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Lifecycle MEP design for buildings


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Lifecycle MEP design for buildings

  1. 1. Building on Innovation Thoughts of MEP Design in lifecycle of buildings Tero Järvinen Development Director 04.11.2022
  3. 3. 99% 85% 82% SATISFIED WITH GRANLUND FULLY SATISFIED OR SATISFIED WITH GRANLUND'S EXPERTISE FULLY SATISFIED OR SATISFIED WITH GRANLUND'S SUSTAINABILITY Our customers NPS 47 Housing companies 5.2% Property owners and investors 10.6% Building and construction 9.6% Industry 4.6% Wholesale and retail 8.0% Social and healthcare services 16.0% State 9.2% Other 12.6% Municipalities 14.1% Energy companies 0.4% Services 5.7% Information and communications 4.0%
  4. 4. Building on Innovation History of BIM in Granlund Multi-objective building performance optimization (Using algorithms) 2020
  5. 5. Building on Innovation Contract Philosophy Process IPD Alliance Partnering BIM Lean Construction Tools Cornerstones of construction project teroj / 2018
  6. 6. Building on Innovation Information flow from the Project to Facilities Management Construction Commissioning Guarantee period Facilities Management Performance optimization Digital delivery Updating of digital assets Facility management requirements Determination of data interfaces Preventitive maintanance Linked Data Data warehouses and analysis Standardized information content and services End user feedback, analysis and actions Graphical Digital Twin environments Services Solutions teroj / 2020
  7. 7. Building on Innovation Raportointi Digital lifecycle management Data alusta Digitaalinen kaksonen Sovellus Visualisointi APIt Sovellus Sovellus AI/ML Datasources Kimmo / 2020
  8. 8. Building on Innovation From several suggestions to one concept design layout. From concept to Detail Design Suggestions Concept Design Detail Design System comparisations, Energy simulations / optimization, mock-up rooms. Comparisations of different possibilities Selected systems in one Concept Design. Main routes, shafts, technical spaces, diagrams, device specifications Detail Desing BIM model according to COBIM2012 requirements Contractor is using designers models for MEP assemblies From Suggestions to Detail Design
  9. 9. Building on Innovation Benchmark data as design input Concept design Constuction Benchmark-data (Quantities, Cost, Carbon footprint) Real project data (Quantities, Cost, Carbon footprint, 4D-schedule) Collecting benchmark data Development Design Digitaalinen delivery Procurement The starting point for the initial design is volume-based data from previous buildings In the middle of the general design, the data becomes the data of the actual object. TATE purchases are made before the BIM model is completed In connection with the digital handover, the collection of benchmark data for the following sites will be ensured Data platform under construction teroj / 2022
  10. 10. © Granlund Digital Project Development Time Schedule Cost Control Lifecycle and Carbon Footprint Control The Maturity of Design Readiness Safety Control on site and site logistics Production Monitoring 4D-timeschedule Situation Awardness
  11. 11. Building on Innovation Construction project situation room and dynamic reports Data-platform 4D timeschedule Cost estimation Quantity take-off Energy Environment / carbon footprint Main schedule Customer requirements IFC model Benchmark data Broker IFC Model Solibri Granlund Designer Benchmark data Granlund Manager MOBO CO2 databases IFC model Benchmark data Reporting Services Example of Information source Digital Project Development Collaboration, coordination Memo’s Excel Smartsheet teroj / 2021
  12. 12. Building on Innovation Example from Power BI 8.2.2021
