6. Entertainment7. Decorating (no peeking – security issue)8. Food9. PublicityL1
    11. 11. What’s coming up next …10. T-shirts - May 27 & 28WAIVERS NEED TO BE SIGNED!!!!!!11. Security – Rick Klatt 604-946-562612. Grad walk13. Clean-up – Jody Worsnop 604-946-5520L1
    12. 12. Why it is called “Dry” GradWe need your help to keep it dryL1
    13. 13. Waiver #1L1
    14. 14. Waiver #2L1Ltd. #3-2822 Spring Street, Port Moody B.C. Canada V3H 4C5 Ph.604-469-0359RELEASE & INDEMNITY AGREEMENTREAD CAREFULLY, YOU ARE SIGNING A WAIVER BEFORE RENTING OR USING EQUIPMENTFOR AN EVENT.In consideration of use of the equipment rental, I HEREBY WAIVE, RELEASE and DISCHARGEHoule Games & Entertainment Ltd., their officers, directors, employees and agents from and against any andall claims for damages whether because of /for death, personal injury or proper ty damage and/or any damagesof any kind, which I may have, or which may hereafter accrue to me, my/our employees, guests, friends,relatives or anyone allowed to attend our event whether invited or not, and as a result of my/our/theirparticipation with the said equipment.THIS RELEASE IS INTENDED TO DISCHARGE IN ADVANCE, Houle Games & Entertainment Ltd., RayHoule and any other entity involved (including their employees, family or respective agents) from and againstany and all liability arising out of, or connected, in any way with participation in said Event and the equipmentsupplied.Even though that liability may arise out of negligence or carelessness on the part of persons or entitiesmentioned and released above. I agree that payment of a rental, supply, transportation or supervision fee in noway binds the rentors/lessors, the organizers, officials, any sponsors or others associated with the equipment(the event) to any liability or responsibility for damage to personal property.I FURTHER UNDERSTAND THAT Interactive Games, Mechanical Bull rides and Inflatables especially ,ARE OF A COMPETITIVE NATURE and dangerous due to their operating nature . I ALSOUNDERSTAND THAT SERIOUS ACCIDENTS MAY OCCUR DURING Play, competition and/or bouncing,AND THAT PARTICIPANTS IN, NEAR OR ON INFLATABLE (S), and other Equipment or during gamesMAY SUSTAIN MORTAL OR SERIOUS INJURIES, AND/OR PROPERTY DAMAGE, AS ACONSEQUENCE THEREOF. KNOWING THIS RISK AND THE RISKS OF INTERACTIVEEQUIPMENT IN GENERAL, NEVERTHELESS, I AGREE TO RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS ALLOF THE PERSONS OR ENTITIES MENTIONED ABOVE, AND ANY OTHERS ASSOCIATED WITHTHIS EVENT WHO (THROUGH NEGLIGENCE OR CARELESSNESS) MIGHT OTHERWISE BE LIABLETO ME (OR MY HEIRS AND/OR ASSIGNS) FOR DAMAGES.It is further understood and agreed that this waiver, release and assumption of risk is to be binding upon my/our heirs and assigns.I/We agree to the terms and conditions outlined herein and to abide by the rulings,instructions and conditions of the supervising personn el, if and as required or requested.SIGNED: _________________________________________________ Must be at least 19 years of age.IF I AM THE PARENT AND / OR GUARDIAN OF THE PARTICIPANT I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND AND EXECUTE THIS RELEASE ONBEHALF OF MY CHILD / WARD.NAME: PLEASE PRINT NAME OF SIGNATOR _______________________________PARTICIPANT NAME: IF DIFFERENT THAN SIGNATORY ______________________________________________CLIENT/EVENT: Delta Secondary School 2013 Dry GradEVENT DATE: Friday, June 14thinto the 15th, 2013
    15. 15. Where to get waivers3 ways to get them:1. Here tonight2. At office3. Off DSS website –ParentsDry gradStudent waiversL1
    16. 16. How Friday June 14th will look:Morning…• Girls – 8am – wake up, start stressing about dress, shoes,clothes, make-up ……• Boys – 12pm - wake up, get help finding clothes, leave houseL1
    17. 17. How Friday June 14th will look:Mid-Day• Often, a gathering of families from each limo, picture taking,snacks,• Please, no alcohol …L1
    18. 18. How Friday June 14th will look:Grad Walk• Limos arrive at 4pm• Please respect signage & stay out of area where studentsgather for pictureL1
    19. 19. How Friday June 14th will look:Dinner Dance• Parents arrive• Kids to stay til the very endL1
    20. 20. How Friday June 14th will look:Dry Grad• Kids arrive 1am ish..• Get checked in through security• Anyone who is visibly drunk or high – parent will be calledand the child will be held until you arrive to pick them up. Ifwe deem necessary, they may be sent to hospital• No child will be let go into the community without a parentarriving to pick them up from us at the door• Have to be there to get prizesL1
    21. 21. How Saturday June 15th will look:The morning after• Dry grad ends at 6am• What we know will happen …• Kids leave – go out for breakfast, sleep all day• Parents clean up…• What we hope will happen….• Kids prepare to spoil Dad’s on Sunday (Father’s Day)• Kids studying for finals on Monday…L1
    22. 22. How You Can Help:• 1. Get waivers signed and in – we need your contact info2. No drinking supported3. Encourage all kids to attend4. Sign-up for clean up• Have fun and enjoy this amazing time• in your grad’s life!L1