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When You Need a Dynamic Speaker    and Subject for your Next Sales Meeting,    Conference, or Convention . . .    Terri Sj...
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When You Need a Dynamic Speaker                                                                               and Subject ...
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Terri Sjodin | Professional Public Speaker | Sales Training Consultant | Persuasive Sales Skills Presenter | Author


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Terri Sjodin | Professional Public Speaker | Sales Training Consultant | Persuasive Sales Skills Presenter | Author

  1. 1. S J O D I N C O M M U N I C AT I O N S Professional Public Speaking, Sales Training Company TERRI SJODIN CSP SPEAKER C O N S U LTA N T AUTHOR “Everybody Sells Something - Whether it’s a product, service, philosophy, idea, or most importantly when you are selling yourself! Everybody Sells Something”1
  2. 2. When You Need a Dynamic Speaker and Subject for your Next Sales Meeting, Conference, or Convention . . . Terri Sjodin,CSP Terri Sjodin, is the principal and founder of Sjodin Her signature keynote address currently airs as a pay per Communications, a Public Speaking, Sales Training and view program event for business travelers in over Consulting Firm, based in Newport Beach, CA. 1,000,000 hotel rooms nation-wide through Lodgenet and On-Command systems. She is one of America’s most highly sought after female speakers and has trained and motivated thousands of Beyond her success as an entrepreneur and author, Terri is people from all over the world. Her unique specialization a frequent guest on radio and television talk shows is advancing the persuasive presentation skills of throughout the country appearing on CNN, CNBC, and professionals. She is the author of the highly acclaimed many major network affiliates for ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, book, “NEW SALES SPEAK - The 9 Biggest Sales cable and radio. Presentation Mistakes and How To Avoid Them” published by John Wiley & Sons, New York, which hit’s In August of 1999, Terri received the prestigious CSP Top 100 Best Seller List, the CEO-READ Top 25 annual best (Certified Speaking Professional) designation. Less seller list, has been translated into multiple languages, and is than 7% of the 5,000 speakers who belong to the now available in a revised and updated second edition. International Federation for Professional Speakers hold She is also co-author of Mentoring - A Success Guide for this professional designation. Mentors and Protégés, co-written with Floyd Wickman, and published by McGraw-Hill. Terri graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Speech Communication. Before Almost 20 years ago, Terri went into business for herself, forming her own company, Terri was a top sales producer building Sjodin Communications in Orange County, CA from with both The Achievement Group and Resource Dynamics. a spare room in her home. Today, Terri’s clients include an impressive list of Fortune 500 companies, industry Her combination of academic communication theory, field associations, and academic conferences. Her consulting research, and practical “street sales” experience collected practice has taken her from her house, to the US House of during thousands of coast-to-coast business presentations Representatives, where she was an opening keynote speaker casts Terri in the leading role of advising today’s professionals for the US House of Representatives GOP Retreat on becoming more polished, persuasive presenters and addressing approximately 235 Congressmen and Women. adapting to the changing marketplace. This has led to additional invitations to present and coach leadership on “The Hill” including the House Republican Terri is a “high content” speaker - Her approach is fresh, Press Secretary Conference, the prestigious Heritage real-world, and her style is sassy and practical. Each Foundation Resource Bank event, and encore performances presentation is loaded with street-worthy ideas, methods, at the House GOP Retreats in 2008 and 2009. and tips that men and women can use immediately to get results. Many consider Terri to be today’s sales In June of 2007, Terri was named one of the top five professionals’ speech coach. “Women in Business” by the Orange County Business Journal at the distinguished WIB awards. This award is presented in recognition of exceptional professional accomplishments, including business success, contributions to industry, and the Orange County community.1