  13. 13. Building on Innovation Building on innovation 4D timescedule Scheduling is one of the most important functions guiding a construction project • There are major shortcomings nationally, especially in the scheduling of MEP design / assemblies • The 4D schedule combines visual control (BIM models) and the actual installation schedule • When 4D is introduced, scheduling errors are very easily noticed • 4D forces you to think about getting your schedule in order • Possibility to connect also cost and CO2 data to the schedule • Usable, e.g. in “Tact-Time” teroj / 2021 Hypemeter Lots of talk Daily routine 4D in use There are no obstacles for using 4D
  14. 14. Building on Innovation Standardization of IFC content The foundation of a scalable business. An absolute requirement for cost-effective business • Almost all construction projects are carried out with different data contents of BIM models • The use of information content, e.g. as benchmark data, is impossible without standardized content • Finnish “RAVA3Pro” –project is standardizing IFC content and creating use cases for building control authorities • teroj / 2021 Hypemeter Lots of talk Daily routine Specification is made
  15. 15. Building on Innovation Building on innovation teroj / 2021 Digital Delivery to minimize data transfer between systems The end product of construction project is a digital system environment Information content and links between the systems are made during the construction period
  16. 16. Dataflow Strategic project to develop data platform for Granlund business units This presentation sub-project: “IFC to database”
  17. 17. Building on Innovation Data -platforms A concrete need for all companies that swear by digitization • Data consistency is achieved through the data platform • A demanding operation in a construction project, as the companies have their own data platforms • Ontology platforms are being developed as a solution, e.g.: • PoT (Platform of Trust) • REC (Real Estate Core) • … • An enabler of scalable business teroj / 2021 Hype meter Lots of talk Daily routine Data platform in use
  18. 18. Building on Innovation Software A Main tool of business unit ”Z” Azure Data crushing (including analytics services) Software N Main tool of business unit ”Y” Power BI Combied reporting Target • from software to a dynamic report via Azure • includes analytics within Azure • raw data and analyzed data can be shared elsewhere Situation awardness Internal use in own business, ”quick and dirty” Outwardly distri- buted applications / data streams When purchasing software, they must have API interfaces for Azure connection (even if it is a little worse than the other software) Data transfer to other platforms Platform of Trust, Real Estate Core… BIM data (IFC) API- connectivity External sources Fast lane 17.11.2021
  19. 19. Building on Innovation Datan omistajuus ja ylläpito Tietomallintaminen pilvipalveluissa yleistyy • Nykyisin tietomallit ovat suunnittelijoiden servereillä • Yhteistoiminnallisuuden mahdollistavat pilvipalvelut yleistyvät – tiedon jakaminen helpottuu • Ajantasainen tieto on aidosti tilaajan hallinnassa, jos tilaaja pystyttää oman pilvipalvelun ja kutsuu suunnittelijat työskentelemään siellä sekä urakoitsijat hyödyntämään 2D-piirustuksia ja 3D-malleja ilman tiedostojen lataamistarvetta omille koneille • Pilvipalvelu mahdollistaa tietomallien kustannustehokkaan ylläpidon kiinteistön elinkaaren aikana teroj / 2021 Designers Reviewers Decision makers “Projektipankki steroideilla” Hypemittari Paljon puhetta Arkipäivää Pilviympäristö pilotoinnissa Pilviympäristön käyttöönotolle ei ole esteitä
  20. 20. Building on Innovation Tietomallinnus Tietomallinnus vakioituu normaaliksi toimintatavaksi, ohjeet/määräykset laahaavat edelleen jäljessä • Maanrakennuslaki uudistumassa -> Rakennuslaki. Vaatimuksia tietomallien käytölle • Kansainvälinen ISO19650 standardi “tietomallinnusprosessin vakiointi” herättää mielenkiintoa Suomessakin • SKOL julkaissut uuden yleissuunnitteluvaiheen prosessikuvauksen tietomallipohjaiselle suunnittelulle teroj / 2021 Linkki Linkki Linkki Hypemittari Paljon puhetta Arkipäivää Tietomallinnus hankkeissa
