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Digital Summit 2015: 5 Ways a #FlipMyFunnel Digital Strategy Can Unite Sales & Marketing


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For many years, marketers have viewed the traditional sales and marketing funnel as the only way to do business despite knowing that it is totally inefficient. They waste a ton of money to drive leads when the majority of those leads will never convert to customers. Modern marketers care about revenue, so there needs to be a better way to drive those results.

Fortunately… there is! It is called Flip My Funnel. The idea is to start by thinking of your best fit customers first and think about innovate ways to reach those customers in a way catches their attention and does not disrupt their day. This session will cover five best practices for maximizing your time and money as a Modern Marketer.

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Digital Summit 2015: 5 Ways a #FlipMyFunnel Digital Strategy Can Unite Sales & Marketing

  1. 1. t 5 Ways #FlipMyFunnel Digital Strategy Can Unite Sales and Marketing
  2. 2. Co-Founder and CMO, Terminus Head of Marketing at Pardot, Salesforce Sangram Vajre I live on Twitter - @sangramvajre
  3. 3. 1,876 98%
  4. 4. Where do I start?
  5. 5. Awareness Start broad - Everyone is a target Interest Spend more money to qualify Consideration Call. Email. Call. Email… Purchase Thank God, they didn’t know our competitors 
  6. 6. What’s wrong?
  7. 7.  Email Nurturing  Constant Calling
  8. 8. X Not on Mary’s terms X Not just Mary
  9. 9. Lead Based People as numbers Broad at the top and narrow at the bottom
  10. 10. #FlipMyFunnel
  11. 11. Identify Start with the best-fit Expand Focus on people in same roles Engage Right Content, Right Channel Advocate Turn Customers into fans
  12. 12. Account based Start with the end in mind Map tools to strategies
  13. 13. 5 #FlipMyFunnel Digital Strategies That Can Unite Sales & Marketing
  14. 14. Awareness Among Named Accounts Identified a list of target companies with your sales counter part and get your message in front of your customers in every way possible. Can this drive greater alignment and results?
  15. 15. Put Nurturing “On Steroids” Imagine turning you email campaigns into account-based campaigns on the fly. What will that do to your pipeline numbers?
  16. 16. Wake The Account And Not Just A Lead Marketers spend so much time and money on getting leads but only a few convert into opportunities. What if you can find a new champion in your target company?
  17. 17. Follow-up on the entire account for the next 90 days instead of just contacts and leads that you scan. Will the power of account targeting drive more opportunities? Going Big On Events
  18. 18. “Always On” Air-Cover Campaign When a prospect converts into a lead, instantly start putting your message in front of the entire account and continue to be top of mind. Can ABM help you close more deals?
  19. 19. 5 #FlipMyFunnel Strategies Going Big On Events Wake The Account And Not Just A Lead Put Nurturing “On Steroids” “Always On” Air-Cover Campaign Awareness among Named Accounts1 2 3 4 5
  20. 20. Want to know more? Download eBook Now: “5 Ways AdTech Can Scale Account-Based Marketing” @sangramvajre