  3. 3. Books BOOKSNew Sales SpeakSECOND EDITION “Bright, insightful andISBN: 0471755656, Paperback: 288 pages, Publisher: Wiley refreshing. You trulyThis book identifies the most common mistakes individuals impressed me as such anmake when presenting and explains how to avoid them outstanding professional”when creating your own highly successful presentations.Including a detailed sample outline you can adapt for yourown purposes, this book will turn you into a polished andpersuasive presenter and a first-class sales professional.Published to acclaim in 2000, this newly revised andupdated edition includes new case studies; a newchapter on the buzzed-about “three-minute elevatorspeech”; and hot tips from Sjodin’s workshops, whereparticipants design and deliver their own presentations.MentoringA Success Guide forMentors and ProtégésISBN: 0471755656, Paperback: 250 pages, Publisher: McGraw-HillMentoring reveals the secrets to achieving highdegrees of success: personal, professional, economic, “Our employees are stilland emotional through a series of stories and letters talking about the ideasillustrating the mentoring relationship. Floyd Wickman that you shared”and Terri Sjodin (as mentor and protégé themselvesin writing this book) prove that mentoring can be an “Timely Ideas”important catalyst to success. “Warm, friendly andReaders will discover how to create a successful down to earth”mentoring lifestyle, including: four basic reasons whymentoring works and the ben efits of having a mentor;how to select a good mentor or protégé; 16 laws ofmentoring; how to involve mentors in every facet of yourlife from business and family to fitness and spiritual “You kept them listening, learningdevelopment; secrets for effectively working with and and glad they spent their time with you”developing a protégé; and much more! 2
  4. 4. When You Need a Dynamic Speaker and Subject for your Next Sales Meeting, Conference, or Convention . . .K E Y N O T E S , S H O RT P R O G R A M S & B R E A K O U T S E S S I O N S Terri Sjodin’s Presentations Title: “NEW SALES SPEAK” Title: “MENTORING - For Success” The 9 Biggest Sales Presentation (This is a stand-alone breakout session or can follow the New Sales Speak keynote.) Mistakes and How To Avoid Them (This program can be delivered in a keynote, In this program Terri will show you the powerful rewards and short program, half-day or breakout session.) value of developing a personal mentoring program. This session includes a “how to” road map for success What are the 9 Biggest Sales Presentation Mistakes People for both mentors and proteges which will cover The Make and How Do You Avoid Them? In this “must-attend” Proof, The Rules, The Laws, The Benefits and The session, Terri will show you how to build and deliver a more Most Commonly Asked Questions about how to make polished and effective sales presentation - one that is persuasive it work! Terri will share wonderful pearls of wisdom rather than just informative. The focus will be on developing from her book MENTORING published by McGraw-Hill, verbal communication skills for greater impact with clients, co-written with Floyd Wickman. including how to develop a more creative style and hot tips on visual aids, body language, closing and more. Terri will share ideas and tips from her latest book New Sales Speak. Title: “How to Build Your The audience will gain an understanding of: Persuasive Case” (This is a breakout session to follow the New Sales • The 9 biggest mistakes people make when Speak keynote.) presenting and how to avoid them • How to make your presentations persuasive Has your sales presentation become far too informative rather than just informative versus persuasive? In this breakout session, Terri will show you specific how-to’s for developing logical persuasive • How to sell yourself through building and arguments in the body of your sales presentations, delivering a strong “case” for your message including strategies for handling objections. • How to present more effectively, whether one-on-one This is a roll-up-your-shirt-sleeves interactive session. or one-on one hundred • How to develop and maintain credibility and a dynamic, memorable presentation style • How to avoid “strange” body language and gesturing • How to channel fear and anxiety to work for you vs. against you when public speaking and presenting • How to craft an intriguing “3-minute elevator speech” 3