  21. 21. Building on Innovation Alternative solutions Diagrams and device databases Spatial provisions and service area zones Life Cycle CFD-simulations 3D-mockups Technical Visualizations Lighting Simulations Sustainability Spacetype Requirements and Targets Energy Simulation Model Combied Models Model Auditing Modelling of MEP-networks BIM based Provision of Voids Device Schedule database Network Route Design Common BIM Requirements Information export from models Revisionhandling of Models, Documents and Equipment data Model based assembly inspection Device Validation As-Built Model Target values of energy consumption for Facility Management SQL IFC Assembly Inspections Concept Design – Detail Design – Construction Site – Facility Management Energy Optimization Drawings Models with simulation CMMS Software with Digital Twin Cost Estimations AR / VR solution
  22. 22. Building on Innovation Building on Innovation Scope of work for energy consulting DEVELOPMENT PHASE DETAILED DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION USE PHASE Geothermal analysis Thermal comfort and cooling simulations Target energy simulation CONSTRUCTION PERMIT Energy certificate E-value calculation Geothermal permit materials Detailed design for heat pump system Contractor negotiations Updates for target energy and energy certificates Granlund Manager Digital services Quality control Energy Consulting Life Cycle Consulting Premilinary environmental certificate analysis (RTS, LEED, BREEAM) Carbon-neutral target analysis Life Cycle Consulting Environmental certificate coordination: design phase material Realized CO2-calculations Environmental certificate coordination: construction phase material Energy / 2022
  23. 23. Building on Innovation Building on Innovation Working methods for energy consulting Energy simulations •The basis for all energy consulting is simulations for calculating the target energy consumption of the building •The actual building is modeled in dynamic energy calculation software, and hourly heating and cooling energy needs may be used in energy system evaluation Geothermal analysis •The borehole locations and amount are determined according to site plan •Borehole depth is optimized with ground loop simulation software, using thermal conductivity data for bedrock when available •With simulations, optimal sizing and total costs for the system will be determined Reporting •Using visual reports and graphs, decision making between different options will be straightforward in the early phase of the project •Typically, sensitivity analysis for main variables (energy price, heat pump power) may be included to determine the best system in different scenarios Energy / 2022
  24. 24. Building on Innovation MOBO- monitavoiteptimointi • Tehokas vertailu jopa miljoonilla vaihtoehdoilla • Mahdollistaa esimerkiksi energiainvestointien optimoinnin kokonaisuutena perustuen luotettavaan kustannustietoon ja laajaan käytännön kokemukseen 19.11.2022 Optimaaliset tulokset eri energiantuotanto- ratkaisuille kerrostalokohteessa
  25. 25. Building on Innovation Rakennusten energia- ja olosuhdesimulointi • Rakennusten energiankulutus sekä jakautuminen eri tuotantomuotojen ja kuluttajien välillä tuntikohtaisesti • Yksittäisten huonetilojen olosuhteet tuntikohtaisesti 19.11.2022
  26. 26. The Concept of Digital Twin Using information from BIM / cloud -models teroj / 2018
  27. 27. Building on Innovation Topi Korpela / Joonas Alakomi 2019 = Saatavilla BIM malleista
  28. 28. Building on Innovation Business needs and strategic decissions CMMS software for daily technical operations IFC models, PDF documents accessible through cloud Multiple enduser applications and platforms teroj / 2019 Different roles, different users
