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Trinity Kings World Leadership: The Law of the Picture: *Leaders Are Examples* Not Exeptions


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2 Chronicles 29:1-36

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Trinity Kings World Leadership: The Law of the Picture: *Leaders Are Examples* Not Exeptions

  1. 1. Itfl tlfi1ry.ilt.Ilr$iffl ,ffflls I i gar too often, leaders drift. Once they get some I experience under their belt and a track record of accomplishments, they often abandon the life- style that helped them reach the top. They chafe under the very rules that they established or en- dorsed. They continue to call the people to follow them, but they see themselves as exceptions to the rules, not examples of l<eeping the rules. Sadly, leaders like these forget the l-aw of the Picture: People do what people see. lf they want to succeed, Ieaders must incarnate the life they desire in their followers. Hezekiah teaches us this principle. He inherited an unholy mess left by his father, King Ahaz. He repaired the temple, restored legitimate worship, removed the idols, repented for the people, and required a change in the land. Once the popula- tion saw his example of worship, they followed suit. Second Chronicles 29 ends with these won- derful words: "Then Hezekiah and all the people reioiced that God had prepared the people, since the events look place so suddenly" (v. 36). These events took place so quickly not only because of a sovereign God who replaced Ahaz with the kings godly son, but because Hezekiah modeled the life he expected of others.