  5. 5. Customized Small Group Workshops CUSTOMIZED SMALL GROUP WORKSHOPS Sjodin Communications WorkshopsReady To Take The Next Step?Our unique Presentation Skills Workshops are designed to help attendees learn how to build and deliver morepolished and persuasive elevator speeches! Class sizes are limited to 20 participants which allows for moreindividualized attention, provide hands on training, and to focus on coaching business professionals to trulyexecute presentations that generate results!(Note: The core skills learned in Terri’s workshops also help individuals to build and deliver presentations ofgreater length, for a variety of different business situations, and enhance overall speaking effectiveness.) 3 Minute Persuasive Elevator Speech One-Day Workshop Program runs approximately 6 1/2 hours (Maximum of 20 attendees per session) 8:30 am - 4:30 pm This program includes a brief lecture-only seminar in the morning to review “The 9 Biggest Sales Presentation Mistakes.” Then the participants will be asked to deliver two different types of presentations in front of the group.Each presentation will focus on further developing: stronger verbal communication skills, structure, building persuasive arguments, closing, style, humor and timing. Participants will receive coaching in a group environment, with specific feedback on areas for improvement. 3 Minute Persuasive Elevator Speech “Hell Night” Workshop Program runs approximately 1 1/2 days (Maximum of 20 attendees per session) Day 1 - 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Evening coaching from approximately 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm Day 2 - 8:30 am - 12 noon This is the extended version of the One-Day Program described above – with a twist. We call it “Hell Night” because the participants are allowed to meet with Terri until 9:00 pm at the conclusion of day one to receive optional one-on-one coaching and feedback to improve his/her final presentation on the following day. The final presentations are critiqued and evaluated by Terri as well as the senior management of the company sponsoring the event. It’s hard work…but the results are worth the effort. This is Terri’s signature workshop as described in New Sales Speak 2nd Edition. (Videotaping is typically reserved for “Hell Night 2” as part of the Advanced Program.)Train-the-Trainer Certification ProgramThis program provides an opportunity for Corporate Trainers to become certified to deliverTerri Sjodin’s 3-Minute Persuasive Elevator Speech “Hell Night” Workshop.This certification and licensing course is designed for organizations interested in acquiring Terri’s Program to bedelivered by their own in house Trainers. Once certified, participants will be licensed for a 12 month period topresent this course to their teams and organizations internally. Please contact us directly for more information. 4
  6. 6. Client TestimonialsTESTIMONIALS Terri’s Seminars and Keynotes address one of the hottest topics for professional development in today’s market… Persuasive Presentation Skills “Terri Sjodin delivers. While she came to us highly “Over the last 20 years I have had many opportunities recommended, she definitely exceeded our expectations. to observe sales trainers, motivational speakers, and Her presentation was the highlight of our event and various business communication “experts”…and I comments heard from attendees included: “Terri’s must say, you rank up there with the very best I’ve Presentation was excellent. Not only did she give me some ever seen. Your enthusiasm is contagious and your great ideas to help me be a better presenter, but I found it energy is invigorating. Moreover, your experience, very entertaining as well.” We would have Terri back again. confidence and credibility shine through… you don’t Thanks for helping make our event a success.” just talk about selling, you actually do it! I experienced Lynda Svenson Green it first hand when you sold me…and that’s not such an Regional Development Officer, Smith Barney easy thing to do. You do more than simply inform - you persuade!” “Fantastic! Your presentation to the members of Michael E. Berumen the House Republican Conference got rave reviews. Senior Vice President I know there were a lot of members and staff who really PM Group appreciated your help. As we head into a key election cycle, so many of the tips you offered will be crucial. “The importance of strong communication skills cannot Thank you again for your time and all your efforts.” be overstated in today’s