  29. 29. Building on Innovation BIM2FM key sentences ▪ Information content has to be standardised ❑ Information needs to be machine understandable ▪ Information has to be prioritised ❑ There is too much information in the models ❑ There is a need for information prioritisation and understanding of the use cases ❑ ”Everything is not possible” ▪ Information has to be available 24/7 ❑ Cloud services ❑ Roles for users, authentification, documented API’s, security ▪ Information is not transferred ❑ Information is linked between cloud systems ❑ End user decides, which information source is ”home” for them ❑ One cloudservice does not solve problems, for multiple use cases you need multiple cloud services ▪ Information has to be updated ❑ Need for ”Digital Twin”. You need to update the virtual building before or after renovations / minor changes. It has to be ”a process” in FM workflow ❑ If information content differs in Digital Twin, virtual model will be useless after couple of years. Information in virtual model has to be reliable (depending of the use cases) ▪ Normal FM operations will be different ❑ ”BIM2FM” usability cannot be compared to existing use cases. Methods to fullfil the needs of existing use cases will change ❑ Facility management and property owner organisations need to be ready for change and be willing to change their workmethods teroj / 2018
  30. 30. Building on Innovation Granlund Designer • Designer is for making Device Schedules • Standardise your company workflow • History and revision control • Free coding according to your company standards • Company device libraries • Device approval process with contractor input -> as-built information • Role based workflow • Documented API interface New Generation cloud-based software for device schedules
  31. 31. Building on Innovation Graphical Bim models Product Types Materials For example: S1 =Swegon Colibri-125-600, 40 dm3/s, 28Pa, 32dB(A) S1 = Swegon Colibri, FD3 = Halton FDI Heating system; pipe material: Fe Device Approval Process Updates for Product information and BIM Device Approval Process Updates for Material Schedule and BIM MagiCAD, Revit… -> IFC Granlund Designer Granlund Designer Specifications for central units AHU01, 4 m3/s, 850Pa, Heating Coil… Device Approval Process Updates for Device Schedule Granlund Designer Concept Design Detail Design As-built – information in use for other applications Granlund Designer has documented API’s Device and product information should be linked to a graphical BIM model. teroj / 2021
  32. 32. Building on Innovation Tilannehuoneet Hankkeen etäjohtamisen työkalu, jolla raportoidaan reaaliaikaisesti hankkeen etenemistä • Kun tieto on käytettävissä vakioidusti data-alustalla, voidaan tuottaa skaalautuvasti ja kustannustehokkaasti näkymiä hankkeen etenemiseen seurantaan • Käyttötapauksia mm: • Uudet avoimet asiat ja esteet • Sovitut tehtävät • Päätösesitykset • Tehdyt päätökset • Talousseuranta • Tavoitteet ja niiden täyttyminen • Tilannehuone voidaan tehdä vakioimattomallakin datalla teroj / 2021 Hypemittari Paljon puhetta Arkipäivää Tilannehuone käytössä Tilannehuoneen käyttöönotolle ei ole esteitä
  33. 33. Building on Innovation Muita kehitysalueita Näistä puhutaan välillä isoonkin ääneen • Lisätty todellisuus (AR, Augmented Reality) • Paljon videoita / somepostauksia • Suurin osa PoC tasolla (Proof of Concept) • AR maailman valmistelu vaatii backofficetyötä • Tekoäly / koneoppiminen • Yksittäisiä onnistumisia fokusoituun käyttöön • Koneoppiminen reaalimaailmaa, tekoäly hieman kauempana siitä • Suunnitteluautomaatio • Tietomallinnus: Rakennepuoli edelläkävijä • Tietomallinnus: TATE-puolella suuria haasteita • Energia / elinkaarisimuloinnit: suuria edistysaskeleita teroj / 2021
  34. 34. Building on Innovation Building on innovation Digital Twin Staattisen ja dynaamisen datan yhdistäjä • Digital Twin yhdistää staattiset BIM tietomallit sekä esim. kiinteistön mittaustiedot (IoT, rakennusautomaatio jne.) • Kaikki toteutukset ovat riippuvaisia Digital Twin – ohjelmistoon valituista käyttötapauksista • Digital Twin’n ydin on data – ei grafiikka. • Visualisointi voidaan toteuttaa myös esim. Power BI –tyyppisilä ohjelmistoilla teroj / 2021 Hypemittari Paljon puhetta Arkipäivää Digital Twin käytössä Digitwinin käyttöönotolle ei ole esteitä
  35. 35. Kiinteistöjen ylläpito Digitaalisen omaisuuden hallinta
