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Music magazine analysis


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Music magazine analysis

  1. 1. Music Magazine Analysis
  2. 2. The skyline is written in white above the masthead. It clashes against the red andThe masthead of this cover is stands out against thewritten in red, the usual colour light blue background.associated with the RollingStone magazine. The writing isalso bold which helps it standout. A close up of Adele, placed into the centre of the page lets us know that the feature The rest of the cover lines article will be about her. follow the same pattern. The sub-titles are in a different font to the few describing lines underneath, this is followed for all of them. For the main artist , they have put her name in the biggest font, underneath that is two lines that are in a different font to the rest of the writing on the page.
  3. 3. The masthead is slightly covered by the main image, this lets us know that the magazine is well established. The bright red stands out against the white background. The picture shows the whole band, however Hayley Williams is placed in the centre and slightly forward showing she is the most important in the band.The name of the band on thecover is the biggest and boldestwriting on the page, coloured ina bright purple that matches The background clashes with theHayley’s lipstick. The writing clothes they are wearing makingabove and below that is smaller, them stand out. The backgroundin a different font, and a colour is used for the font that isdifferent colour. written across them and vice versa sticking to the colour scheme.
  4. 4. The title is simple with the issueThe contents follows Q’s house number beside it .style of red and white. The feature article has the biggest font on the page, with a pictured placed at the top of the rest of the features. The images down the right hand side also show what is The features are written in the magazine down the left hand side, written very clearly and split up by sub titles. The features also follow Q’s house style. Page numbers for the images are shown in bold in the top right corner of the image.
  5. 5. The title is the biggest writing on the page. Itclashes against the background making itstand out even more. Her skin and hair colour clash against the background The image dominates the double page, covering more space than the text.
  6. 6. Blue black and white continues throughout the feature. Sticks to the colour scheme.Smaller images of the band Writing wrote down insinging are also shown. columns. Certain words have been highlighted in blue and taken from the texts. Image dominates half of the page, lead singer placed in the middle.