business world. Terri shows us Deborah Pryce how to enhance our ability to reach even higher goals Chairman, House Republican Conference through more persuasive communication.” Randy Quirk “You are truly an outstanding professional…and thanks President, Fidelity National Financial, Inc. for energizing our audience. We value your unique presentation style. The time you take to customize “Your programs contain powerful, straight-forward your program to meet the needs of our group.” techniques and tools that our people are able to Jean Hoagland employ immediately…Thank you!” Senior Vice President Dennis Culver Realogy Event Marketing Divisional Vice President Wells Fargo Home Mortgage “While you don’t necessarily view yourself as a motivational speaker, your presentation style and “The feedback I have received about your talk was information that you share does in fact motivate! Our fantastic. Everyone benefited from your message, and salespeople left excited about putting into practice they identified very well with you.” what they learned. Thank you!” Eric Otterbein Erv Hall National Sales Director Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp TAP Pharmaceuticals “You won’t find a more captivating, enthusiastic, “They loved you and your message! Thank you for humorous, and street savvy speaker than Terri Sjodin.” being part of our annual convention. Our dealers Jessica Lawless needed to hear that 99 percent of selling is dependent Assistant Director on your presentation.” Northwestern Mutual Nancy Jewell Publicity Director Viking Sewing Machines, Inc. 5
  7. 7. Companies Who Continue to Benefit From Terri’s Training Include: OUR CLIENTS A complete list and letters of recommendation available upon request.Abco Dealers Hair Club Principal Residential MortgageAdvanced Equities Financial, Corp. Harvard Business School Alumni Professional School Photographers AssociationAETNA Help Desk Institute Prudential Real Estate AffiliatesAllstate Hewlett Packard/Marketstar PyxisAmerican Home Shield HIDA Quidel CorporationAmerican Racing Equipment High Achievers Network Re/Max of CaliforniaAmericinn International High Performers Network REBNYAmerisourceBergen Hilton Hotels RMICAmeritech House Republican Press Secretary Conference S.C. Johnson PolymerAMTECH Elevator Services Hyatt Hotels and Resorts Salesmanship ClubAnderson Consulting Informatica SEI InvestmentsAnthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield International Business Brokers Association Selling Power MagazineAON Jackson-Walker LLP SITE ChicagoAT Kearney John Hancock Financial Services Smith BarneyB. Braun Medical LA Police Department Sperry Van NessBank of Montreal LA Weight Loss StaffdigestBenefit Mall Leach International TAP PharmaceuticalsBetter Homes & Gardens Real Estate Services Level 3 Communications The Corcoran GroupBetter Life Media Lincoln Financial Advisors The Doctor’s CompanyBisys Potomac Luxury Bath The HartfordBlue Cross/Blue Shield McDermott, Will & Emery The Heritage FoundationCambro Manufacturing Company McKesson The Schulman GroupCB Richard Ellis Medical Action Industries The Todd OrganizationCendant Corporation Met Life Total Training NetworkCentury 21 MPI TravelexChase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. Mystery Shopping Providers Association U.S. House of Representatives GOP RetreatChicago Title National Association of Broadcasters Uline ShippingCiba Vision National Business Travel Association (NBTA) Unique Homes MagazineColdwell Banker Commercial National Tour Association UnisysColdwell Banker IBC National Underwriters Magazine United AirlinesConcord EFS North American Title US Postal ServiceCrossroads Hospitality Northwest Airlines Val PakDaiichi Sankyo, Inc. Northwestern Mutual Viking White SewingDatalynx Old Republic Title WellPoint Health Networkdj Orthopedics Olive Crest Wells Fargo Home MortgageDraeger Medical Omni Hotels Western SuretyEmulex Oregon Association of Mortgage Brokers Wonderware CorporationERA Pacific Mutual Group Woodbury FinancialFidelity National Financial Peak Performers YMCAGMAC Mortgage Petra Fashions YPM, Inc.Guaranty Bank PM Group 6
  8. 8. NotesNOTES Customization You are the client - to assure your satisfaction Terri spends considerable time tailoring each program to meet the needs of your people, your challenges and your goals. All programs can be created for your organization’s size, time, schedule and level of experience. S J O D I N C O M M U N I C AT I O N S Professional Public Speaking, Sales Training Company 949.723.3132 7