  36. 36. Building on Innovation Building on innovation Kiinteistödatan ylläpito Digitaalisella omaisuudella on arvoa • Jos rakennushankkeessa syntyvää tietoa halutaan myös kiinteistön ylläpidon käyttöön, tulee sen ajantasaistamiseen varautua kiinteistön ylläpitobudjetissa • Digitaalisuus kiinteistössä tarkoittaa sitä, että sekä fyysistä että digitaalista kiinteistöä tulee ylläpitää. • Kustannukset maksavat itsensä takaisin mm: • Tyytyväisenä loppukäyttäjänä • Kiinteistön arvon säilymisenä • Peruskorjausten yhteydessä teroj / 2021 Hypemittari Paljon puhetta Arkipäivää Digiomaisuuden ylläpitoprosessi olemassa Prosessin käyttöönotolle ei ole esteitä
  37. 37. Building on Innovation BIM to use in FM Preliminary design Detail Design Construction FM Spaces / Zones Designers BIM models FM requirements for BIM model BIM in FM FM coordinator sets requirements and monitors fulfilment Validation of as- built content in the models Construction organisation FM -organisation FM BIM execution plan for the building Monitoring FM BIM handover plan Mobilisation of transfer and education FM Coorninator teroj / 2018
  38. 38. Building on Innovation Update to native models Little retrofits: 2D-drawings, hand-made drafts… Copy from native model if needed Project drawings / models Update to native models Renovation: Modelling to native model or copy from it Project drawings / models Designers Service for building owner IFC / PDF publish FM information systems API interfaces Daily use of FM software Designers Service for building owner IFC / PDF publish FM information systems API interfaces Daily use of FM software IFC / PDF publish FM information systems API interfaces Daily use of FM software Facility owner’s native BIM models and databases BIM NATIVE MODEL UPDATING DURING LIFECYCLE Facility Management Renovation Newbuilding Facility Management teroj / 2018
  39. 39. Building on Innovation Päivitys natiivimalleihin Pienet muutokset: ”Issue” toiminto käytössä, muutokset www-selaimen kautta natiivimallin päivittäjälle As-built tiedon varmistus Peruskorjaus: Mallintaminen suoraan natiivimalliin Suunnittelijat Palveluna kiinteistön omistajalle, esim. 4krt/a 2D ja 3D pilvipalvelussa käytössä Ylläpidon tietojärjestlemät API rajapinnat Päivittäinen ylläpidon toiminta Suunnittelijat Palveluna kiinteistön omistajalle 2D ja 3D pilvipalvelussa käytössä Ylläpidon tietojärjestlemät API rajapinnat Päivittäinen ylläpidon toiminta 2D ja 3D pilvipalvelussa käytössä Ylläpidon tietojärjestlemät API rajapinnat Päivittäinen ylläpidon toiminta Natiivit Revit mallit pilvipalvelussa (Autodesk Construction Cloud) Tietomallien päivitys kiinteistön elinkaarella (Revit pilvipalvelu) Kiinteistön ylläpito Peruskorjaus Uudisrakennus Kiinteistön ylläpito teroj / 2018
  40. 40. Building on Innovation Device information Combining graphical model and seperate databases we can get all information relevant to understand assets of the building Device Schedules, Diagrams… Air Handling Units, Chillers, Pumps, Central Units Concept Design Network BIM models Systems Detail Design teroj / 2016
  41. 41. Building on Innovation BIM in Facility Management "Graphical BIM models" vs. "Facility Management environment" CMMS (Computerized Maintanance Management System) Preventative maintenance, Work Orders, Long Term Planning, Service Request, Energy... Native models, IFC-files, 2D-pdf drawings... teroj / 2018
  42. 42. Building on Innovation Data Environment Graphical Environment Updated BIM and Digital Twin during the lifecycle teroj / 2021 RVT Granlund Designer Device schedules and as-built information Granlund Manager Digital Twin ACC cloud Issue Management in use 3D and 2D data models for construction available and updatable in a browser-based manner PDF IFC Designer / Construction / Owner / Facilities Management • Design and construction software is also deployed during maintenance • There is no data transfer between the software • Changes during maintenance can be communicated to modelers in a browser-based manner, made by property maintenance • For renovations, the latest information is immediately available, without the need for updates • The property maintenance system uses the site's IFC model as the basis for the Digital Twin environment • Links to dynamic data via APIs BMS / IoT systems For example: Autodesk Construction Cloud BIM Digital Twin
