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Secrets revealed for Beautiful skin and healthy hair


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Everyone want beautiful skin and healthy hair but what we are doing for that? Find out some excited and practical solution for your beauty.

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Secrets revealed for Beautiful skin and healthy hair

  1. 1. Introduction Both skin and hair describes one’s health and well-being. Attaining the described glow is not a tough task only if we make some healthy lifestyle changes. A healthy lifestyle ascertains radiant skin and hair. I have listed some simple methods, milk them for all their worth.
  2. 2. A Good Night Sleep Skin regeneration takes place at night. During the night hours, the master gland of the body, the pituitary gland, releases more growth hormones. This hormone encourages skin cell regeneration. The proteins present in the body triggers production of new skin and hair cells in the week hours. A good night’s sleep makes the skin and eyes glow. It reflects in your mood with the improvement in the energy levels. Sleep offers a cost-effective face-lift. Go for it.
  3. 3. A healthy Diet A healthy diet endows healthy skin and hair. It provides the right amount of nourishment required to maintain the two at their optimum. Fast food, processed food and dieting are unhealthy practices that affect the skin and hair negatively. Shun them. Eat a balanced diet--one that contains all the essential nutrients and trace elements like minerals. Food items beneficial for both are fish and fish oil, carrots, bananas, almonds, walnuts, chicken, meat, lentils, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries and green leafy vegetables. Incorporate them.
  4. 4. Take care of your Emotional Wellbeing Stress, depression and anxiety have adverse effects on the skin and hair. Stay away from these. The level of stress hormone cortical goes up when a person gets stressed. This results in increased oil production which in turn leads to oily skin, acne and other skin related issues. Stress causes hair fall as well. Depression and anxiety affects the bodily functions. This is visible in dull, pale-looking skin. Meditation, deep breathing exercises and taking breaks during the hectic schedule of the day helps in combating all the three.
  5. 5. Drink Plenty of Water Every cell in the body requires water to function at its optimum. Drink a lot of water. Water hydrates the body. Depletion in the level of water leads to dry skin ad hair. Both are unwanted conditions. Skin glows when you drink plenty of water. The water not only replenishes any amount lost but drains out the toxins as well. Lukewarm water with lemon and honey helps in detoxifying the body and offers a natural glow. Do it!
  6. 6. Avoid Sun The harsh rays of the sun damages skin and hair badly. The rays are most damaging between 12pm and 4pm. Avoid going out during these hours. Apply sunscreen whenever you step out. Cover your hair. Wear sun glasses to protect the skin of the eyes. Sun rays hasten the ageing process, another reason to stay away.
  7. 7. Exercise Yourself Regular exercising improves the health of skin and hair. Exercises make one sweat and releases harmful skin damaging toxins. It enhances the performance of circulatory system. Physical activities like exercises make the body manage stress better as body discharges hormone serotonin, a feel good hormone into the bloodstream.
  8. 8. Use good skincare and hair care products Always use good skin care products like Dermology skin care products, Dove skin care products or Avon skin care products. Water intake, exercise and sleep are the saviors of a good skin and hair. Prioritize them. Make them an integral part of your life and have healthy skin and hair.
  9. 9. Thankyou! Update your regimen for skincare. To know more about skincare visit: