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Terrell Samuels_Entrepreneur LA

Terrell Samuels of Los Angeles, California is a well-known and successful businessman. An entrepreneur, he is known for his success in investments around the area. He is the co-owner of H.O.M.E., which is a premiere Beverly Hills dining establishment. Terrell Samuels of Los Angeles is also a respected restaurant advisor in and around the community. He has launched numerous projects in addition to the restaurants and he always strives for success.

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Terrell Samuels_Entrepreneur LA

  1. 1. Terrell Samuels | LA Entrepreneur Terrell Samuels of Los Angeles is an entrepreneur with a track record of continued success. He has driven multiple ventures to sustainability and profits in a competitive marketplace. With an eye for financials and skills in management, he has earned the respect of peers, partners, and the community through his high-profile business successes. Entrepreneurs are shining examples of creativity and excellence in the world of business. They simply make things happen. For the most part, entrepreneurs are often associated with successful investors who have lots of money to spare.
  2. 2. Terrell Samuels | Innovator Terrell Samuels of Los Angeles is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He also happens to be an innovator in a number of fields. One of those innovation projects was the successful launch of an online social media company called HUZO that focused on content and media. There are many innovative platforms in the social space that have tried to launch and stay in business, but HUZO has maintained its edge and operations to this day. As an entrepreneur, it takes special skills to really make it work with innovation.
  3. 3. Terrell Samuels | Charity Terrell Samuels of Los Angeles is a prominent member of the city’s business community. He is known not only as a successful businessman, but a charitable member of society as well. Ever since he was young, he felt that giving to charity was a goal and he worked hard so that he could contribute. When deciding where to give, Samuels is guided by what matters to his intuition. He cares about the environment, about children, about families and building relationships in people.
  4. 4. Terrell Samuels of Los Angeles H.O.M.E. success Terrell Samuels is a Los Angeles businessman and entrepreneur. He is the founder of H.O.M.E., also known as House of Music & Entertainment. His ambition was to create a Beverly Hills- based center for jazz entertainment, fine dancing and overall outstanding restaurant experience in the area. | Los Angeles and the cities that surround it are hotspots for restaurant culture, so this ambitious project’s success is notable in the field that it is in. Fine dining is a type of experience that encompasses a number of things that really make it different from your average dining experience. The imagery most people have in mind is clear, from crisp white table cloths to waiters in tuxedos.
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