  43. 43. Building on Innovation Example of 3D model / 2D drawing use case Suggestion for process ARCH STRC HVAC ELEC BMS Native models in client servers ifc, pdf 3D IFC publish 2D-pdf publish ifc, pdf ifc, pdf ifc, pdf ifc, pdf 3D IFC-in cloud 2D pdf cloud ARCH STRC HVAC ELEC BMS Native models in designers servers Cloud based 2D-drawing And/or 3D-BIM model Viewer for mobile or desktop use Same source of information to every participant Comments, RFI’s Updates teroj / 2018
  44. 44. Building on Innovation Granlund Manager Kiinteistön digitaalinen kaksonen Granlund Manager Digital Twin visualisoi yhteen näkymään staattisista ja dynaamisista lähteistä kootut tiedot: • Rakennuksen tietomalli (BIM) • Laitetiedot sekä TATE-järjestelmät • Palvelualueet • Antureilta mitattu data • Olosuhteiden pysyvyys • Huoltohistoria • Käyttöpäiviäkirjamerkinnät • Palvelupyynnöt, jättö esim. QR koodeilla • Palvelupyyntöjen analysointi 19.11.2022
  45. 45. Building on Innovation Detail Desing modelling software • MagiCAD for Revit (Autodesk Collaboration Cloud) • MagiCAD for AutoCAD • CADMATIC • Vectorworks • ArchiCAD Other tools • Navisworks • Solibri Model Checker • SimpleBIM • Enscape • Unity • Autodesk Forge (Granlund Manager / Digital Twin) Simulation software • Riuska (Energy&Comfort) • IDA-ICE (Energy&Comfort) • IES (Energy, Comfort, Environmental) • MOBO (Energy Optimization) • One Click LCA (LCA calculations) • Broker (Cost estimation) • Dialux (Lighting Design) • Bentley Synchro (4D timeschedule) • Comsol, Mathlab… Other • Granlund Designer (Device schedule) • Granlund Manager (CMMS) • M-Files (Document Management) • Microsoft Teams • Power BI etc. • Project Management, ERP, CRM etc. Software
  46. 46. Building on Innovation teroj / 2018
  47. 47. Building on Innovation
  48. 48. Building on Innovation teroj / 2018
  49. 49. Complicated slides
  50. 50. Building on Innovation 3D-Model IFC Information Enrichment Information update Asset Information Model, AIM AIM-system (Granlund Designer) Applications Utilisation of Information FM application (Granlund Manager) UseCase UseCase UseCase Documented API Sharing Information New Information User-, Building- and Phase Management Dynamic Information IoT, Building Automation System, User Feedback Performance Optimisation IoT Communication and authentications Other Applications Virtual Property Business needs Digital Twin Tools for updating Digital Twin Property Management FLM Facility Life cycle Management Propery Portfolio The Concept of Virtual Property ROAD MAP TO FACILITY LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT Operative level Tactical level Strategic level teroj / 2018
  51. 51. Building on Innovation Manager FM Services REST API Designer Device Database Metrix Conditions, Performance BAS, IoT External Sensors Pulse User Feedback Granlund 3D User Interface IFC Properties + Enriched Info from other sources Linked to Graphics Linking Mapping with GUID's, pre- selected and standardized IfcObjectClasses / Properties API Environment IFC -Files IFC Graphics (Adesk Forge) API Environment (Forge) Granlund PoC REST API REST API REST API REST API Other Softwares REST API Granlund PoC Granlund PoC Proof Of Concept for linking IFC object information with Information from external sources teroj / 2018
  52. 52. Building on Innovation MEP Smart Building process and resources From design to lifecycle operations: Design System Supliers Construction Comissioning Smart Building operative system / platform MEP design and Implementation guide -> role for OT-expert Requirements for Construction Palvelut Requirements for Services Experience & Building Business Services Operations and maintenance OT = Operational Technology Karhu / 2021
  53. 53. Building on Innovation Miten tiedosta tulee käyttöliittymä? Ontologia Esim. REC tai PoT - Real Estate Core - Platform of Trust Toteutus Esim. Azure Digital Twin Loppukäyttäjän ohjelmistot Esim. Granlund Manager, Designer, jne. Rakennushankkeessa syntyvää tietoa Todellisuudessa myös suoria point-to-point API linkkejä teroj / 2021
  54. 54. Building on Innovation 17.11.2021
  55. 55. Building on Innovation Year 2010: